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Best travel accessories

Best Travel Accessories

We all know what everybody packs for travel, and we do the same. But what we don’t know is, accessories packed by smart travelers that make the difference. These accessories might not much affect your travel experience, but will sure smoothen it without having to look upon somebody else. The point is that you have a question mark on your face, to make smart decisions, so we have created a list of accessories that will set you apart.

Sleep Mask – I consider sound sleep to be one of finest luxuries of world. It prepares you for the day ahead. A sound sleep increases your ability to pay attention, it increases your stamina, and turns away the fatigue. In instances when you are traveling, you need to have that kind of energy to seize the day, you need to have that kind of enthusiasm to enjoy the day, and sleep masks helps in that.

Trust me, these sleep masks will put you to sleep before you will even get to know it. The best thing about sleep masks are that they have a soothing and calming effect on your eyes. They also come in handy for long flight journeys. With usage of sleep masks you get the super power to doze even if the lights are on. They work like magic on sleepless nights.

Multi-Port USB Charger – It’s a life saver, if you are carrying lots of gadgets. Trust me travel these days is not possible without electronic gadgets, and at every turn of your trip you are going to need them. Another thing that we all must admit is that we hardly get any time while staying in hotels to charge all electronic devices. In most cases some of the devices will skip our minds.

It is not just confined to this, many hotels have just one port, or a stop at a restaurant during trip also might give you access to one port. We all know that one port can never be enough to charge all your devices. But with multi port USB charger you can convert that one port to multiple charging points for Mobile, Laptop, Camera, Music pods, etc.

GPS – GPS is one of the device that has dramatically changed the landscape of traveling. It has changed the ways how we navigate the places in the world, in the distant destinations. GPS is a very useful device if you want to be tracked by your family members, or lets say that your family members will have a tab on places you are traveling to.

GPS is a major breakthrough when it comes to cover your safety. IN case of emergencies, your GPS can come of help to track you down. GPS also comes in handy especially if you are on long treks. In the wilderness it is the GPS that is going to show you the right way. GPS also comes in handy when you are on road trips.

Wireless Earpieces - Best Travel Accessories

Wireless Earpieces – They come in handy for both listening music and talking on phone. We must admit that listening to music and talking on phone are some of the most essential needs of a man while they are traveling. There is no trip made possible without a usage of cell phone, and teenagers cant live without music even if they are on world tour to be finished in 80 days.

While picking up wireless earpieces you need to make sure that it has a good battery back up. Another main reason for picking up a wireless earpiece is to keep your trip less wired. You got to avoid getting tangled with wires of earpieces and other gadgets especially when you are in the rush of the trip. The wireless earpieces are going to save you a lot of trouble.

Toiletry bag – Most of the people that live on this planet earth cannot imagine their travels without a toiletry bag. It is an accessory that we all invest in without the need of some one recommending it. In case if you do not still have a Toiletry bag, then the first thing you got to do is buy one. It is very useful, and manages all your toiletry at one place.

You can easily place items such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Shower Gel, Oil, Toothpaste and brush, hair brush, etc, all in one place. So buy a bag that fits them all. A toiletry bag is a sign of a well managed traveler. This will also enable you to never let your toiletry get lost. It is easy to carry, and saves you a lot of trouble especially when you are staying in hostels.

A Foldable Tote Bag – A tote bag is something that we all need in our day to day lives. Even when we are traveling tote bag can come of great help. Instead of carrying a huge backpack, or shoulder bag, you should opt for a tote bag. It is light in weight, and you can travel easily to places while carrying one. It comes of help to carry your own stuff, between sights and hotels.

If you are living in a rented apartment instead of a hotel, then this tote bag can also help you in carrying the groceries, and the fresh veggies for your kitchen. You can use it to carry any merchandise or any souvenir that you have bought from the destination and carry it to hotel or any other place. While buying a foldable tote bag it is recommended that you buy one with a zipper.

Packing Cubes – Packing has been and will always be the worst nightmare for any traveler. When it comes the time for packing most of us panic, on how will we adjust all that stuff in few little bags, on what if we will not have a space for that perfect party wear shoe. Such situations fret us all. Packing cubes become a necessity especially when you want to pack light.

Packing cubes are the best accessories that help you in organizing everything you are going to pack for travel. They ensure that bulky items take lesser space than usual. Everything when packed with packing cubes becomes more manageable. From Clothes to shoes, casuals to formals, you can segregate everything. In mid of trip, they help in segregating fresh and worn clothes.

Umbrella – If you travelling in rainy seasons, or places subjected to rainfalls, then this is a must carry accessory. The best part about umbrella is that it doesn’t requires much of space, and will keep you dry, in some of the most wet situations. When picking up an umbrella, try going for the 3 fold or 5 fold ones. They are super compact and will require even less space.

You must carry an umbrella, even if you have made up your mind not to walk amidst rains and all your commute is by taxi, because you never know when you are going to need one. Just slide is simply in your tote bag or in the hand bag. The main reason we have put it in smart accessories list is that it also saves you from merciless noon.

Undergarments with secret pockets – It absolutely doesn’t sounds like a James Bond movie, but it is way more safe. Seriously as discussed in our other blogs, you must not carry all your money money at one place. The burglars and the pickpockets will always have a limited access to rip off your pockets, and under garments will always be away from them.

You can also use these secret pockets of your undergarments to keep a copy of your important documents while traveling. You can also use this secret pocket to store any additional credit card for the case of emergencies. This accessory is safest to carry emergency cash stack, in cases when you lose your wallet, or it is ripped off by a pickpocket.

Paper Soaps – Trust me, first and last thing on earth you would want is soap after using the washroom. Hygiene is a thing that concerns most of the people living on planet earth. Juts think about a washroom where you do not have a soap to wash your hands after you empty your bowels. This is a situation where no one would like to get in.

The hotels that you are going to stay in will have it, the planes you will travel by will have it, majority of the restaurants that you will eat in will have it, but trust me there lot many places you will visit while traveling that are not even going to have a soap. So the ball is in your court to carry one. Plus its way more hygienic than a publicly placed soap.

Camera Lenses for Smartphones – The camera lenses for smart phones will work wonders without you having carried a whole DSLR and its sidekicks. Trust me the good traditional cameras these days are very bulky and very sophisticated. But the good news is that you can extend your smart phone to become a one hell of a good camera phone.

These camera lenses are small to be carried and give you all the powers to photo shoot like a pro. They will turn your cell phone into an exclusive picture taking machine, and the surroundings into a photo studio. The only thing that you need to check beforehand is to buy a camera lens that is compatible with your phone, and fulfills the requirements.

Travel Wallet - Best Travel Accessories

A travel wallet – Many people will think that buying a travel wallet is a waste of money, and it comes of no use. They will live their lives thinking that all their cash and all their cards can fit into their pocket wallet. But trust me that is not just the only purpose of a travel wallet. The reason why it is on this list is that it is safe to keep all financial things in one place and protected.

Plus a travel wallet is of a considerable size and will never skip your sharp eyes. IT will always remain in sight and chances are no one will be able to steal it from you. Before buying a travel wallet ensure that it can store all your cards, be it credit cards, debit cards, loyalty programs cards, or any other shopping cards, along with your passport. You will get them easily, and in latest fashion too.

Mobile Wifi Hotspots – You feel like an outdated alien without a moment with internet. Our lives are so intertwined with internet that for every single activity we need it. Be it for checking the status of the flight, be it tracking the number of footsteps you have made in a day, be it for finding a top restaurant in distant destination to eat out in, we all need internet.

To make sure that you are always connected, carry a mobile hot spot which can save you from detachment with world. These are handy, and have multiple network compatibility. The best thing about them is that they are portable, and you can connect multiple devices through these hot spots. They deliver high performance without the loss of the bandwidth.

Headphone Splitter jack – This one goes especially when you have a travel companion, like a friend, or a close family member who will always be on your side through out the journey. If you are traveling as a couple, then it is one of the top most accessory that you should buy first. We all got to admit that mobile phone audio cannot be loud enough to comprehend each word, plus you also wont want to disturb the neighbor travelers, and you also have to save the batteries.

With sob many things to accomplish, you are going to need a headphone splitter jack. It will enable you to watch same video with audio along with your travel partner.

Digital Luggage Scale – We all wish that if there was no limit to how much luggage we can carry on our each trip by airplanes. But sadly it doesn’t happens like that, and things are not going to change anytime soon. We all will have to live with the fact that there is certain amount of luggage we can carry. This is where the digital luggage scale comes of help.

It wont only help you at time of departing, but every time you board a plane during your trip. You can be in your hotel room and check how much your luggage weighs before leaving. With this you can make adjustments in your luggage. It will help you decide on how to split luggage in your carry on and the main luggage. It is very useful for frequent flyers.

Insulated Water Bottle – An insulated water bottle is one of the best accessories that you can invest in. It will serve you hot and cold alike, and as they should be. It will help you carry cold water, or even hot coffee. All your beverages will be sorted with this just one accessory, and you will never have to compromise of drinking them in their not so temperatures.

Insulated water bottles are a must carry, if you are headed to smaller cities where you will get less opportunities to buy cold water or even hot coffee. It also comes of help in long road trips, as you will have all the beverages you need in the car. It is also an essential item to pack especially when you are headed on treks.

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