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Best places to visit in Bulgaria

Best places to visit in Bulgaria

From mountains to beaches, from nightlife to immersive art, from ancient churches to historical ruins, Bulgaria is an adventure that will take you by little surprise. It is an affordable destination with at par European experience. It has popular summer resorts to beat the heat, and also Ski resorts to chill over. From Romans, to Ottomans, to communists, and being a democratic state as of now, Bulgaria had the best of all reflected in its cities. Churches in the remotest of villages, wood carvings perfected by locals, the massive National Parks, or Neolithic caves will capture your fascination. Here we are to help you with best places to visit in Bulgaria.

Sofia – The capital of Bulgaria that comes with blend of history and the new. The city is full of ancient ruins and beautiful arts. The museums and galleries in here are worth catching up with. The city has lot many open spaces and also a hiking area just outside the city. It is home to some 2000 year old churches whose beauty is still intact. The city is in close vicinity to Mount Vitosh that offers great views of surrounding areas, lakes, and lush green forests.

Rila Monastery – Also known as the Jerusalem of Bulgaria and is its top pilgrimage site. It was named after St. Ivan of Rilski, the monastery is built and rebuilt over centuries. The Rila Mountains in the backdrop perfect this picturesque spot. It is built with Mamluk, arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque influences. The black n white arches, colourful mosaics, paintings gather admiration of all the visitors in here. It is also home to 250 manuscripts holding rich Bulgarian culture.

Varna – It is one of the largest cities of Bulgaria and a spectacular seaside city. Alike all Bulgarian cities, this too is drenched in history. Varna is also referred to as Sea capital of Bulgaria. Top attractions in here include Roman Bath, Mother of God Cathedral, Baroque Opera House, and Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. Best beaches of Varna are Rapongi and Siruius. The city also has amazing bars, restaurants, and clubs in the KraybrezhnaAleya region.

Plovdiv – It is the oldest occupied city of Europe, with history dating back close to 6000 years. The city has also grown in popularity for its food and wine scene. It is built around the 7 Hills, with Balkan Mountains surrounding it. Cobble stone streets, and vintage houses in here are pure delight.Top attractions in here include Plovdiv Roman stadium, Roman amphitheatre, Staria grad, Park Tsra Simeon, Alyosha Soviet Army Memorial and Ethnographic Museum.

Nesebar – Also known as ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’, this historic town has been home to Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Crusaders, and Ottomans rulers. Most of the churches of town are in ruins. Ones worth the visit are St.Stefan Church, Church of Christ Pantocrator. This well preserved town also has a fun spot in form of Sunny Beach. Other top attractions in here are Winery Messembria, Church of Saint Sophia, Church of Holy Archangels Michael, andAquapark.

Sozopol – It is one of the best seaside resortsof Bulgaria, with roots dating back to 6th century wherein it was a temple dedicated to Apollo. The wooden houses and smashing shores at forefront makes it perfect for shutterbugs. Few top attractions in here include St. Thomas Island, St. Ivan Island and The Castle of Ravadinovo. Beaches and the Nightlife in here are perfected for a bustling holiday. The city also hosts the annual Apollonia Art and Film Festival making good time to visit.

VelikoTarnovo – Also known as City of Tsars, it has history dating back to 7000 years and was also once Bulgarian capital. Being located by Yantra River and surrounded by hills makes this place perfect for shutterbugs. The cobblestoned streets, classical houses, ancient churches, and the popular 30 Monasteries of the city will strike a chord to you. Top attractions include Tsaravets Fortress, Forty Martyrs Church and Asen’s Monument.

Koprivshtitsa – The quaint village is popular for its uprising against the Ottoman Empire. The colourful houses, Bulgarian Architecture, cobble stoned streets, lively market squares, of this town are simply irresistible. Located by Topolnita River with Sredna Gora Mountains in the backdrop, you will happy to have a camera. Top attractions in here include Oslekov House, Topalova House, DimchoDebelyanov House,LyubenKaravelov Museum, and the Folkfore festival.

Burgas – Blessed with sea side and lakes, this beauty amidst aquatic calm will leave you in awe. Though being an industrial city, it has lots of traveller friendly and appeasing restaurants, and beaches curated for little laid back days. You will also enjoy exploring the lakes. Top attractions in here include Church of Saint Cyril, Sea Garden, Lake Burgas, Lake Atanasovsko and St. Anastasia Island. The city is also popular for Theatre performances that are pretty enjoyable.

Ruse – It is one of the grandest Bulgarian cities that has touch of Central Europe. It is also referred to as ‘Little Vienna’. The boasts of having more than 350 Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo buildings, making it an Architectural delight. Top attractions in here include Svoboda- Liberty Square, Profit-Yielding Building, Friendship Bridge, Freedom Square, Sveta Troitsa Cathedral, Eco Museum, and OrlovaChuka Cave. It also serves as base to explore the rock monasteries.

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