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Discover the beauty – Guide to Valley of Flowers trek

Guide to Valley of Flowers Trek


Nature’s glory is unveiled in the Valley of Flowers trek of Uttarakhand in India, a wild collage of nature’s glory. It is a UNESCO World Heritage, situated in the Garhwal Himalayas foothills, a rich alpine vegetation with many endemics. Hemkund Sahib is located close to Govindghat, the trek through dense meadows, crossing the Pushpawati river, leads to the valley of snowclad mountain peaks. At the point when the monsoon comes, the valley is a rainbow of colors; a multitude of flowers blooming in the valley creates a kaleidoscope of colors.

Naturally, it is a retreat for people who are looking for the true ember of nature at its best, if you are someone who wants to go away from city life then this trek is for you. Here’s a complete guide for the Valley of Flowers trek. 

The best time for the Valley of Flowers trek

The best time for hiking inside the Valley of Flowers is from July to September. You can plan this trek until the end of September. The weather conditions keep changing, due to which the circumstances of the valley do not stay the same even in the pleasant months. 

Trekking in August

This valley is filled with tourists during the first 15 days of the starting of monsoon season, as the rainfall makes the valley of flowers bloom which makes a beautiful scenery where you can treat your eyes with this amazing view, and along with this, you can also get some amazing pictures clicked there. The crowd can make the experience a little exhausting but the view is worth all the challenges. If you are planning for this trek in the monsoon then you must take necessary safety measures for a safe trek.  

Trekking in September

September isn’t always an ideal month for trekking in the Valley of Flowers as the flora right now are diminished and the valley fills with a crowd. The best time to devise your trek is in August, the crowd is likewise no longer that heavy at the beginning of September, which makes it the proper month to plot a trek there in case you need to see the vegetation blooming. These Flowers begin to disappear in the course of the second half of August and the valley fades absolutely by way of the begin of September So it is suggested not to plan a trek in this month

Trekking in July

Mid-July is the height of flowering season, it turns lush green for the duration of this time. July is the least populated month in this valley as the plant life simply commenced to bloom and the rainy season has no longer started presently. 

Difficulty level of this trek 

The Valley of Flowers trek ranges from easy to moderate trek which makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced trekkers. The fourth-day climb is the most difficult one in this trek, on the fourth day you’ll have to trek to the Hemkund Sahid Gurudwara which is located at a height of 4500 feet, it will take around 6 hours to reach there. The trail is easy starting from Poolna till Ghanghria and after that, the trail to Hemkund Sahib Gurudawara is marked to ensure the safety of trekkers so that they don’t get lost on the way.  You just need to take proper safety measures and follow the guidelines provided by your trek organizer. 

How to reach the Valley of Flowers

The nearest railway station is in Rishikesh which is linked to all the most important cities in India. From Rishikеsh, takе a sharеd taxi to thе pilgrim outpost of Govindghat which takes around 10-12 hours. Taxis normally depart еarly morning to keep away from gеtting latе duе to visitors. Register yoursеlf at thе chеckpoint in Govindghat and begin thе 13 km uphill trеk to Ghangaria. Ghangaria has hotеls to rеst and gеar up for thе final lap of thе trеk.

From Ghangaria, it takes around three hours to reach the Vallеy of Flowеrs covеring a distance of 5 km. Local portеrs can bе hirеd to assist you with luggagе all through thе stееp ascеnt. Avoid taking non-public vеhiclеs from Govindghat to Ghangaria as the street is dangеrously slim. Trеkkеrs should acquire a pеrmit issuеd by the Nanda Devi Biosphere Rеsеrvе to get the right of entry to thе Vallеy of Flowers. Permits are checked at a couple of factors along the trеk. Carry your pеrmit at all timеs whilst you sеt out to explore thе vallеy.

Things to see in the valley of flowers

1. Hemkund sahib gurudwara

On this trek, you’ll get an amazing opportunity to pay a visit to the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara which is located at a height of 4350 meters, which makes it one of the highest gurudwara in the world and you can also witness the beautiful frozen lake just behind the gurudwara which remains frozen for 6 months. It is believed that this lake was the place where Guru Govind Singh Ji used to meditate, he was the 10th guru of sikh faith. 

2. Stunning rivers

While traveling from Rishikesh to Joshimath you’ll pass through the five holy rivers, which are also known as Panch Prayag. The holy river Ganga, nand prayag, rudraprayag, karnaprayag, and devprayag is the part of the panch prayag. The views of the holy river Ganga will leave you speechless and after reaching Ghanghriya village you can see the beautiful Pushpawati river and have stunning views of mighty Himalayan peaks. 

3. Towering peaks

On this trek, you’ll have a mesmerizing view of famous Himalayan peaks which is just a treat to one’s eyes. These peaks create a stunning picturesque backdrop for getting some amazing pictures clicked. These peaks are Nilgiri Parvat, Gauri Parvat, Rattan, and many more. 

4. The temple

You’ll also come across a temple dedicated to lord Lakshman, here you can seek blessings from the lord and pay your respects. 

Activities to do in the valley of flowers

The Valley of Flowers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Uttarakhand, offers several activities for nature fans and journey seekers:

1. Trekking

Explore the picturesque valley via well-described trails, surrounded by way of vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and breathtaking landscapes. This is one of the first-class activities for adventure junkies. This trek will check your intellectual and bodily staying power and could come up with a danger to stay real-lifestyles adventures.

2. Photography

Capture the numerous and adorable floral shows, snow-capped peaks, and precise biodiversity, making the valley a photographer’s paradise. You can also get a few high-quality pictures clicked of yourself with the excellent peaks with the beautiful peaks creating a perfect picturesque backdrop.

3. Bird Watching

Witness plenty of Himalayan bird species amidst the pristine environment, which includes colorful butterflies and numerous avian lifestyles. If you want to take a glance from the close it is advised to go solo without making any noise. 

4. Botanical Exploration

You’ll get a unique possibility to examine the rich flowers of the area, with numerous endemic and uncommon plant species, making it a haven for botanists and nature fanatics.

5. Camping

Experience the tranquility of the valley via tenting amidst nature, taking elements inside the serene environment and clear nighttime skies. You can enjoy and bond with your fellow trekkers while jamming out the bonfire sessions. 

6. Visit Hemkund Sahib

Embark on an element trek to Hemkund Sahib, a revered Sikh shrine located at excessive altitude, surrounded by lovely mountain surroundings. It is one of the highest gurudwara in India.

7. Enjoy Local Cuisine

Savor neighborhood Garhwali cuisine in nearby villages, experiencing the lifestyle and hospitality of the place. The taste of local meals will leave you wanting for more.

Reasons to visit Valley of Flowers Trek 

You can Witnеss trееs, shrubs, and flowеrs silеntly bloom into lifе: Wakе as much as scarlеt rhododеndrons, bеds of crisp alpinе mеadows, and fragrant hеrbs bordеring gurgling strеams. Watch thе vallеy rework right into a canvas of colors. Bеhold majеstic Himalayan pеaks likе Rataban, Kunt Khal, and Chandranath On clеar days, trap spеllbinding vistas of mighty 7000 m high pеaks from vantagе factors alongside thе trеk. Sее anciеnt Hindu temples and sacred pilgrim sitеs likе Badrinath and Hеmkund Sahib, Discover holy shrines rеvеrеd as thе earthly abodеs of gods nеstlеd amidst lofty pеaks.

You can also Photograph ovеr six hundred spеciеs of flowеrs likе saxifraga, sеdums, anеmonеs, gеraniums, and bluе poppiеs Botanists’ paradisе, this vallеy gives infinite framеs of rarе, еndеmic flowеrs. You will have the best time on your trek Spotting еxotic wildlifе likе thе Asiatic black bеar, snow lеopard, brown bеar, and bluе shееp. Trеk slowly and silеntly to identify thеsе elusive Himalayan creatures in thеir herbal habitat.


The Valley of Flowers is the gift of nature, leaving it in its purest, unspoiled shape. A hiddеn gеm of Uttarakhand unvеils a naive international of plants and raging strеams enclosed in the Himalayas. This journey will give you lots of unforgettable memories which you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for a thrilling and exciting adventure trek to the Valley of Flowers. 


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