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Best places to visit in Switzerland

Best places to visit in Switzerland

We aren’t sure to call this country King or Queen of Alps, so for the sake of goodness let’s call it Alpine Paradise. If you are a normal person, it’s more likely that your international holidays dream start from Switzerland, though no matter where they end. Swiss towns and cities are like Walmart of beautiful scenery. Yes, there is too much of it to pick from in this landlocked and not so little country. Having said that, we aren’t sure if you can live without Swiss chocolates, clocks, cheese and landscapes because we can’t. So here we are to help you spot best places to visit in Switzerland.

Bern – The Swiss capital with medieval architecture setback is a treat as good as Swiss chocolate. The old town is UNESCO world heritage site, Zytglogge the ancient clock tower with moving puppets is one of a kind, and ladies, it has longest covered shopping area in Europe (Need we mention, 4 miles). Patisseries, hot chocolates, and ice creams especially in Swiss summers are true delights. The city also has Museums of Swiss arts and sculptures, meaning you will need some time here.

Zurich – Power packed with more than 50 museums, and 100 art galleries. A walk by the glistening River Limatt is all you have ever asked for. Again the old town is a stunner. A high end shopping paradise, and you can never leave without a boat ride on Lake Zurich (Least you should). The Swiss national museum dedicated to Swiss cultural history is an enriching experience you shouldn’t miss. This is the place good for hiking to hitting the floor.

Lucerne – Be alerted if you have weak legs, because cars are not allowed here. The bright side being you will enjoy the most picturesque Swiss city with snow capped mountains in backdrop. Not to be missed sights are Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, Swiss Museum of Transport and Dying Lion (Not a real one, we too are PETA supporters). Good news for avid travellers is there is lake cruise too in here. To end tale about this beauty, you must have LuzernerChügelipastete (a puff pastry).

Geneva – Home to United Nations, and truly diverse it is. The city has boutiques and galleries you’ll become fond of. The iconic fountain in Lake Geneva is a delight to watch water jet going up to 500 feet in air. Theatres, opera houses, and that Patek Philippe Museum (Dedicated to Swiss watchmaking) will feed your artistic thirst. There are so many green spaces in here that it’s also dubbed as ‘City of Parks’. It’s a stop you always wanted to make.

Zermatt – Close to Matterhorn Mountain (One of highest Swiss peaks), is popular for skiing scene (all year round, yay!). Loaded with cable cars, it will show you the best Swiss spots around. Also is smoke free (Talking about one that the cars emit). It is well connected with Popular Swiss mountains railroad. This town is fresh breath of air, for all obvious reasons.

Basel – Located along the Rhine River, it also has French reflection in its architecture making it pretty peculiar. The famous Basel Art museum is contemplated with art galleries, museums, theatres, and many exhibitions too. You will also see some red sandstone architecture around the town square. Travellers will also find joy in River tours which surprisingly good in here.

Lugano – Dubbed as ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland’ is very popular amongst celebrities. It has a little Italian reflection. Then again we have a lake, and Swiss landscapes in the backdrop never cease to fail. Summers are good in here contemplated with musical ‘Lugano Festival’. Churches, cathedrals, museums are all back from the time. A speed boat ride on the lake will give the chills you’ll love.

Interlaken – Once a watch making centre is now a traveller hot spot. It is nested between views of three Swiss peaks, and is packed with outdoor activities. A woodcarving class for a day in here could get you some skills but lots of fun. Raclette a Swiss dish made from cheese will surely delight you. A typical Swiss retreat that has Mountain Railroad, Ski scene, hiking trails, cable cars, paragliding, and what else you need. This is the place where you’ll find your peace of mind.

Lausanne – Located around Lake Geneva and home to Olympic committee, this city also has been famous amongst writers with likes of Ernest Hemingway. The Gothic Cathedral, city centre, vineyards and café culture, all will align with your holidays. Well accessible from Geneva by train, it is a great day trip you would regret not having. This city is best explored on foot.

Saint Moritz – This winter wonderland and gem of Alpine tourism has been a place for people looking for Ideal Swiss holidays. Yes it’s been in action for more than a century. By now you must be accustomed to lakes. So here we are, with glistening waterbody that will awe you. Has hosted winter Olympics twice, and waits with some outdoor adventure for you.

The best view comes after the hardest climb.


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