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Weirdest laws while travelling abroad

Weirdest laws while travelling abroad

Travelling can be overwhelming, especially if you break a law abroad. We are sure you are not going to murder anyone, or rob a bank, or take drugs, but still you will be at risk of breaking the law. The fault is in the law. What deems normal to people can sometimes be illegal in some countries, and this is where you get in to trouble! A little trouble with government of your travel destination can not only ruin your mood, but waste your couple of days, or cost you handful of dollars, or worse end you up in jail. So here we are with weirdest of laws that can help you save the day.

Don’t Feed the Pigeons – If you do so in Venice’s St. Mark’s square, you might get yourself messing up with local laws. These feathered friends are held responsible for their contribution to the decaying infrastructure of Venice. Their claws and their droppings have been destroying the stones and monuments. Venice after all is not that welcoming, especially to these Pigeons.

Jumping in Trevi Fountain – Sounds fascinating, or like a better chance of your wishing coming true. But beware this might cost you some hefty fine. Romans are very peculiar about their heritage, and if you taint that, you will be in troubled waters. This applies to any other fountain of Rome too. Make a wish, click pictures, and capture them in your eyes and that’s it.

Eating Gelato at Roman Historic sites – This culinary delight of Rome isn’t as chilling as it is served. Folks who drop food, scatter the melting ice cream, litter it around, are believed to damage the ancient stones and marbles of Roman Historic sites. Such activities end up in reparations. Hence we suggest, you do all the eating indoors.

Driving in Flip Flops – This might sound like Californian dream, but ends up to the corner of a flat world. We wished every other country like Spain had banned driving in Flip Flops, and we’d had better travel memories to share. Make sure you keep an extra pair of shoe when packing for Spain.

High Heels in Greece – You have got the world to show your fashion quotient, but not the Greek archaeological sites. Wearing high heels to sites like Acropolis is deemed to be destroying the ancient stones and marbles, with that little point of shoe with immense pressure of the body. Realizing this Greek authority has banned high heels to its historic sites.

You can’t mask it – When visiting Denmark, be sure of leaving behind your masks at home. Denmark doesn’t wants to see you in hideous Halloween dress, Yoda head ups, or Spiderman masks. Even if it conflicts with your religion, you have to keep your faces open in Denmark. Least that is how the Danish authorities want it.

On Cab with Plague – Trust me, nobody likes this. But when in London, be extra beware to not hop on a cab with plague to cross path with British Law. This law dates back to centuries when London was little filthy and people were moving around with their dogs, with no room for hygiene. Times have changed, but this law stays intact.

Ramadan is for all – If so you happen to travel to United Arab Emirates in holy month of Ramadan, you might be subjected to starvation. The state of UAE expects even non-Muslims to observe fasts during Ramadan. This will be highly unpleasing especially if you have to shop around its glitzy malls with no food in belly. This can hurt your travel plans.

Offensestaken in Thailand – In Thailand even a joke on dignity of sovereignty of country can land you up in Jail. You could be casually sitting in a Thai restaurant and joking about the hairs of Donald Trump, and next you will find yourself in jail for next 7 years. It is an offense to insult a foreign nation head that has friendly relations with Thailand.

You can’t Pee – Of course you can, but not everywhere, and at a place where it’s meant to be. Though places deemed suitable have different meaning for Portugal Authorities. When in Portugal, you can’t pee in the ocean. We are sure that Portuguese government must have scuba policemen to keep a check. To find you must visit Portugal, go in the ocean and see but not pee.

Gum Free Zone – Yes, Singapore is one such place. Import, selling and chewing of gum is banned in Singapore circa 1992. Singapore was fed up of the damage gums caused to the Public Transit system. Not abiding with law, you could face a fine or even jail time. Though recently Nicotine Gums, and Dental gums have been permitted, but only them.

Dirty and Drinks – We all have once or more wanted to visit Maldives, but did you carried alcohol and pornographic material with you. If you did, be thankful it was in dreams, or getting down of that plane with these things will lead you to a hefty fine. Maldives being a Muslim state has strict regulations. Hence forth you will put a limit to your fantasies, least for Maldives.

Take only memories leave only footprints!


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