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Best Accommodation types for travellers

Best Accommodation types for travellers

Accommodation can be single biggest expenditure of your trip, closely next to flights. But it is not just the place where you get a roof to sleep under and a wardrobe to stuff your clothes and passports. Joys of your entire trip will depend on where you are staying. It will be that little home far from your home that will set your mood every single morning and enable you save the day every single night. Gone are days when hotels were the only option. It’s the era where you get to choose. Here we have listed top accommodation types along with their ins and outs.

Hotels – Most popular stay type and have been around for centuries. We give it a thumbs up if you are looking for Privacy, the reason why Business travellers go nowhere but only Hotels.

The basic needs of a bedroom, dressing table/coffee table/study table (differs from hotel to hotel), attached lavatory, a television with a window to outside world is available.

Hotels are also often closely related to Luxury (inspite the existence of budget hotels), with options like swimming pool, climate control, adept room service, in house bars and restaurants, wifi, airport transfers, and fitness centres. Perfect if you look ahead to a laid back holiday. They’re convenient.

Travellers that want services or amenities as per their wish aligned with budget must seek hotels where every upgrade and amenities come with a price without any compromise with quality.

Hostels – A popular stay type preferred by young travellers and savvy backpackers. It is good to go, especially if your trip is confined within a budget. It is a great money saving option.

It comprises of dormitory rooms with bunk beds, common restrooms, options for lockers, recreational rooms with TV’s and board games, common kitchens. There are all amenities that enable you for basic living excluding luxuries.

It is a great option for Solo Travellers usually with less liability. It is best suited for Solo Travellers as you no longer remain solo, by meeting with other like-minded travel mates and partying with them.

Great remedy for social isolation,but with no peace of mind. Housekeeping facility can be dicey, be or not be. Upper end hostels easily beat the budget hotel experience especially for Solo Travellers. At the same time Budget hostels can cringe up to dozens of bed in single room.

Best Accommodation types for travellers

Guest Houses/ Bed & Breakfasts – These are usually large houses, old ones that are more traditional with number of rooms offering the service. The owner might or not live in the same complex. A great option for budget travellers especially for longer stays. I assert for longer stays.

Travellers looking for immersive stays at the destination are best suited for this. It might or not include attached bathrooms, though peace of mind better than hostels, and breakfast every other morning. Housekeeping is generally there though could be on alternate days.

The experience is worth the value, or even more. They are usually situated in residential areas, so great opportunity to get hang of local culture. Owners are great resource of local info.

The atmosphere is quitter, and you get to spend more time with yourself, along with meeting up couple of other residents too. For everything else you have to rely on outer world.

Apartments – Emerging as a preferred stay type for families and groups. It gives you the independence of living at your own terms. It is best suited for long term stays.

Generally it is full furnished with fully equipped kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Often in good societies, so you will get lifts, pools, and security too. This is basically living in a home out of your home. Gives you lots of space and you would feel like at home.

It saves you the cost value of housekeeping, laundry, and eating expenses. You will never miss home cooked meals. Large groups get to party in house, without having to spend much at clubs. If kids are there, nothing could be better than apartments for their recreation.

Airbnb– Everything is similar to renting an apartment, with only difference that here you deal with the owner through Airbnb with benefits like cancellation policy and others.

Best Accommodation types for travellers

Lodges – These stays are more of a necessity sometimes and luxury otherwise. But the stay always remains great. They are set up farther from civilization with natural backdrops. They could be situated near a wildlife park for safari travellers, or near a Ski resort, etc.

Housekeeping is generally included, and hospitality is traditional. You can expect it not to have modern amenities. There could be single rooms, or the entire house setup that you can rent for.

The setup is very comfortable and luxurious, and lodges can be clubbed in upper end stays. They are great option if you are on some sort of excursion, city travellers don’t need to stay in it. The cost varies from the quality of setup and distance from cities. It suits solo and family travellers both.

Homestays – If your definition of travel experience includes cultural immersion, then Homestays are perfect for you. It fits all size, whether you are travelling solo, couple, family or large groups.

Services include staying in a house of a local, where bedroom as per number of people and space available is provided, along with cooked meals and housekeeping. The perks of homestays include learning new language, new culture, and a wingman to show you around.

The disadvantages include that you can’t party in someone else’s house, probably you can’t even smoke or drink, you have to keep the house tidy, and follow few rules of the house too.

It is best suited for long stays especially if you often get homesick. It is not only a budgeted option, but the value perceived is way too much than what you pay.

Couchsurfing – It is similar to Homestays, but only that you might not get private rooms which means you might have to literally sleep on the couch, but this all is for free. Most importantly you will have to treat host like a friend and be more open minded than usual.

There is a place for everything!


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