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Best travel movies of all time

Best Travel Movies of all time

Movies, aren’t they are our favourite past time. Yes, they are, they are also our window to see and learn about different cultures and diverse people. It is one medium that brings people, vibrant characters, and whole lot of world right in our living rooms. Sometimes it acts like an encyclopaedia of new places around the world which we never before knew about. Sometimes before you actually decide to book that ticket for Europe, or Flight to Japan, you look for little inspiration to fuel your wanderlust, and for that nothing could be better than a movie. These movies show you how to do it, how to take a leap forward, and how to leave behind your living room into the unknown realms. Here are some of the best travel movies that will sure push you up to plan your next travel.

Into the Wild – It is based on a true story of Christopher McCandless, who just after graduating, donates 25K dollars savings, and goes on a hitchhiking trip to Alaska, near Denali National Park. The movie is about throwing away the worldly pleasures and embracing wilderness and self-reliance.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – Played by Ben Stiller as a photo editor, who daydreams in his boring day to day life, but when a negative goes missing, he breaks his shell and goes on an adventure to find it across Iceland, Greenland, and Himalayas. It is about getting up n make happen.

Eat, Pray, Love – Julia Roberts playing a New York writer takes one year break from job after series of relationships to travel across Italy, India and Bali. On her journey she finds Food n lifestyle in Italy, meditation n prayer in India, and love n peace in Bali. It is a story of finding personal happiness.

Lost in Translation – This Academy award winning movie is about bonding up of Bill and Scarlett in unfamiliar city of Tokyo. It shows on ground beauty of Tokyo including Shinjuku and Shibuya district. It emphasizes on the fact that sometimes our random interactions are most everlasting ones.

Best Travel Movies of all Time - Hollywood

The Bucket List – Live life to the fullest, is what this movie shows. Two unlikely friends Jack and Morgan are suffering from cancer and have six months to live more. They decide to do everything they hadn’t before in this time. After watching this you will sure re check your own bucket list.

The Motorcycle Diaries – Based on the journals of medical student turned revolutionist Che Guevara, on his 5 month journey of South America on a motorcycle. It is full of adventure, amazing vistas and also social problems of Latin America. It shows how a journey can transform you.

A Good Year – Russell Crowe plays a stockbroker of London who has inherited a chateau and vineyard in Provence of Southern France. He goes to sell it but falls in beauty of it. He then realizes that life is more than just about money. Watching this might make you take life changing decisions.

Under the Tuscan Sun – Recently divorced Diane, a San Francisco writer takes a trip to Tuscany, and ends up impulsively buying a villa in Cortona for a new beginning. She jells up with neighbours, renovates her new home, amidst the amazing vistas of Tuscany. It shows unexpected life is.

Wild – To cope up with the death of her mother and dissolution of her marriage, Cheryl heads out for 1100 miles hike of Pacific Crest Trail in pursuit of healing and self-discovery. The movie is full of breath taking scenes and motivation as she overcomes the hurdles of being a first time hiker.

‘Indiana Jones’ series – Though the movie is unrealistic, but it takes you on an adventurous ride and invokes the child like wonder for world. It shows amazing spots from South America to Asia, though some of them are from film sets too. It will sure push you up to explore and see the unseen.

The Way – It is a heart-warming story of a father who goes to retrieve the body of his son that died during a mountain storm while en route Camino de Santiago. He decides to walk the entire trail, and during which he befriends other travellers. His emotional journey pushes us to live in all adversities.

Best Travel Movies of all time

The Way Back – Inspired by true story of seven prisoners from Siberian labour camp, who plan to escape under the cover of a snow storm, to travel 400 mile by foot crossing over Himalayas to India. This movie depicts the strength of will power, and a beautiful bonding of friendship while travelling.

Midnight in Paris – Owen who plays an unfulfilled Hollywood screenwriter heads to Paris, and gets transported mysteriously to Paris of 1920’s every evening. The movies shows the Jazz age of Paris, nostalgia, and pushes us to follow our dreams. You are also going to fall in love with Paris over again.

Seven Years in Tibet – Brad Pitt plays a mountaineer on an excursion in India, who is captured and sent to prison. Years later he goes to Lhasa and start tutoring young Dalai Lama. He undergoes a complete lifestyle change amidst Tibetan monks. You’ll be awed by simplicity and beauty of Tibet.

The Best Marigold Hotel – This movie shows very well on how to accept each other and be nice together. It is story of 8 individuals who have travelled to India and stay at an unfinished hotel. It will pique anybody’s interest in Indian Culture shown vibrantly. It is a small window to royal Rajasthan.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in world!


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