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Top things to do in Paris

Top things to do in Paris

The city of Light, The city of Love, everyone has its own name for Paris, but one thing remains same that it amazes all its visitors equally. From lavish boulevards to classical bistros to fashionable boutiques to fine wine bars, this city is a pure charm from top to bottom. The city is known for its artistic influence in society, for being epicentre of fashion trends, and home to some of world’s finest delicacies, and some of the best architectural masterpieces that have stunned the visitors for centuries. The city is studded with world class museums, renowned galleries, and much more.Knowing from where to start in Paris can be little over whelming, as this city is built of beauty at every corner. But you can’t miss some of the top things to do in Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral – A Parisian icon set along the scenic River Seine, it is referred to as best Gothic cathedrals of world. Napoleon was crowned here, along with many royal marriages. Rose windows, stained glass, towers and spires are all spectacular. Views from top of it are awe inspiring.

Louvre Museum – Known as World’s greatest art museum, it houses more than 35000 pieces of arts. It is home to Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’. It has Egyptians mummies to Grecian sculptures, Renaissance to Baroque art. Don’t be afraid of getting lost in here, as you’ll stumble upon something remarkable.

Eiffel Tower – One of the world’s best civic icon, it was built temporarily for World Exhibition of 1889, but has lasted a century attracting millions every year. There are elevators inside that take up to first, second with shops and restaurants (like Le Jules Verne with a VIP elevator) and third level.

Musée d’Orsay – Housed in the former Beaux-Arts railway station, it has world’s largest collection of master pieces by Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Gaugin and many others. Two great cafes and amazing restaurant inside serve great dining experience. There is also a bookstore inside for gift picking.

Chateau de Versailles – Formerly built as a hunting lodge, Palace of Versailles has grown into world world’s largest and most popular palace. With gold figurines, dramatic frescoes and cascading chandeliers, it is centred around grand gardens. When here, do visit the popular Hall of Mirrors.

Jardin du Luxembourg – The grandeur of Paris is best defined by this garden. Chestnut groves, lush lawns, ponds, walkways, make up this beautiful open space. Its perfect spot for picnics, with boating, pony rides, and puppet shows. You can also learn beekeeping, and watch game of basketball.

Le Marais – This is where you’d want to shop in Paris. It is home to hôtelparticuliers (private mansions), museums, restaurants, cafés, cocktail bars, and chic boutiques. It also is home to Paris’s largest LGBT community, city’s historic Jewish quarter and is trendiest neighbourhood around.

PalaisGarnier – It is one of world’s most famous opera houses. Must see are the Grand Staircase, red velvet seats, a massive chandelier and ceiling mural. Also worth see are museum’s posters, original scores and other memorabilia. It is now home to the French National Ballet.

Catacombs of Paris – Built for the need of cemetery space in limestone miles, it is network of miles long tunnels with femurs, skulls arranged in jaunty, decorative patterns.It is believed to have bones of six million Parisians. Only a small portion of cemetery is assessable to public, but it’s worth it.

Basilique du Sacré Coeur – Built on the highest point of Paris, Montmartre hill this one offers spectacular views of the city. It has one of world’s largest ceiling mosaics with Christ, Virgin Mary and Joan of Arc. It also has 19 tonnes, largest French bell in its tower. Interiors are ravishing too.

Jardin des Tuileries – It was built as the garden of now defunct Tuileries Palace. It has historic importance of having hosted the marriage procession of Napoleon. The tree lined paths in here are perfect for walks, and benches for people watching. It also has public arts by Rodin and Maillol.

Louis Vuitton Foundation – It is the newest art centre in Paris and unique addition to Parisian skyline. This glass building houses modern and contemporary pieces of art. It has works of Picasso, Max Beckmann, Jasper Johns, Gustav Klimt, and Paul Cézanne. It exhibits shows like MoMA in Paris.

Musée Rodin – Set in 18th century mansion Hôtel Biron, it houses more than 6,000 works by Rodin including The Thinker, The Kiss, The Burghers of Calais, and Gates of Hell. Outdoors are delightful with rose garden, café and fountains. It also has pics, sketches of hismuse, Camille Claudel.

Père Lachaise Cemetery – It is world’s most visited, most beautiful cemetery, and home to 70000 tombs. Famous people like Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, composer Chopin, playwright Molière, poet Apollinaire are buried here. Worth checking are Historicist designs of tombs and memorial stones.

Musée Picasso – Set in 17th century Baroque mansion Hotel Salé, it houses more than 5000 pieces of paintings, sketches, drawings, more by Pablo Picasso. It has furniture designed by legendary Diego Giacometti. The art works were acquired by Picasso’s descendants in lieu of inheritance tax.

Paris is always a good idea!


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