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How to meet people while travelling solo

How to meet people while travelling solo

We strongly believe that nothing should stop you from traveling like your friends tight schedule, spouse’s busy job, or degrading health of parents, even if it means to travel solo. Wait are you little scared of it, because you shouldn’t be. Traveling solo feeds you soul as per your expectation without any unwanted fillers, and it is not at all lonely as you thought, thanks to global travelling community, who are themselves out for making friends and network a little too. If you are thinking you will be left behind to already occupied travellers, here we have some tip to meet them and never be alone in your Solo travel trips.

  • Stay in hostel. We know some of you are not comfortable with six people snoring in a room, but these days hostels have private rooms to. Though socializing opportunity is still the same as large. People in hostel are young and easy going. You will definitely find a new friend.

  • It’s okay if you are adult and can’t bear those loud inmates of the hostel, don’t worry world has Couch Surfing and Airbnb for you. Another great and better way to befriend a local that will always be an asset by all means. If facility is large you might find other travellers too.

  • If you plan to drink, head towards a bar or pub. Another classic place where you will have opportunity to meet number of people like fellow drinker, bartender, DJ, or Musician if it runs live shows. Plenty of people who are at same place to get rid of loneliness.

  • Internet nowadays has plenty of portals to connect you to fellow travellers, like Tourbar, Triptogether, Backpackr, or even Tinder if you intend on dating someone in new country. All you need to do is, log in and open yourself to possibilities of meeting new people.

  • Talking of internet, how can we miss our favourite social media sites. Announce on facebook and see if you get some references in your destination, or join a travelling group to connect with alike. Create a hashtag on twitter or Instagram to find fellow travellers.

    How to meet people while travelling solo
  • You have reached your destination, now you have two ways to do it further, on your own or group tour. If you can’t live without a company, start searching for a group tour that will match your choices of places to see. You will have not one but dozen of people to meet.

  • You might think you have all the time for attending events, workshops, conferences while at home, but during travel is all immersive experience of doing what you love. You are at peace without worry of rushing to office next day and you meet plethora of alike people.

  • If you have been running away from it, it’s time to volunteer for that little social work. It will elevate you, give you happiness, and must we mention that its great opportunity to meet people when moving the ground together. You will meet most humble people here.

  • Walking tours can be great place to meet people, bonus is they all will be travellers and will have no clue about the city and will watch the surroundings with same amazement as you do. They will be reasonably friendly because you all are the part of pack. Perfect!

  • When sightseeing you will find plenty of people struggling to take photos because the angle is not right, or they don’t have a partner to take solo pictures, or they don’t have a longer selfie sticks. Whatever might be case, offer them help and voila you have met one.

  • Right from the moment you step out from home to embark the journey, actually you are meeting new people. It can be that taxi driver, or that grumpy man next to your seat on air. You have to recognize the moments and meet them as they come.

    How to meet people while travelling solo - Taxi Driver
  • Your hotel lobby is another great place where your neighbours from up the floor, down the floor and side by the door, will gather up in evenings and mornings. Great place to meet people and maybe talk about how good the last night buffet was, or anything.

  • When you are out for touring the destination keep your ears open to catch up anything that comes in your native language. Bingo that person is back from home, now as you know it, and you have something large in common, time to bump into him.

  • If you happen to be in a destination that is hosting any large festival, you must and must and must attend it. In crowd of thousands, you will surely bump into dozens of them and handful of them will ask you if you are okay, and couple of them will be by your side by end of day.

  • Find local hangouts, every city has parks for families seeking laid back day, or a café for all music enthusiasts to share a tune or two, or a high end club where all networking takes place. You need to find your fit and a place for it, and you will be meeting new people.

  • All you shutterbugs and photo freaks have another means of uniting with fellow travellers at large that capture the unseen. All you have to do is, use Instagram with hashtag InstaMeets or #WWIM Worldwide Insta Meets. Great and proven means of catching and meeting up.

Meet, Greet, Repeat!


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