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Celebrities that are banned from countries

Celebrities that are banned from countries

Celebrities have access to some of the best luxuries which we can only dream of. Their lives are often speculated and we all get inspired by it. But there are some celebrities who because of their actions are banned by some countries. It could be because of opinions, cultural conflicts, derogatory remarks, differences in traditions, past criminal records, or breach of some local law. Yes, celebrities are no exception.

In this blog we will featuring some of your most favorite celebrities that got banned by some country or the other. We will also be stating the reasons why they were banned.

Paris Hilton – Japan

The hotel heiress, and Hollywood sensation has been banned from entering Japan because of her past record which is consumption of drugs in Las Vegas. She was denied entry in Japan, and even spent 6 hours chatting with the authorities over the ban. She was there to promote her personal care brand.

Mike Tyson – New Zealand

Mike Tyson has faced criminal charges and even served prison for a rape in 1992. Decades later he was headed to New Zealand for a children charity event, but the organization broke their arrangement with the boxer, and the government also denied entry for him.

Beyonce – Malaysia

Beyonce is banned from entering Malaysia because the Islamic country thinks that her behavior is too provocative. Back in 2007 there was a protest against her regarding her clothes, where Malaysian Govt. wanted her to cover her body from shoulders to knees.

Richard Gere – China

Richard Gere was banned from China after he expressed his support for the Tibetans during a speech in the Oscars. He even continued to show his support for Tibet in following years and even met Dalai Lama which was seen as Anti Chinese by the authorities. He was even targeted by the Chinese investors in Hollywood and completely banned from entering China.

Akon – Sri Lanka

In one of the music videos of Akon, named Sexy Chick, there was a sexy pool party which was filmed in front of the statue of Buddha. It was found offensive by the people of Sri Lanka, hence they have banned him from entering the country again. Later he even apologized for that and stated that he never knew if that statue was even there.

Gigi Hadid – China

The model was banned from China when she was caught in a video narrowing her eyes and eating a Buddha shaped cookie. It was considered offensive by the Chinese government. Later she even apologized, and pulled down the video. Due to the ban she even had to miss the Victoria Street Fashion show in Shanghai in year 2017.

Snoop Dogg – Norway

The popular rapper has been banned from Norway temporarily in 2012, for two because in an incidence he was caught with the possession of Marijuana in Norway Airport. He had precisely 8 grams of cannabis along with some serious load of cash in person. Snoop Dogg was also banned from entering Britain after he was indulged in a heated argument at Heathrow Airport.

Alec Baldwin – Philippines

The actor made a funny remark about the country’s sex trafficking situation, and hence was banned from the country forever. Alec Baldwin did apologized after making that remark, but still the ban was not revoked. The joke that he made was, ‘thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point… or a Russian one’.

Justin Bieber – China

Justin Bieber was banned from China owing to his bad behavior. He was also banned from Argentina, when he picked up a fight with one of the reporters, and also disrespected the Argentina’s flag. He was also reportedly banned from Disneyland when he hit a Mickey Mouse in the crotch.

Miley Cyrus – China

Miley Cyrus was banned from China when she mimicked the Chinese people with meager opened eyes. China stated that Miley Cyrus had shown disrespect to all the people of East Asian descent, and she was no friend of the Chinese culture with American Ignorance.

Katy Perry – China

The singer was seen performing in a sunflower themed dress in Taipei and she also waved the Taiwan’s flag during her Prism Tour. The conflict was that sunflower was associated with Anti China sentiments, as it is the symbol of Sunflower Student Movement that have protested against China, and hence Chinese banned Katy Perry from their country.

Selena Gomez – Russia

The singer was banned from the Russian Federation because of her political opinion and open support for the gay rights. She was also banned from China for having posed with Dalai Lama.

Lady Gaga – China

The singer was banned from China because the authorities believed that her personality was boundary pushing and they considered her to be vulgar. She was also banned twice again after she met with Dalai Lama who is banned from China.

Brad Pitt – China

Brad Pitt was banned from China for a period of 15 years after his performance in the film Seven years in Tibet. The movie had pro Tibetan views, and the government of China felt that to be offensive.

50 Cent – Canada

Yes Canada had banned 50 Cents, because of the previous criminal records and the fact that they promote gun violence. Canada thinks that people of Canada need not to listen to provocative music of 50 cents.

Elton John – Egypt

Elton John was banned from Egypt when he had a concert scheduled there for his sexual beliefs, critical opinion about the organized religion, and comments on the gay rights.

The Beatles – Philippines

The Beatles were banned from Philippines when they declined the offer to have breakfast in Presidential palace with the first lady of the country, then Imelda Marcos. After they rejected the invitation they were also attacked by the locals while they were headed out of the country.

Travel, travel, travel, because you are ain’t banned!


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