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Everything you need to know about Mystery trips

The thrill of travel can bound a spell on us months before we even embark the trip. We make plans, research the internet for...

List of Least Expensive Tourist Destinations

While travelling is mostly fun, it can also be a nightmare for your savings. Most of us are always on a lookout for finding...

Tips for choosing a hostel while travelling

Trust me, when I say that daydreaming and incepting your holidays is the easiest part of the trip. But when it comes to planning...

Perks of staying in a hostel while Travelling

I am glad to be one of those people that would travel the world if they get one million dollars. But seriously it doesn’t...

Money saving travel tips

While travel can refresh or fill you with energy, it can also empty your pockets. People save for years, to go on a trip...

Apps for tracking and budgeting travel expenses

Travelling is all about planning, whether you do it at the moment or months prior to even leaving your home. We plan hotels, restaurants,...
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