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Everything you need to know about Eiffel Tower

Everything you need to know about Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument of the world. It began as a temporary structure which was to run its course for 20 years, but has lasted more than a century. It has not just existed but it became the symbol of City of Paris. Every couple in this world has fantasized to spend an evening in Paris and get clicked in a picture with Eiffel Tower in backdrop. Such is the fame of this monument. This engineering marvel might look like a lattice of metal work, but is a lot more than that. It is a living testimony of beautiful engineering.

In this blog we have listed everything that you need to know before visiting Eiffel Tower. In case if you are planning to visit Paris, then there is no chance that this monument not be in your itinerary. For such travelers this blog is going to be a definitive guide.

Brief History of Eiffel Tower

The history of Eiffel tower began in 1889, during the Universal Exposition to mark the 100th anniversary of French Revolution. To mark this event an iron structure was to be constructed at Champ de Mars. There were 107 proposals submitted for the same, but Gustave Eiffel’s structure stood out and he went on to become the chief engineer of Eiffel Tower. Then budget of the Eiffel Tower was estimated at 6.5 Million Francs, but only 1.5 Million Francs were sanctioned. Gustave had to put extra funds from his pocket. The height of Eiffel Tower was proposed to be 300 meters, in an era when buildings haven’t even reached the height of 200 meters.

While Eiffel Tower was being built it faced a lots of criticism, as an iron structure in mid of the city of Paris was aesthetically unfit. The ethos of Eiffel Tower didn’t matched with the spirit of the city. Eiffel was even called out as ‘Skeleton of Beffroi’, as the odd appearance of Eiffel Tower would disfigure the beauty of city of Paris.

Eiffel Tower was inaugurated on March 31, 1889, when Gustave Eiffel climbed up the 1710 steps of the tower to hoist the French Tri Color on the top of Eiffel Tower.

Different Levels of Eiffel Tower

The Esplanade

The ground area which surrounds Eiffel Tower is the only place where you can visit without a fee. If you simply want to admire the beauty of Eiffel Tower from outside, and not invest time and money on touring the inside of tower, then Esplanade is the best place to do so. On the Esplanade you will also find the Bronze Bust of Gustave Eiffel erected in his memory. On the Western and the Eastern Pillar you will also find the hydraulic machines that are century old and used to function the lift mechanism of the Eiffel Tower.

The Esplanade is also home to many commercial establishments such as Gift shops, and fast food joints. You will also find an information center near the Western Pillar.

First Level

On the First Floor you will find a Cinema Projection, digital albums and cultural exhibitions that will help you learn more about the Eiffel Tower. It is on the first floor that you will also find the iconic Madame Brasserie restaurant of Eiffel Tower. In this restaurant you can relish French cuisines made from local seasonal produce. The First Floor of Eiffel Tower is also home to a glass floor which is located at a height of 187 feet above the ground from where you can see the esplanade clearly.

Second Level

The views of the city of Paris from the second level are truly breath taking and the best ones. Second Level is unarguably the most popular level of Eiffel Tower. From Second level you can easily see popular landmarks of Paris such as Grand Palais, the Louvre amongst others. The Second Level is also home to Chaillot Gift Shop and the Seine Gift Shop where you can do a little bit of souvenir shopping.

While on the second floor you can also hop in quickly inside the Michelin Star Jules Verne Restaurant to grab a quick meal, and grab some Macarons from their popular Macaron shop.


The summit of Eiffel Tower is located at a height of 276 Meters. It has both indoor and open air area making it the tallest observation deck in the city of Paris. While at the summit all you will hear is the gushing winds passing through. It also has the Gustave Eiffel’s office restored to its original condition. On the summit you can also hang out in the Champagne Bar and cheer the moment.

How to climb the Eiffel Tower


The best way to explore and climb the Eiffel Tower is through the stairs, given you have that kind of limb strength. Least you can do to enjoy the stairs of Eiffel Tower is by descending down through them, as it requires lesser efforts. The original stairs which were spiral in form can be seen on the first floor. There are whopping 1655 stairs that can take you up to the second level.


Elevators are important part of the Eiffel Tower Exploration experience, and at the time it was built there was no other elevator that could take you up to those heights. The original elevators installed in the Eiffel Tower were from Otis (AN American firm that is popular for its elevators), and it was fueled by hydraulic piston. Later on Roux Combaluzier (A French Firm) installed the elevators in Eiffel tower which were operated by endless double chain.

The elevators that are still present today were installed by Fives-Lille Company that were powered by hydraulic mechanism. In present times there are a total of four lifts that facilitate travelers.

Restaurants at the Eiffel Tower

Madame Brasserie

The restaurant offers chic picnic lunch that one can enjoy while admiring the views of City of Paris. You can also enjoy the full course of dinner with lights below and a subdued ambiance. You can pre book your tables along with the tour that you want to take from this restaurant.

Buffets from Eiffel Tower

The Buffets from Eiffel Tower are available in the Esplanade, the First Floor, or the Second Floor. It consists of wide variety of fast foods, like sandwiches, salads, pizza, pastries, and ice creams. They are open every weekday and will fuel you in your exploration.

Le Jules Verne

The restaurant is placed in the heart of the Eiffel Tower. The ambiance, the contemporary décor, and delectable French cuisines are some of the highlights of dining here. The meal is prepared by Michelin Star chef, and the views it offers are exceptional. It is highly advisable to book your table advance in months especially if you seek a window side table.

Le Salon Gustave Eiffel

It is located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, and is one of the highest in demand event avenues in entire Paris. It has seating capacity of over 300 guests. It is designed keeping in mind the modern aesthetics.

Le bar à champagne

This champagne Bar is located on the summit or the top of Eiffel Tower. You can enjoy a glass of champagne, on the house while admiring the views of Paris from there.

Eiffel Tower Light Show

Then lighting installments on Eiffel Tower makes it even better to view during nights. Eiffel Tower glows up every night, from sunset to 1 AM in the night. Then popular Golden Eiffel Tower Show happens every evening, when the Eiffel Tower, sparkles for 5 minutes every hour.  It is a moment worth capturing in your cameras for a memory of lifetime.

Factors to consider before taking Eiffel Tower Tickets

Before purchasing the tickets you got to decide if you will use staircase or the elevators. To get to the First or the Second Level you can use either stairs or the Elevators, but to get to the summit you will need a separate elevator. It is to be noted that stairs are less crowded and can give you a window to explore the surroundings while ascending or descending them.

Before purchasing the ticket, you got to decide if you will get to the summit or not. Majority of the tickets sold give travelers access to the first or the second level. But if you want to explore the summit, then you got to take the summit access tickets.

Depending on how you would like to explore the Eiffel Tower, you need to buy the tickets accordingly. If you buy solo tickets, then you are on your own, but if you buy guided tour tickets, then you will be accompanied with a host that will assist you explore the tower at your own pace.

Opening Times and General Information

From June to September you can visit the Eiffel Tower between 9 AM to 12:45 AM.

For the rest of the year the opening times for Eiffel Tower are from 9:30 AM to 11:45 PM.

You can expect least a couple of hours to explore the Eiffel Tower depending at what depth you want to explore it.

The Eiffel Tower Tickets start from 35 Euros, and can go upwards depending on what all you want to include in the tickets.

There is no such best time to visit Eiffel Tower, but you can choose to visit it during early mornings, or late after evening in case if you are seeking a quieter and less crowded experience. If you want to enjoy the best views of the city, then visit the Eiffel Tower right after opening or till noon. We also recommend visiting the tower in evening when it is lighted, the views of the tower are truly mesmerizing.

Places with best view of Eiffel Tower

River boat cruise on the Seine

There are number of river boat restaurants that offer cruise on the Seine River with views of Eiffel Towers from different points. On these boat cruises you will not only have best views of Eiffel Tower, but you can also see Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Taking a boat cruise at night is also rewarding as the tower glimmers in all its lighting.

Montparnasse Tower, 56th floor Observatory

The Montparnasse Tower might not be as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but it offers panoramic scenes of the city with views of Eiffel Tower along with it. While here you can also visit the Ciel de Paris restaurant that offers both good views of the Eiffel Tower and great food to binge on.

Quai Branly Museum

Quai Branly Museum offers best views of Eiffel Tower from various points within the premises. You can relish the best views of Quai Branly Museum from, museum garden, Les Ombres, museum restaurant, and Café Branly.

Big Ferris Wheel, Tuileries Gardens

Located in the heart of City of Paris, Tuileries Garden is a great place to hang out for a picnic. For the best Views of Eiffel Tower you can also hop on the Big Ferris Wheel that is located in the premise of the gardens. But you have to take a note that the Ferris Wheel ride is only available during the summers, and Christmas Market.

Champ de Mars

Champ De Mars is open public green space that is located just beside the Eiffel Tower. It is a great place to picnic under sunshine with Eiffel Tower in the backdrop. It is one of the places that offer closest and one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower.


It is another close spot located near the Eiffel Tower that offers stunning views of the Iron Lady. It is located in front of the Warsaw Fountain at the Trocadéro Gardens, which is located further down the road from the popular Chaillot Palace.

Select Hotels and Restaurants

If you fancy having a meal or a cup of coffee while admiring the views of Eiffel Tower then there are many restaurants throughout the city that offer such views. In fact some of them are running great just because of the views of Eiffel Tower they provide. They include, La Maison Blanche, Chez Francis, Le Saut du Loup, Le Ciel de Paris, and Printemps Rooftop Terrace.

We also must agree that waking up to walk up to the window to see Eiffel Tower is blissful moment that everyone would like to have. Some of the hotels that provide such views are, Jardins d’Eiffel, Radisson Blu, Plaza Athenee Hotel, Duquesne Eiffel Hotel, Le Metropolitan Hotel and Hotel La Comtesse Paris.

Eiffel Tower is a timeless beauty!


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