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Top things to do in London

Top things to do in London

From being founded by Romans, to being most visited city in Europe, from being home to ever rocking Beatles, to being a cultural hub, London is synonymous with diversity. From royal palaces to people’s parliament, from world class museums to sacred churches, from Michelin star restaurants to critic favourite plays, London is every travellers bucket list come true. With more than half of London’s population foreign born, you can expect an exceptional gastronomic experience. It would be an understatement to say London is home to many of postcard favourite landmarks, be it Big Ben, London Eye, or Buckingham Palace. Plus most of attractions in London have a free admittance. Things couldn’t have been better. So here we are with top things to do in London.

Westminster Abbey – This medieval church has hosted many royal coronations, weddings, almost as far as you can look back. Built in stunning gothic architecture with fan-vaulted ceiling it also is a burial ground of Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling (Poets Corner), Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor.

Buckingham Palace – It’s been official residence of British Royal Family since early 19th century with largest private garden in city. Must see are change of guards, Ballroom, the Picture Room, Throne Room, and the White Drawing Room. Inside chandeliers, candelabra, furniture is worth all sights.

London Eye – Built as a part of Millennium Project, it is Europe’s largest observation wheel by rising 443 feet above the Thames. At nightwheel is lit with diff colours making it beautiful. A ride lasts for 30 minutes offering 360 degree views of city. On New Year eve it becomes centre of fireworks.

Hyde Park – It is London’s most famous and largest open space. Formerly a deer hunting ground is now home to flora and fauna. Must see in here are Lake Serpentine for boating or swimming amidst swans, or see Speaker’s Corner used for debates, public speaking, or admire historic Apsley House.

Piccadilly Circus – This neon lit circle often compared to NYC Times Square, is intersection point of busy roads, Piccadilly, Regent, Haymarket, and Shaftesbury. It is popular for theatre district, night clubs, and statue of Eros at centre. At night it glitters. When here also visit Ripley’s believe it or not.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – With second largest cathedral dome in the world, it is remarkable piece of Baroque architecture. Must see are carved lime wood Quire screens and choir stalls, Whispering Gallery (where walls have ears), Stone Gallery, and Golden Gallery that offers stunning views of city.

Tower of London – This castle of 22 towers has served as Royal palace, prison, execution ground, Armory, Mint, and Menagerie. Must see are White tower exhibiting Line of Kings and Royal Armory, Crown Jewels with collection of 23,587 gems and full Coronation Regalia, and the resident ravens.

British Museum – With home to more than 13 million artefacts, it is one of finest and oldest museum in world. It exhibits all popular Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, Mildenhall Treasure. The reading room of this museum was used by Karl Marx to research n write Das Kapital.

National Gallery – It is home to more than 2300 art masterpieces from 13th to 20th century. It exhibits popular ones like Michelangelo’s Entombment, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, van Gogh’s Sunflowers, andVinci’s Virgin of the Rocks. Audio guides are also available and much suggested.

Tate Modern – Housed in a former bankside power station, it is home to more than 70000 pieces of modern and contemporary British arts. You’ll find some of most famous paintings of Picasso, Dali, Rothko, Warhol, and Pollock. It also hosts evening events, DJ nights, live performance and talks.

Brick Lane – Settled by the Bengali seamen in mid-20th century, this place is now a curry capital of London. From Biryani to Lamb Chops to all Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines, you’ll feel overwhelmed. Also must try are the sweets and desserts found here. It also has handful of nightclubs and street art.

Harrods – It is unarguably the most popular high end departmental store of London that has been regulars of Oscar Wilde, Laurence Olivier and the Royal Family.Set up in multiple floors, it sells everything while maintain its grandeur. Must see in here is the Egyptian Room, and Food Hall.

Camden Market– It consists of three markets, Camden Market, Camden Lock Market and Stables Market. In this cool cultural neighbourhood you’ll find everything from chic fashion, to jewellery, to local arts and crafts, to cuisines from Japanese to Mexican at big communal tables by the canal.

Covent Garden – From being a garden for monks in 13th century, to London’s biggest flower and vegetable market to home of brothels, gambling dens to a touristy market as it is now, Convent Garden is long history. With piazza at heart, street performers as chorus, this market is must see.

Hampton Court Palace – Built in 16th century this royal grand palace is finest piece of Tudor architecture. Must see are Great Hall, Tudor Kitchens, Wolsey Closet, Chapel Royal, King’s Staircase, Chocolate Kitchens, Clock Court, Kitchen Garden, Real Tennis Court, and 300 year old maze.

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