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25 Facts you didn’t knew about Dubai

Facts you didn't knew about Dubai

When we hear the word Dubai, all that flashes our mind is skyscrapers and a vast sandy desert. But this city is more than that. In the last few decades, Dubai has seen an exceptional transformation. It has emerged from an insignificant trading town to a metropolis. It has grown from nothing to become a playground for the world’s richest people. Dubai can be called as a miracle city. If you think that Dubai is all about oil then you might be somewhat right (in terms of economy), but this city is more than that. There is a lot about Dubai that is going to surprise you and will make you want to go there.

In this blog, we have listed some of the most interesting facts about Dubai that many locals of Dubai also might not know. In case you are planning to visit Dubai, then these can come in handy to spark a conversation with a local about something fun and crazy.

1 – Picking a flower is a crime in Dubai

In Dubai, you could be fined for picking a flower. Yes, and the fines can go 200 dollars upward. But there is a relaxation for travelers that they are pardoned for the first time they do so. In Dubai, you can also be fined for kissing in public. No matter how much you love your other half, you have to stay cautious in Dubai. Couples cannot live-in together without marriage. It is unlawful to do so.

2 – The tallest building is going to be always in Dubai

Dubai is a grand city and Burj Khalifa is a living testimony to it. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world right now, which stands at 828 meters. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is building the Jeddah Tower which is set to surpass Burj Khalifa as it is going to be mankind’s first 1-kilometer tower. But Dubai is not going to stay silent. It has incepted another skyscraper which will be named Dubai Creek Tower, and will surpass the height of Jeddah Tower. Its construction is stalled until Arabians finish their building.

3 – The island of Palm Jumeirah can be seen from space

Man-made islands of Palm Jumeirah span a whopping 600 hectares of land. It took around 10 million truckloads of sand to build these man-made islands. The islands of Palm Jumeirah can be seen from space. The property prices of this island start from 5 Million US Dollars.

4 – Dubai once had a population of just 100 people

It was only in the 18th century that the city of Dubai was founded with a population of just around 100 people. Back then it was a small fishing village. The country of the United Arab Emirates was founded only in 1971, and it became overnight rich because of the discovery of oil on its shores. It was then people started to flock to Dubai. The city you see now was then a complete desert.

5 – The working people of Dubai have a weekend of 2.5 Days

People who work in Dubai have a weekend of 2.5 Days. It comprises half a Friday, a full Saturday, and a full Sunday. This move is made to keep pace with the leading economies of the world and to attract top talent because of work-life balance. The official working hours in Dubai are from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. As opposed to other Western countries and Muslim countries, earlier Dubai had weekends on Saturday and Friday. Yes earlier, Sunday was a working day in Dubai.

6 – Jails in Dubai are pretty Luxurious

Emiratis of Dubai can also take interest-free loans from the state. Many of them take loans, build tall buildings, and rent them out. The rent they receive helps in repaying the loan. But there is a catch people who fail to repay the loan are jailed. This doesn’t dampen the spirit of people as the jails of Dubai are very luxurious, and most of the people are imprisoned because of no repayment of loans. The actual criminals are very less in there.

7 – It has the world’s largest suspended aquarium

Dubai is also home to the world’s largest suspended aquarium. The Dubai Aquarium tank has a capacity of 10 Million Liters of water. It is installed on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall and is a must-visit place when you are in Dubai. It is known to house animals of more than 200 species.

8 – Dubai was also known as the Crane Capital of the World

Dubai is developing so fast, that a quarter of the entire world’s cranes are based in Dubai. Now that is a whopping number and a testimony to the skyscraper community of Dubai. At one point in time, Dubai was also known as the Crane capital of the world.

9 – Only 15% population of Dubai is native

Everyone thinks that only America was built by immigrants. But you will be surprised to know that Dubai is also in the same league. More than 3 Million people are living in Dubai, and out of that 15% of the population is native. Rest all are foreigners. Majority of the population comprises of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Africans, and British people.

10 – The Man to Woman ratio is very high in Dubai

The male-to-female ratio in Dubai is 7 to 3. This whopping ratio is because many foreigners who live here have not relocated with their families. They are alone here to work and make money. Must we also tell you that this ratio is in a country where men are known to have more than 1 wife.

11 – In Dubai’s Free Trade Zone foreigners can have 100% stake in companies

There are more than 30 free trade zones in Dubai. In these trade zones, the businesses are exempted from taxes. Foreigners can be 100% owners of the company. These trade zones are different from each other in the industry they cater to. Some of the popular Trade zones are Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Knowledge Village.

12 – It has World’s largest Gold Chain

Dubai is also home to the world’s largest gold chain. Yes, Dubai people are crazy when it comes to gold and jewelry. The name is Dubai Celebration Chain and it is 5 kilometers long. It weighs around 240 kilograms and is built from 22-karat gold. It was made to commemorate the 20 years of the Dubai Shopping Festival. It took more than 1 month and around 100 craftsmen to prepare this chain.

13 – Dubai folks love gold

People of Dubai have a next-level obsession for gold and this could also be seen in the interiors of Burj Al Arab. It has a whopping 1,790 square meters of gold leaf made out of 24-carat gold. The sheer size is equivalent to 7 full-sized tennis courts.

14 – Dubai Police rides in Ferraris, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis

Dubai police are known to be insanely rich. The policemen of Dubai drive supercars, which consist of some of the most popular ones such as Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Policemen of Dubai are also known for not taking bribes not just because they are afraid of the law, but because they have large families. In cases when they are caught, their families have to face the backlash and disgrace.

15 – Dubai is home to the world’s largest flower garden

The world’s largest flower garden is in Dubai. That must be a surprise to see a flower garden in the desert. But Miracle Garden of Dubai is home to 50 Million flowers spread across a whopping area of 780,000 square feet of land. If you are traveling with family, a quick picnic in this garden is a must.

16 – Firework displays in Dubai are next level

The people of Dubai are known for celebrating New Year in style and breaking records. The city has also witnessed the world’s largest firework display where 479,651 shells were fired in just 6 minutes, which translates into 1,332 fireworks per second. The city has also seen the world’s longest fireworks display which lasted for 35 minutes. The city has also recorded the highest flame projection in a music concert.

17 – It has the world’s largest airport terminal

Dubai International Airport has the world’s largest airport terminal. It is terminal number 3, and it has a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, and Zen gardens in its complex. The Dubai International Airport is also known for being the Asia’s second busiest airport.

18 – It is the fourth most visited city in the world

Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world. It is joined by the likes of London, Paris, and Bangkok ahead of it. In case you are planning to visit Dubai then know that you are in good company.

19 – Vending Machines in Dubai even have gold bars, and laptops

We all know Dubai to be a monster city when it comes to shopping. This stands true in all senses. The vending machines of Dubai are also next level. Unlike other vending machines that will dispense, chocolate bars and Coke cans, in other countries, the vending machines in Dubai will have items ranging from gold bars to laptops, to costly mobile phones and whatnot.

20 – Dubai didn’t had a Postal Address System

Until recently Dubai didn’t have a Postal address system. People of Dubai used Post box offices a lot. Instead of writing addresses on letters, people used to scribble directions on how to reach their destinations. But things have finally changed for good.

21 – It is also home to wildlife

We all know Dubai for being the city of skyscrapers, and the surroundings comprising of desert. But then there is good news for wildlife lovers despite such terrain you can find animals in Dubai. You can spot falcons, camels, leopards, and Arabian oryxes living in their natural habitat. The better news is that they are very picture-worthy.

22 – To drink alcohol you need special permit

Alcohol consumption in Dubai is only allowed privately or in licensed places. Earlier the residents required a special permit for that, but now the rules have been relaxed. In case if you are below 21 years of age, then you cannot consume alcohol. You are absolutely not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol and the police have zero tolerance policy for that.

23 – Loose weight and get gold was a scheme by Dubai Govt.

The Government of Dubai is very health conscious. Back in time, they launched a program under which people would get paid if they lost weight. The payout was 2 grams of gold for every 2 kilogram of weight loss. Now that is what we would call, health is wealth.

24 – Dubai has thousands of Mosques

The total number of mosques in Dubai are more than 2000. That is a huge number and ensures that a mosque is built in Dubai at every half a mile distance for the convenience of the Muslim population of the city. The Non-Muslim population of Dubai can also visit these mosques, but they have to be respectful while doing so.

25 – Dubai imports million dollar sands only for construction

The city of Dubai imports hundreds of millions of dollars of sand every year for the purpose of construction. This might have come as a surprise, as Dubai is already located in a sandy desert. The reason is that wind-formed desert sand is very fine and unfit for building large structures in Dubai.

Dubai is a dreamy city that’s waiting to be discovered!


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