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Most annoying things people do on flights

Most annoying things people do in flights

According to few passengers, travelling in plane is the worst part of their trip. Just being 30000 feet up in air, cosily sitting on that plush seat with flight attendants at your service doesn’t makes it cool after all. We all have once or more witnessed that out bursting fellow co passenger sitting few seats away in middle of your binge watching in-flight entertainment, and sometimes that’s you. All those annoying thing passenger do on planes are unforgivable and intolerable. In case you haven’t come across all of them, here they are. (Also keep a tab that you don’t be the annoyer of these).

The Cold One – One thing that most of the travelers forget during their trip is how to be a responsible traveler. During flights, there is always that one person on plane who is constantly coughing, sneezing, clearing his throat, which becomes very annoying at times. For them it is an excuse that they have cold, but it doesn’t gives them the right to annoy the other fellow passengers.

If that annoying passenger with cold had symptoms before boarding the flight, then why did they not took care of their health beforehand. That person with cold didn’t even care for taking medication, and is unleashing the germs here there and everywhere in enclosed cabins. If the cold was caught in plane then things will never get so intense that they would keep on coughing and sneezing. Its mere ignorance.

Shower Mayhem – There was a time when people used to pick up their best dresses for traveling in plane, such was the luxury attached to it. But now times have changed, and traveling by planes is a very normal thing. It is rather a good thing that people no matter their background can easily access planes. But it also has a downside, especially by people who take it too casually.

Travelling in plane has become so casual that some people leave for the flight even without taking a shower thinking this is their day off for travelling. They think that travel time is going to be just few hours and who the hell needs a shower to impress the people sitting beside. But the discomfort they cause is unparallel. They can destroy all good things about your smelling senses.

The unsettling Kid – They are everywhere, and going strong by numbers. They are too pampered to be mannered. They are threat to all those peaceful passengers. They will come in different shapes and sizes, but will have one thing in common that is to make the life of other passengers as good as hell. You cannot point fingers on them, or raise your voice against them.

They will scream, and then scream more, till they have exhausted their lungs. They will do disturbing things in the most natural way, and if they notice that you are not liking it, they will do it intentionally. They will roam about creating ruckus. They will stamp your feet, if they are trying to find room. You will be at mercy and feeling pitied about your situation. They are those unsettling kids.

The Chatterbox – God forbid that a chatty person sits next to you, because people of this breed are highly creative in coming up with topics to talk serially. They are god gifted with extra strong mouth, and extra strong reservoir of chats. It doesn’t matter if they are traveling alone, as they will pick up the phone to chat with someone else, or maybe pick up their neighbors to chat.

You will only keep thinking that their chats are going to end now, or any point of time, but they will not stop until you have lost their sight after the baggage claim. They will never stop talking, and when you will rudely tell them that it should end, they will start an argument and involve more people. Remember talking is their super power and they will leave no room to fill the cabin with their sound.

The Recliner – Airplane seats recline and give you the comfort of taking naps while sitting or straightening up. It is rather good to have such kind of seats, especially on long flights, and for business travelers who are always on the go. In fact taking a nap while flying is one of the best things you can do, as it will comfort your body and recharge your batteries for the day ahead. All said all good.

But some people take this comfort too seriously by reclining to the maximum. There is no harm in it if the person is very tired and wants to relax his body. But taking all space from person behind, and not ready to take seat back to normal is very annoying. There is an unsaid rule, that if you are reclining your seat during day time travel, then do not do it for the entire time, but annoying people don’t care.

The Bin Hogs – It’s okay to take carry on, the reason why it’s there at first place. Airlines understand that there will always be some essential luggage that needs to be present with passengers all the time. It could be extra pair of clothes, it could personal hand towels, it could be moisturizer, or your laptop, or maybe some books, or probably anything you deem important.

But carry on doesn’t means you will carry everything. Some people will come fully loaded and occupy the overhead bin space with their bags, laptops, jackets, scarves. For these annoying passengers, the over head space is meant for only them and no one else. They don’t care that this space is for all. Their top priority is to keep their things first and forget about others.

The Granted Master – Up at 30,000 feet flight attendants are really form of angels. They will always extend a helping hand in case of any help required. They will serve you food and beverages at regular interval, and in times of panicking turbulence they will keep you calm. But some people act like Satan to them. They will treat these flight attendants like their servant.

They will talk rude to attendants and make the journey miserable for women attendants with foul flirt. These people will also pick up a fight with flight attendants, in cases when any attendant tries to obstruct them. These people think they are their masters by paying ticket of their seat. They will leave no room to show their importance in cases when these annoying passengers hold a prominence.

The Movie Spoiler – The one thing that saves us from the fatigue of long flights is the on board flight entertainment. The perks of catching up with latest movies is un parallel. But at times you will encounter people watching the same movie as you, but with few scenes ahead. This is normal, but it kills your curiosity and spoils the mood.

The worst part about this is that you cannot do a thing about it. You cannot stop a person for watching a movie just because you are watching it too. The other thing that annoys a lot is that chatty passenger who would spill the beans for a movie you are watching, because he had watched it before you. All the guard that you have against such kind of instances is an avoiding smile.

The RLS – We all know that some people suffer from ‘The Restless Leg Syndrome’, and some enjoy shaking their legs even if it’s not a dance floor. This kind of becomes a habit for such people. A shaking leg is no big deal, but if you are sitting next to such passenger it could be a big distraction, and in worst cases can also stir the peace of the moment.

People who do such things have no idea on how irritating it can be for fellow passengers, and worst part is their urge is unstoppable. If it is RLS you cannot even poke them to stop it, as it is a medical excuse. Such kind of behavior is very normal in flights, as the situation of sitting at one place without any movement also pushes the urge to shake those legs.

Bathroom Breaks – People sitting on the window seat with concurrent urge to use the restroom are troublemakers. They will get up every half and hour or so, and not let anyone take a nap or sit comfortably at a position. Most of these urges arise because these people cannot sit at one place for that long, and they also have a priority of enjoying the views from window.

Such people should be banned from taking the window seat,b and there should be a pre requisite before booking of flight seats to check if the passenger is intending of taking too many rest room breaks. Some of these passengers when obstructed will even resist giving up window seat when asked. They should clearly prioritize the restroom breaks or the window seat.

The Smelly Food – This happens mostly when Indian passengers are on board. I am trying to stereotype any particular nationality, but the eating habits of Indian people causes these annoying smells in the cabin. You will notice that there is always that passenger that will bring a curry kind of thing, or maybe pickle, which will fill the entire cabin with smells.

That is not the end of the problem, these annoying people will bring the food made yesterday, to be opened today and be finished tomorrow and in between it will strike off few people’s nose. The point being that cannot people consume the food before leaving their home, or while they were waiting for the flight in the terminal.

Most annoying things people do on plane

The Armrest Wars – Armrest wars are the most common of all, and virtually starts at the moment passenger starts feeling insecure about their territory. The only mistake that creators of the planes or the seating system made was to create a common armrest for the passengers sitting besides each other. The urge of resting your arm and be comfortable is common between all.

The invasion begins slowly by trying to be normal and still pushing arms. The arms sit like tigers, and moment the prey loses attention, hands go on prowl. This might be a silly thing to do, but it annoys a lot. People always do this thing unless there is a very understandable passenger sitting beside you. Also we got to admit that at one point or other in our lives we have done this.

The Loud Games – For passengers it is fun playing their favorite game without using earpieces, but for others the concurrent beeps are nothing but agent of annoyance. This is especially done by the kids that carry their PS console on board. The worst part about this that you cannot even poke that kid, as he is just a kid after all. But the epitome reaches when such activity is done by an adult.

Couple of such sounds can be tolerated, but normally it is the rain of them that shatters the peace. These games will different sounds which will not let you spend a single moment in peace. The nightmare becomes even worst when such a passenger who plays these kind of video games get to sit beside you. In such cases it feels if the god himself is testing your patience.

Barely Footed – It is one of the other very common things that annoys people. Passengers usually after settling down, unknot their shoes and sometimes socks two. For them it is a matter of comfort, but people that sit near to such passengers are the ones that suffer. Believe me or knot, no matter how clean your socks are but after a bit they will smell badly.

These annoying people will go even a step further to cause discomfort, by going barefoot to the toilet which is unhygienic, and totally annoying. They will leave no room in contaminating the space they are sitting in. The ones those wear stale socks will fill the entire cabin with extremely foul smell like that of dead fish.

The Sleepers – There is no harm about passengers sleeping on long flights. It’s actually good, and more people should try to sleep during their flights as it will create lesser instances of annoying other people. But let us warn you, that the sleeping passengers could also be an agent of creating annoyance in the plane. The worst damage is done by people who will snore like wild boar.

In such instances it becomes even rude to wake them up to tell them to not snore. Some people will start dribbling down to your shoulders over your body while sleeping. Every one knows that once you are sleeping you are not in your conscious, but this is no good, and in fact very annoying. The annoying passenger might be sleeping sound, but the others suffer.

Some people stay annoying!


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