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Most beautiful bridges in the world

Most beautiful bridges in the world

Bridges are not only structures that connect two places. They tell a lot about the city, and their culture. Though bridges aren’t considered as the first preference to choose your next holiday spot, but some of them have make their mark and attract millions of travellers just for a glimpse. Bridges can have a great style of architecture, they can be ornate, give views of bustling cityscapes, or symbolise state of art engineering among many. Bridges are known to be the most popular landmarks when it comes to people’s choice. Bridges play a very important role when it comes to defining the city’s skyline. Be it a long walk, or quick selfies, bridges have always been that spot that continue to occupy place in every itinerary. We believe there are some of them, you should definitely visit least once in a lifetime. Here are most beautiful bridges of all.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, United States

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA – This most iconic spot of SF City is one of seven wonders of modern world. It is painted in international orange to stand out of Bay area’s fog. It connects SF City to Marin County over Pacific Ocean. It also has walkways and cycling paths on its either side.

Khaju Bridge, Ishafan, Iran

Khaju Bridge, Ishafan, Iran – It is a fine example of Persian architecture, which connects two banks of Zayandeh river. It also works as a dam separating portions of river with different water level. It has 23 arches ornate with paintings and tile work. Visitors often hang on its pavilions and steps.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic – Built in 14th century, this stone gothic bridge is 600 meters long with 30 baroque styled statues of saints ornate its balustrade. Built across Vltava River, it connects Old Town and Lesser Town (MaláStrana). It also offers panoramic views of Prague castle.

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy – Built in 16th century, it was built as a pontoon bridge, across narrowest canals of Venice. It was built on 12,000 wooden pilings that support it till this date. Its architect Antonio da Ponte had competed eminent designers like Michelangelo and Palladio for contract.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia – It is world’s tallest steel arch bridge, and is one of most recognizable spots. Also known as ‘The Coathanger’, and is glitzy part of Sydney’s skyline. It carries rail, vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic between central business district and north shore.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy – This medieval stone bridge has existed since 10th century, built across Arno river at its narrowest point. It was rebuilt after floods n survived WWII bombings. It has always been occupied with shops mostly butchers in past, but now Jewellers and souvenirs shop.

Millau Viaduct, France

Millau Viaduct, France – It is the highest bridge in world with just 38 Meter short to Empire State Building and a bit taller than Eiffel Tower. Built across Tarn River it is part of highway connecting Paris to Montpellier. The bridge is held up by cables, and was designed by Michel Virlogeux.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, United States

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA – Built in late 19th century, it was world’s first steel wire suspension bridge. It connects boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn across East River. It has both pedestrian n cyclists and automobile lanes. After its opening circus man P. T. Barnum paraded 21 of his elephants across the bridge to make his point how strong and safe the bridge was.

Tower Bridge, London, Britain

Tower Bridge, London, Britain – Built 125 years ago across River Thames, it has giant movable roadways that lift up for passing of ships. It is free, though access to Victorian Steam engine rooms in twin towers has a small admission fee. Another must see of it is glass bottomed viewing deck.

Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France

Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France – It is Paris’s most elaborately designed bridge with gilded iron n stone statues of nymphs, Pegasus, lions, and cherubs.It connects Champs Elysees with Les Invalides and Eiffel Tower. The bridge has close proximity to monuments, museums, and shopping areas.

The Helix, Singapore

The Helix, Singapore – Opened in 2010, it is inspired by double helix model of Human DNA. It is built with canopies to provide shade and shelter. It connects Business district Marina centre and Marina South, across Singapore River. It becomes spectacular in night being illuminated with lit LED lights.

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam – This 2000 plus feet Foot Bridge is one of the most eye catching bridges in world. It has a decorative dragon around it which also breathes fire on special occasions. It has LED lights, making it spectacular in nights. It is built across River Han in coastal city of Da Nang.

Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Japan

Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Japan – Built in 17th century it still remains to be most popular bridges of Japan. This architectural delight has five wooden arches on 4 stone, 2 wooden pillars without any nails. It sits in foot of Mt. Yokoyama acrossNishiki River. Cherry Blossom season is best time to visit.

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Liuzhou, China – It is also known as Yongji Bridge of Chengyang. The spectacular three storey structure has 5 Pavilions, and 19 Verandas. It is built across Linxi River. Rested on 5 stone columns, the wooden pavilions were constructed without single nail or rivet.

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain – Built in 18th century over a period of 40 years, it is built across the El Tajo gorge, connecting old and new town of Ronda. It has three arches, with a chamber above central one that was used as a prison and now as an exhibition of bridge’s history and construction.

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