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Top reasons to travel

Top reasons to travel

We believe that travelling is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. When we say experience, there many limited number of means and travelling is one of the best. We strongly advocate that each and every individual should travel at least once in a year. This is the least you can do for yourself. Now, if you are thinking too much before planning a trip, then you might need to take a look at these few awesome reasons on why you should travel.

  • Makes you more intellect. Visiting various places, cities, cultures, make you knowledgeable about global cultures, arts, and history behind places. This vast knowledge enables you to interact with person of any nationality, with something common in mid. Bingo!

  • Makes you a global citizen. I believe that getting to know the ins and outs of a particular culture is the most amazing thing. This is a hack to be and feel local in any part of the world. It is not your looks that distinguish you, but your outlook and way of life.

  • It gives us the break most needed. Our day to day life can get monotonous, and too fast to catch up with. It’s always good to take a break. This not only helps in escaping your daily routines for few days, but also keeps you hooked back again to our days.

  • I think travelling is the best stress buster out there. Day jobs could get very demanding at times, taking every bit of your life and thoughts. On contrary, days out from your city give you breaths of relief, change of environment, and keep worries miles away.

  • Travelling is best at catalysing curiosity. In day to day life of most people its home to workplace and back to home. In mid there is a little window where you generally miss new things. But travelling takes you to another world with door open for more curiosity.

    Top reasons to travel - A window to another world
  • Travelling might mean exploring new lands, but enroute you also sometimes also discover your real self. This is primarily because travelling throws at you gamut of situations that you might never had encountered. Isn’t it great to know more about yourself!

  • Travelling strengthen your real self especially if you are travelling alone. When you are thousand miles away from people in your everyday life, your real self that get caged often comes out. Travelling will shape you as you really are by bringing out your real self.

  • Travelling takes you far from your loved ones and special ones. When back at a hotel or a beach when you will feel a little lonely, you will learn to value what all you have back at home. Only experience that strengthens relationships even from distance.

  • Travelling fills you with fresh energy and all new zeal. This is like a hangover of the travelling experience, and lasts for as long as you can hold it. Whenever you return from a trip, it’s not just you, but the happiness back at holiday accompanies you too.

  • New ideas are born when you travel. It’s so true, because when you travel you open yourself to vibes and surroundings to enjoy the maximum. This window takes the opportunity to run you mind go wild and come back with amazing ideas. Can be of work, life, or general.

  • Travelling will instil love for Mother Nature. When a landscape will take your breath away, you will learn how important it is for coming generations to see this. It might not push you to give up your car and use public transportation, but you will certainly not litter around.

    Top reasons to travel - Mother Nature
  • Travelling gives us a break from those eye hurting screens. On normal days we all are stuck to our mobile phones, and laptops. It is travelling that changes your surrounding from all things digital to some real people and beautiful scenes out from wallpapers.

  • For foodies travelling is a treat. Every place around the world has their unique cuisines that inspite of being amazing in taste might not have made up to the menus of continental food around world. Travelling gives you opportunity to have the world on your plate.

  • Travelling is perfect getaway to make sound decisions of your life. Trust me every decision needs time and some good thoughts behind it. Travelling gives you the perfect setting to be calm and make wise decisions. You can also use it for goal setting in your life.

  • Life is a journey and is also very short. Travelling is an experience that fills the gaps of life. It gives you memories to cherish forever. A crown looks look if it’s studded with gems, and trust me life looks good when it has memories to be cherished.

  • The biggest perks of travelling are that you get to meet new people and make friends of them. It is opportunity to make friends from different parts of world. Undoubtedly travelling also hones your communication skills and makes you way more presentable.

  • Travelling makes you learn new languages. It might be through that crash course in French you took before visiting Paris, or it might be that hours long conversation with a local over dinner or with chauffeur over drive. It simply enriches your communication.

  • Travelling adds thrill to your life, especially if you have undertaken any adventure sports. It could trekking the Inca Trail, or Hiking the Himalayas, or Rafting in a notorious hilly river, or scuba diving in coral reefs, or bungee jumping from Macau Towers.

Travel gives you reason to live forever!


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