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Best places to visit in Spain

Best places to visit in Spain

Spain is diverse at heart with a distinct culture that will awe you. From Mediterranean to Atlantic, from modern to Moorish architecture, from roman ruins to futuristic buildings, from snow capped peaks to sun baked grounds, from beaches to vineyards, you will have everything to see and experience the Spanish way. Life celebrates in here in every nook and corner, and the gastronomic experience of the day will keep you delighted. So here we are, to help you visit the best places in Spain, and lessen your troubles of planning the itinerary.


Madrid – It is the Spanish capital and is rich with culture at its heart. You will like the world class museums in here, the rich cuisines will keep you delighted, and your night life will be all glitzy with those reputed clubs and pubs. When in Madrid, you must shop from the Mercado San Miguel market, see the Gateway of the Sun, take a tour of Palacio Real (adobe of Spanish Royal family), and see Van Gogh, Picasso and Goya at the Museo del Prado, Reina Sofia National Museum. You will also love experiencing Tapas bars in the La Latina Locality.


Barcelona – It is the most popular Spanish City and is eye candy of Architectural lovers. Located by the Mediterranean, this place is flooded with artistic scenes. Your trip is incomplete without visiting SagradaFamilia Basilica. This city is the right child of Antoni Gaudi. Kids will enjoy the Tibidabo Amusement Park. Views of the city from Mount Tibidabo are awe inspiring. A walk through the La Rambla will be unforgettable, and you got to enjoy little sunshine on Barcelonetta beach.


Seville – It is another architectural marvel of Spain. It is one of the most lively cities of the country. Gothic churches, medieval time’s intact remains, and Moorish History are blurb of this place. It is also popular for the traditional flamenco dancing. The historic site of Real Alcázar with influence of Mudejar Architecture, Metropol Parasol which is pretty modern, Cathedral of Seville that has tomb of Christopher Columbus, and flamenco bars will be the highlights of your day.


Granada – It is the original Spanish Disney World with ancient fortress, snow capped peaks, and cobbled streets. Alhambra the Moorish castle, is the most popular attraction in here, with influence of Islamic Art and Architecture.The gardens, waterfalls, and the breath taking view of city is best enjoyed in here. Caves of Sacromonteare another sight worth visiting that also occurs to be mother of Flamenco dancing. You will also love shopping through the Alcaiceria market, and exploration of Sierra Nevada National Park.


Valencia – Gem of a place with both historic roots and futuristic vision. It is laden with lush green spaces that you’ll love. Beaches might be the best, but you will have a good time along the Mediterranean. The gastronomic scene is great too being home of Paella (Most popular Spanish food), the rice dishes are good too and Agua de Valencia a local cava cocktail that complements them. When here you must visit, Valencia City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Cathedral, and streets of Barridel Carme. Fallas Festival during summer is another great reason to drop by in here.


Ibiza – This one is the party capital of Europe, and trust me the nightlife action in here is of another heights. A little sunshine up above, aqua blue waters ahead, will perfect your days. The place has lots of huge clubs, small fishing villages, and few quiet beaches too. It has also become a place for yoga enthusiasts with opening of wellness retreats. When here you must walk through the old Ibiza, definitely hit one of the popular night clubs, and see Atlantis a local hidden cove.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian – This place is the mecca of food lovers and has most number of Michelin Star Restaurants per capitathan any other place. It has sandy beaches and green hillsides. The bars of old town will bowl you over. Concha Beach and Zurriola beach are other major attractions. These beaches are also good for kayaking, and other water sports. Top foods of here include fresh oysters, sparkling white wine, and Basque tapas. Plus, this place also holds an International Film Festival.


Cordoba – It was once the most cultured city of Europe, and capital of Islamic Spain. The glory is still reflected in Mezquita an Islamic piece of architecture, cobblestoned streets and, picturesque cafes and bars. In here you will love dining scene in Calleja de las Flores, walking through gardens of gardens of Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, and putting foot on Roman Bridge. This place is best depiction of might from middle Ages.


Toledo – A hilltop city and formerly ‘the city of three cultures’ where Muslims, Christian, and Jews lived together. The city attracts visitors with its mosques, synagogues and Gothic cathedrals that are walled beautifully within the city. The top attractions of this place are Gothic style cathedral, the magnificent Alcázar, Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes, and Mirador del Valle.


Malaga – This coastal city has a good shopping scene, great gastronomy, serene beaches, and historical sights. This place is not only a window to good beaches, but you will also love the Moorish castle Alcazaba. You must also know this city was birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and that place is preserved till yet. You will love local dishes as espetos, grilled sardines, and Malaga treats.

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