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Top things to do in Lahore

Top things to do in Lahore

This city is the cultural capital of Pakistan and also power packed with history. The city has many beautiful pieces of architecture right from the colonial times and friendly people that will treat you with best of hospitality. Many still in doubt to visit Pakistan must know it is the country that had one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and we bet that you will like the remains of it too. The best time to visit Lahore would be September October, as it is little hard to beat summer heat of Pakistan. This city is not a just a monumental delight, but a great place for shopping fanatics and foodies too. So here we are with top things to do in Lahore and make the best out of your trip.

Badshahi Mosque – It was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 17th Century, and is made of Red sandstone. It is said it can host up to 100,000 people at a time. Its Archways amplify sound and work like a Walkie talkie. It also has Room of Mirrors, Summer Palace, but closed for public.

Lahore Fort – Built in 11th Century and occupied by many rulers and dynasties this fort has Persian to Mughal to Hindu influence. It is a massive enclosure of archways, courtyards and gardens. The palace of Mirror in Lahore Fort is always flocked with tourists. You can’t miss seeing this one.

Wazir Khan Mosque – This beauty is quieter than Badshahi Mosque and gives more room to enjoy. It is a treat to photographers with colourful tile mosaics, floral motifs, calligraphy all together throughout the façade. Built by Mughal Emperors, this spot is highlight of touristy Lahore.

Lahore Museum – Built in Mughal Gothic Architectural style, it is the best spot to soak in Pakistan history especially on sunny afternoons. The exhibits in here include Pre and Proto Historic, Buddhist and Jaina, manuscripts, Islamic artworks, paintings and a gold collection too.

Wagah Border – It is only 30 minutes away from Lahore, and must visit to spectacle the daily military practice by both the nations. There are guards that will parade with legs risen highest, yell anthems, and blow horn for longest. Eventually at around 6 pm the flags are lowered and gates closed.

Shalimar Garden – Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, this one is UNESCO heritage site.  Far from hustle and bustle of city, it is perfect for laid back day or a picnic, especially with flora and fauna, and marble fountains. The garden complex has three terraces Hayat, Faiz and Farah Baksh.

Minar I Pakistan – Built on Iqbal Park which is an urban garden spot, this minaret holds emotional sentiments for people of Pakistan. It was built as tribute to the Lahore Resolution that paved the path to formation of Pakistan. The base has text of Resolution, Quran and from work of Jinnah.

MM Alam Road and Gawalmandi – It would be shame if you visited Lahore and hadn’t had the chance of savouring lip smacking Pakistani food. MM Alam road has best restaurants of the city like Java Café to Pompei, while you will find families eating at Gawalmandi Food Street in midnight.

Fakir Khana Museum – It is largest private art collection in South Asia with 13000 pieces of arts. Family that owns this was started by a Fakir whose sons were Physician, Finance & Foreign Minister in court of Ruler Ranjit Singh. Their influence got them these collectibles, which you must see.

Jahangir Tomb – Built by son Shah Jahan, and designed by wife Noor Jahan, it is made of sandstone and marble. The complex is studded with frescoes and mosaics of flower patterns and inscriptions. It has tunnel passage ways to Shalimar Gardens and HiranMinar, but both closed now.

Noor Jahan Tomb – Very little of this once beautiful mausoleum is left, but you must visit to witness the history of Mughals. It is being restored to its former grandeur. The tomb areais well placed where the light could fall on it during sunrise and sunset. Be sure to experience the tomb.

Walled City of Lahore – It encloses the charm of old world, and the real Lahore. It had 13 gates at its time pf glory, of which now Roshnai Gate (entry point of royals), Delhi Gate (entry from Delhi side & directed to Wazir mosque) and Bhatti Gate (Popular for food & Red light district) remain.

Nankana Sahib – This spot proves that Pakistan has space for other religions too. It is believed to be the birth place of first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak. It hosts millions of Sikh pilgrims every year and organizes large langars every day. The place is quite peaceful and also has a pool for quick dip.

Anarkali Bazaar – It is one of the oldest surviving markets of South Asia. Built in the name of a Akbar’s courtesan girl who had affair with Jahangir also has her tomb in vicinity of market. Old Anarkali Bazaar is popular for local food, while new bazaar for handicraft and embroidery.

Baba Bulleh Shah Shrine – Just an hour drive from Lahore, this place is must see for Sufi lovers. You’ll always get a live qawwali played in here. The entrance hasBulleh Shah’s poetry engraved on the walls. You must have heard baba’s words recited in songs by NusratFateh Ali Khan.

You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul!


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