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Everything you need to know about Mystery trips

Everything you need to know about Mystery Trips

The thrill of travel can bound a spell on us months before we even embark the trip. We make plans, research the internet for popular spots, talk to our friends on what all we are going to do while on holiday and most importantly we give time for the arrangements of the holiday. But what if we tell you, that your trip will be sorted out without you even knowing it? It’s really sounds good, and it’s happening in the travel industry and catching up the trend fast.

We are talking about Mystery trips that are organized by tour operators where our knowledge about the trip stays in void. In this blog we are going to tell you everything about Mystery Trip, and how you can plan one, what not plan but get yourself one.

What is Mystery Trip?

It is a trip that is arranged by some professional tour operator where you do zero planning on the trip, and even the destination is unknown to you till you are set to depart. Mystery trips also can arranged by some of your friends or family by keeping the details of your trip a secret, but it is advisable to do it through a tour operator as they know the upsides and downsides of such a trip.

Where to book a mystery trip?

There are lots of tour operators that offer mystery trips. All you got to do is search on Google with term as simple as Mystery trip, and you will get plethora of options. But it is also advisable that you go through their websites properly and check their reviews on internet, which will give you a glimpse of their services and how satisfied their prior customers were.

How does a mystery trip works?

Do not worry all mystery trips are customized as per your choices, and keeping your persona into consideration. It isn’t like random chit picking by the tour operators for which destination you should be sent to. Most of the mystery tour operators collect a preference feedback from the people who are buying the package. It is then they plan a trip based on your answers submitted. Some of the factors that play a crucial role are listed as follows.

Tour operators will ask your preferred transpiration method. It could rails, airways, cruise, or a private vehicle. This helps them chose how you are going to travel to the destination and how will you commute when you land down in the destination. Based on your preferences you might also get a surprise road trip planned for you. This is the kind of fun we are talking about.

Most importantly your travel dates will be asked. The duration of your availability is very important. You will also be required to state if these dates are flexible in case of booking not available on those dates.

To plan your destination, your climate preference is very important. If you like a cool planet, like what you get in hill stations, or a hot climate, or some tropical climate like you get in beach towns. The last thing you will want to end up is holding the umbrella in a rainy city when you totally hate rains.

Another big factor is whether you are an early riser of mornings or you like to party whole night till the next day rises up. This factor tells a lot about your personality and what kind of destinations you would like.

Then comes interests of the individuals that are going on mystery trips. It could affection to historical places, or affection towards sports, or a habit of going on binge shopping, or a habit of visiting the flea markets. IT could any activity that you like the most.

Your accommodation preferences are also going to play an important role in the planning of the trip. If you like hotels, or home stays, or AirBnB’s, or hostels.

To avoid you being stuck in a destination that you do not like, or have travelled before, it becomes important to mention all the places where you would not like to travel. It serves like an exclusion list.

Most important preference comes about your budget. How much you are willing to spend on this trip. You can give a tentative amount, and also mention if you want a luxury holiday, or a budget holiday.

Why you should book a Mystery Trip?

The surprise element is the most fun part of it. Remember as a kid getting surprise parties, or surprise gifts. The joy in such things is incomparable. Imagine you heading to the airport knowing your flight is going to depart at this time but you don’t know where it will take you.

The experience of the tour operator combined with your preferences can land you up in a destination which you had never even thought of, or maybe not even heard of. Yes world is full of fantastic places and many are made for you, but still we spend our lifetime not even knowing about them.

Mystery trip relieves you from the overwhelming part of pre trip planning. Yes you do not need to research on internet what will be the places you will visit when you reach the destination. Where you will dine, and what activities you will indulge in. Your itinerary gets pre made.

The mystery trips are pre planned and hence there is no question that this trip is going to exceed your budget. The tour operators already have your figures in mind and they have planned from hotels, to food, to your commute all included in the trip.

Mystery is lot of fun!


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