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Top things that travelling teaches you

Top things that travelling teaches you

I believe life is a university, and there are either bad students or good students in it. Bad or good not by the virtue of their acts (Because I believe that too is purely subjective), but by their learning curve. You have to choose to be good or bad. We all have heard that learning should be fun. Trust me if you want that, you should travel more, because there is nothing more fun than travelling and it teaches you a great deal. Learning about different cultures in your Anthropology classes is different, and experience them in real life is travelling. Here we are with top thi9ngs that travel teaches you.

Self-Dependence – Especially if you are a solo traveller. All your life you have been dependent on your friends, family, relatives, colleagues and neighbours, for safety, emotions, fun and what not. Travelling exposes you to a whole new world, where everything relies on your ability to cope with.

Learning new cultures – This is the biggest perk of travelling. You can always admire that Japanese Kimono dress in pictures, but how about wearing it on an evening in a Japanese café serving green tea and talking about what concerns most the Japanese people. Exactly what travel makes possible.

Making New Friends – We all have friends at place we go to work, at place where we live, and at place where we hang out. Real joy is in having friends where we went probably for the first and last time of our life. Travelling often is a Master’s degree in making friends, and nobody fails in it.

Freedom – While most of us in the world have day jobs, travelling shows us what it means to live a life without liabilities, though for few days or maybe months. We still bath every day, eat food though international cuisines, but how we spend of the rest of time, teach us to be free spirited.

Finding yourself – Lives can be very busy and it’s very easy to get lost in mid of it. It could be that assertive boss that kills your real self or demanding spouse/kids that mirror themselves on you, or chores of worries that silence your voice. But travel reveals your inner self, connects ears to mind.

Leaving make up behind – Ladies it can be hard, but traveling surely gives a break from all that heavy make-up kit. A day at a beach or hike up the hill lets your skin breathe, and most importantly gives you place where you don’t try to look beautiful. In other words, it gives space to your inner beauty.

Doing those unimportant things – Holidays are great way to catch up with those abandoned passions. You might love dancing, but preparing kids for school doesn’t permit you. A dance class in South American destination might just work perfect. Same goes with reading, writing, cooking, etc.

Introspect and Retrospect – Trust me, there nothing better than travel to perform these two. Travelling in other words is time with oneself. It gives best moments to think about your life, on what went wrong and what went right, what needs to be done, and what needs to be corrected.

Top things that travelling teaches you - Kill fear of being alone

Killing fear of being alone – Travelling can be a lonely business, especially if you get homesick too quick. But travelling more will surely cure this disease. Travelling also follows the Darwin’s theory of Survival of the fittest, and also Darwin’s theory of adaptability. You adapt to become fit by your own.

Patience – One of the virtues, many things in life teaches. But travel has its own style. You have ten days, full of 100 activities of which you love them all. But each day has to pass at its own speed, and you got to enjoy the moment for being it, and make most of it. This is the patience as virtue in travel.

Nothing like Home – ‘You miss them most when you are farthest’. When you are out travelling you are set to remember your home and family in it, every time a stranger is rude on road, it rings a bell to mom’s pampering, every time someone cheats you, it rings a bell to fathers lesson, and so on.

Gratitude – Travelling is mostly considered as a luxury, and you are one of lucky 8% of world’s population that gets to travel. Travel teaches us to be thankful to opportunities to see new people, meet new people, eat variety of food, hit the club, wear those fancy foreign dresses, and so much.

Live in the moment – Travelling doesn’t mean day dreaming, but it is living the dream. Though you got to be more aware about your surroundings, like where you are, what is this place, is this that friendly neighbourhood, how are the people, etc. This makes you live every moment to fullest.

Culture might differ, but people are same – The biggest lesson that unites everyone as citizen of World. You will observe irrespective of what country you are in, that love exists, rap exists, street paintings exist, grandma on porch exist, hands with coffee exist, rudeness too (ouch), everywhere.

World is far safer than those Breaking News – Back at home you must be accustomed to see news with violence, terrorism, mass shootings, rampage, protests from across the world. But when you will visit, its entirely different. Though you need to be careful, but only handful of world is unwanted.

You are cooler than you think – Everyday life can often lead to head bursts, and you slowly lose your cool. But travel can restore your cool. You are easy with standing in queues, cool with not getting seat on transit, you smile and pass when someone is rude to you, and click selfies with hipsters.

To Broaden the Perspective – Travelling is the best to teach you that there is a world out there other than your office, your canteen, your home, your clubs, your monotonous sense of humour, your stereotype formal dresses, that street with provisional stores, etc. World is too big, to fit in head.

If Life is a University, Travelling is a degree!


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