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Best places to visit in Sri Lanka

Best places to visit in Sri Lanka

This beauty has both of nature’s booty, and cultural wealth. The endless beaches, pompous elephants, abundant wildlife, rolling oceans, fascinating trains, scintillating tea farms, and irresistible food, make Sri Lanka a gem of Holiday destinations. Once it had remained under the hoods, but with travellers getting amazed by the local experiences, more and more of them flock in with passing time. From caves to peaks, from fortress to forests, and from whales to whole lot of food, Sri Lanka never lets you dampen even for a while. The colonial remains of Dutch, Portuguese, and English, give a charm to its cities, you can’t take eyes from. So here we are with best Lankan places to visit.

Sigiriya Rock Fort – Also known as Lion’s rock, this beauty is eighth wonder to the locals. This fortress is built on steep slope that is topped by a mini plateau. Access to this one is through staircases clung on the steep slopes. On top there are ruins, frescoes, water gardens, and breath taking views of the forest below. This one dates back to third century when it was turned into a fortress from a monastery. When going to Sri Lanka, you can’t miss this one.

Galle – This Port city is unarguably the best place in Sri Lanka to experience. It is heavily studded with Dutch era colonial architecture that will none other than sooth your eyes and curiosity. Third of the city population is foreigners and ex pats, making it culturally diverse. It is the artisan city with cozy cafes and quirky boutiques. Top attractions include Flag Rock, Old Gate, Meeran Mosque, Dutch Hospital, Sudharmalaya Temple, Amangalla, Lighthouse beach and historical mansion.

Kandy – Located at the heart of Sri Lanka, this beauty is in rich in nature’s bounty. It is quite popular for its Tea plantation, Rubber Plantation, and spice gardens. The temperate climate and hill breezes set up perfect backdrop of a romantic holiday. To witness the vibrancy of city you must visit it during the Festival of The Tooth. Top attractions include Temple of sacred tooth relic, Garrison Cemetery, Buddhist Museum, Kandy Lake, Dalada Museum, and Ceylon Tea Museum.

Polonnaruwa – This ancient city is about glory of Sri Lankan past. History buffs will love it. The ruins of tombs and temples, statues and stupas, will compel you to believe its beauty back when this all was not in shambles. To testify its reputation it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has close proximity to national parks making it must visit. Top attractions include Lankatilaka, Quadrangle, Gal Vihara, RankotVihara, Tivanka Image House, ThuparamaGedige, and Archaeological Museum.

Mirissa – This beach beauty is perfected by nature for a laid back holiday. Palm trees, Golden sands, and all you will need is a hammock, and a good old book. Highlights of the town are beaches, water sports, lip smacking food, and buzzy night life. There are no resorts on beaches to interrupt your connect with beauty. Also you can’t just miss the sunsets and sunrises in here. Top attractions include Mirissa Beach, Turtle Bay, Polhena Beach, Weligama Bay, and Midigama Beach.

Yala National Park – This one is for wildlife lovers, and they can just not escape it while in Sri Lanka. It’s only wildlife that rules the earth and sky both at Yala National Park. It is home to 200 plus bird species with dozen of them being native. It has highest density of leopards in entire world. You will get to see elephants on roads, buffaloes in lagoons, and monkeys on lush green trees. Sithulpauwwa, an ancient rock temple is also a must see in here along with MagulMahaViharaya.

NuwaraEliya – Also known as Little England of Sri Lanka, this beauty is popular for its breath taking landscape and also the epicentre of Sri Lankan Tea plantation. The British colonial architecture, Tudor style hotels, pretty gardens, golf courses, and splashy waterfalls make this place ideal for relaxed holiday.  It also has Pidurutalagala, Sri Lanka’s tallest mountain. Top attractions include Pedro Tea Estate, Lovers Leap, Hakgala Gardens, Victoria Park, and Lake Gregory.

Colombo – It is the capital city of Sri Lanka, and also a great start or a perfect finish for your Sri Lankan Itinerary. Being ruled by Portuguese and British it has some fine architecture to see. The cafes, the hotels and also it has great culinary scene. Night lovers might want to hit the casinos. A tuktuk ride or a visit to local galleries will make your day. Top attractions include National Museum, Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park, Dutch Museum, Old City hall and Geoffrey Bawa House.

Anuradhapura – This ancient and sacred city was once centre of Buddhism. Now what remains are architectural and archaeological wonders in huge Dagobas (Stupas), pools, temples, and palaces. For long it has been home to Buddhist monks before it was invaded in 10th century and left abandoned. Top attractions in here include AbhayagiriDagoba, RuvanvelisayaDagoba, Archaeological Museum, Sri Maha Bodhi,IsurumuniyaVihara, and Ratnaprasada.

Adam’s Peak – It is known as Adam’s Peak (place where Adam put his first step from Heaven), Sri Pada (Last steps of Buddha before he went to paradise), Samanalakande (Mountain where butterflies go to die). It has been a site of pilgrimage for 2000 years. It is visited by Buddhists, Hindus, and even Christian for their beliefs. Views from the peak just before sunrise are priceless. The holy season in here starts from poya day until the Vesak festival (the busiest period).

Travelling leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller!


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