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Tips for First time Travellers

Tips for First time Travellers

Trust me when I say, that I get more excited than first time travelers about their first trip. Though the one that experiences it, cherishes it for lifetime..As a traveler I feel that experience of first trip is no less than that of first girlfriend, first night out, first and last prom, first day with first video console (eh that’s nerdy). You get to see a world you have never been before to. The people are new, streets are new, and you don’t get your favorite breakfast but something you have never tasted before. As a first time traveler you also get thrills on how will it go and end, on how you are going to manage. For sure, you will make mistakes and double sure you will learn from them, as Life is a University. We have created some tips that will do come in handy.

Booking a Hotel:

With tons of aggregator travel portals, you are going to cheap and cheaper prices for same hotel on different ones. Be sure to surf them all for any particular hotel.

For picking one, refer to services like Breakfast, Wifi, Laundry, In house Restaurant (For Convenience), and please check their check-in-and-out time also.

Most important factor for choosing Hotel is Judge them by their pictures. Never ever book a hotel without any pictures. Sample of pictures must include, Hotel Living Room View, Bathroom, Corridor, Lobby, Dining Area, and Front view of Hotel.

If your destination is Hill Station or a beach, I will say go for a hotel room with balcony.

If ever you feel (and you should) dubious about the pictures of hotels, check their pictures on different portals. Advanced Inspecting include downloading those images and doing a google Image Search for them. If they are authentic, you will search results of only that hotels, or else just move on to other.

PRO TIP: See the street view of the Hotel’s address. Do not compromise the joy of your holiday with a bad shaped locality, especially if you are going to stay longer in hotel.

Tour Packages:

Its lot safe when you buy a tour package, and especially if you are a lazy lad or this trip is for relaxing.. Remember it’s your first trip, don’t buy a package that has all the meals reserved. Save some appetite for local food.

Feel free to contact your tour operator and ask if the Taxi booking is flexible or merely a medium to commute between sights offered in tour. On first tour you will for sure want to have some fun apart from photographing landscapes and monuments.

Be double sure to check reviews of tour operator in advance. If you have luxury of budget, please book with a reputed operator which will have less margin of bad experiences as they are PR conscious.

Tips for First time Travellers - Tour

Be your own Tour Operator:

First trip is special, if you can face few hassles and are even an average manager, travel independently. It will cost you a little more, but you are going to enjoy the freedom.

Plan a relaxed Itinerary. For example, if an experienced traveler takes 2 days to cover a destination, you plan to stay for 3 days. Remember travelling is new to you, and you ain’t expert. You probably see it as fun and not a serious hobby.

Plan the sightseeing in any particular destination as per your personality or rather interest. For example, you are an atheist, so there is no point going to a temple. It’s very beautifully built, but you have zero appetite for interior design and photography. No point going there. This is to make your selection of sights at popular destinations that are filled with tourist spots. But if options are less, you can always take a walk.

Have a two of them:

Please carry spare credit or debit cards. It is very frustrating to loose them on a trip.

The expenses for your trip are for sure going to exceed than what you expected, it can happen because you hired a sedan instead of hatchback for taxi, you ate in luxurious restaurants rather than budget food joints, you drank extra beers on odd days, etc. It also happens because first timers aren’t experienced in savings during travel, and more impulsive on trips. No need to carry an extra wallet, but keep spare money.

Tips for First time Travellers - Credit Cards

Goodwill Gesture: Depending on where you are travelling, and its local art and culture. It is highly recommended that you shop for some souvenirs, local specialty as gift for your friends and family, and as a memory for lifetime. Once you will travel frequently, this particular gesture will die.

Matter of Strength: Never be scared of Locals or strangers, if you are that type, then please go on Group Tours or feed two to three numbers of local policemen in your phone, or at least befriend your Taxi Driver. Also try visiting popular destinations in such cases, as they are filled with Tourists and they run the local economy. At such places you will be a form of God.

Chill Pill: See your family doctor before you leave, and buy medicines for all common diseases that can trouble you. First time travelers are bound to panic in such situations, and a quick call to your family doctor will keep you intact even in unhealthy situations.

Keep the chapter Open: Keep yourself open to curiosity. Travel trips are amazing opportunity to learn new things especially about life. I say this, because when you are back you will have lot many things to share and even brag about. This transition will make you fall in love with travelling.

Break the deal : If your trip is to a place of local expertise in handicrafts, you are for sure be tempted to shopping. Judge yourself if you are good at bargaining. If not, or even if you are buy from Shops that are certified by Local Tourism Board or Local Government. You will get fairer prices.

Be little ethical : You will not only represent yourself, but your country, your city, your culture, and your manners. So try to be humble, you will love it. Plus you will make amazing friends, and leave a long lasting impression. First trip is always full with fun, but don’t forget the ethics.

Make it Vintage : Being an author I love to collect and keep the booty. We have discussed in our blogs about importance of local mobile internet access, and map apps. But First Trip, should also have space for local map books. See the world as if you were Christopher Columbus, eh. Yes a compass is too a great idea.

Be the Champ : It might happen that you face unexpected and pissing experiences. Do not stay silent and regret afterwards. Face them, and fight (not literally) till you feel okay about it. Examples can be many, but also don’t hesitate to call local police if needed. I say this, because best person in a strange place to have your back is Local Policeman. Point is, keep no room for injustice to yourself.

Say Cheese : Cheer up, it’s your first travel trip and an amazing opportunity to post on Instagram if you haven’t in a while, or get yourself made a photo book. Don’t depend on your phone camera, if possible buy or borrow a DSLR. Also keep extra pair of batteries and memory card. Click lots of pictures, as memories might but pictures don’t fade. Plus first trip is special, once you travel often, your appetite will decrease for photographs.

First thing as final words: Save the date now


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