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Difference between a hotel and a motel

Difference between a hotel and a motel

Heading out for a holiday, or heading out for a work trip, but don’t know where to stay, let us help you with this. Choosing an accommodation depends mostly on the nature of the trip, duration of the trip, and the budget you have allocated for travel. The top most options will always be a hotel, or a motel. But most of the people don’t even know the basic difference between them.

It is necessary to know what a hotel is, and what a motel is, to take logical decisions for your trip. Knowing the difference will also help you out in planning your journey. If you do not know the difference, then this blog is for you.

Hotel  – The Definition

Hotel is an establishment that provides accommodation and food to travelers irrespective of their purpose for a short duration of time. It also provides facilities like swimming pool, in house restaurant, gym, spas, salon, banquet halls, conference rooms and much more. It also has interior corridors through which you can access all the rooms of the hotel. Hotels are much preferred by people because of their strategic locations within the city.

The term hotel was derived from a French word, which means an establishment that provides lodging, meals and other services.


Motel  – The Definition

Motel is a type of hotel which is located in highways, or on road networks. It provides lodging facilities for people who are on a long road trip and need a break to refresh them self. Motels are meant for stays that are even shorter, for one night, for one day, or for two days.

Motels are known to have ample parking space where lots of vehicles can accommodate at the same time. Their structure are made in such a way that rooms and their vehicles are easy to access. Let’s say open the doors, walk right into the parking and grab the steering.

The term Motel is derived from two words, Hotel and Motor.


The difference

Hotels are built in a way of a commercial building, which can have multiple floors with hundreds of rooms which are accessible by stairs or by elevators. Motels on the other hand are structured simply, they will not exceed more than 1 or two floors and they focus on their accessibility to the parking area.

In hotels you are likely to find a receptionist, housekeeping people, valet parking, chefs, elevator operator, and some other staff too which are specialized to do their work. In motels you will only find Receptionists and housekeeping people, or even a single person doing both the jobs.

Cost per night in hotels is higher. The amount is determined by the cadre of hotel, if it’s a one star hotel or five star hotel, by the location of the hotel, and by the amenities it provides. The cost per night in Motels is relatively much cheaper, and anyone owning a car can afford it.

Hotels can be situated anywhere in the city. Their location is usually around the busiest places, like airports, railway stations, commercial district, sports arenas, or near some iconic tourist spot. Motels are however situated only on highways, and road networks where the rush of motors is high.

Majority of the hotels will always have room service and an in house kitchen. Hotels are also known to have in house restaurants keeping mind in people who like to eat out of their room. Motels do not have such services, but most of them will generally serve you with complimentary breakfast.

Architectural design of hotels are much far better than any accommodation type. They invest in making it look attractive from both inside and outside. Motels on the other hand do not spend on making their establishment flashy. They will only have basic furnishing and a decent look from outside.

Hotels mostly have chains, and they collaborate with other hotels. They can have several owners, who own multiple properties like big businesses operate. Motels on the other hand are most operated by standalone business people. Now motel chains have also emerged, but they are very few.

When it comes to classification of hotels, the process is sophisticated, and they range from 1 star hotels to 5 star hotels depending on the amenities they provide, and depending on the infrastructure they have. Motels however are rated as 1 star or star on most of the listing directories and websites.

Be it Hotel or Motel, but vacations are must!


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