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Best places to visit in Gujarat for Garba during Navratri

Best places to visit in Gujarat for Garba during Navratri

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant and colorful state of India. During Navratri this state becomes even more spectacular, with decorations all around and Garba events across venues. Unarguably Navratri is the world’s longest dancing festival that lasts for 9 days. During these Garba events people wear traditional and colorful dresses, and dance all their hearts out. The atmosphere during Garba is more energetic than the musical concerts of western world. In these Garba events people dance on traditional songs, and there dedicated musicians and singers that perform exclusively for Garba Nights.

In this blog we have listed some of the best places to visit in Gujarat where you can enjoy to the fullest, and make some memories for lifetime. These places host some of the best Garba events, and we want you to make your Navratri special this year.

United Way of Baroda

United Way Of Baroda is one of the most popular Garba events not just in Gujarat but in the entire country. This event is estimated to receive around 30,000 people attending it every day. It is hosted in the popular Navlakhi Ground of Baroda. The impressive lineups of the musicians and singers make it even more lively. This Garba event is not just about the number of footfalls, or the music, or the dancing, but it symbolizes the unity of people that come along together from, different walks of life to enjoy and dance at the same place.

The best thing about this Garba event is that the profits generated from this event is further used to support for than 100 different charitable organizations across the city. While enjoying you can also be a part of something good, and give back to the society.

The admission into the event is open for both males and females. The entry price for males is at 3500 INR and entry price for females is at 700 INR. This Garba event has been running since last 28 years, and must we mention that delectable range of cuisines that get installed here are fabulous.

Baroda Navratri Festival

Baroda Navratri Festival is one of the most popular Garba events that happen across Gujarat and has a fan base of its own. This event is especially known for its Dandiya Raas, and the Garba Raas. Inside the Garba event you will find the traditional dresses and even the essentials to play Garba or Dandiya. The best thing about this event is that it is frequented by many popular celebrities including ones from Bollywood. You will also get to encounter many actors and celebrities from Gujarat.

This Garba event was first hosted in 2015, and since then has been hosted every year. In past some of the performers of this Garba event has been Gautam Dabir, Seema Deepak, and Shyam Ghedia. Apart from this many other regional artists have performed for the event.

At times getting admission into the event can become a little difficult so we advise to book your entry before visiting the venue.

Rajpath Club, Ahmadabad

Rajpath Club Garba event is one of the most popular Garba event of the city. The grandeur celebrations over here match with the expectation of the UNESCO World Heritage City, Ahmadabad. The selection of music played and songs that are sung are some of the finest used in the Garba events of Gujarat. The celebrations of Rajpath Club are so popular that most of the corporate seek the advertisement and sponsorship opportunities over here. This Garba event is their top choice amongst all other in the city.

The celebrations of Rajpath Club are also known for their special feature which is the Disco Dandiya. It is the fusion of modern day dancing style which is Disco along with the traditional style of Garba dancing. The music played for this feature is totally electrifying.

The celebrations of the Rajpath Club are also known for their Dancing competition which are jovial and attract the attention of the audience. The entry fee for Rajpath Club Garba event is equal for both Males and Females priced at 500 INR.

Friends Garba, Ahmadabad

Friends Garba is very popular Garba event that is hosted in Ahmadabad. It is specifically known for its Dandiya nights. The youth of Ahmadabad loves this Garba event, primarily because of the young crowd that visits this event and also because of the fusion theme this event works on. The songs and music played in this Garba event are a blend of modern day music and traditional Gujarati songs. The energy in this Garba event is very high.

Unlike other Garba events that happen in Gujarat which run for nine nights, this Garba event is only held on two days, and specifically on the last two nights of Navratri. Despite of the short duration it still attracts thousands of people attending it.

The event is organized by Akash Aman Party, and is approaching two decades of being in operation. The entry fee for Friends Garba is priced at 1000 INR.

Shankus Dandiya, Surat

Shankus Dandiya is one of the most popular Navratri events hosted in Surat. Most of the Garba and Dandiya events of Gujarat are held in open grounds, but this one takes place in Surat Exhibition and Convention Centre which is also air conditioned. This also makes this Garba event as one of the most lavish events of Surat. The best thing about this Dandiya event is that every year some opf the best musicians and singers from India and Gujarat perform here.

In past years, Toshi and Sharib who are renowned Bollywood singers have performed here. Apart frokm them, renowned artists like Rajesh Modi, Sania Rawani, Priya Patidaar have also performed in the Shankus Dandiya event of Surat.

If you want to attend this Dandiya event then make prior bookings. The entry fee for Shankus Dandiya ranges from 500 to 1000 INR and classified as Diamond, Gold and Silver tickets.

Mirchi Rock N Dhol, Ahmadabad

Mirchi Rock n Dhol is one of a great spot if you looking for some vibrant Graba celebration. This Garba event is organized by Radio Mirchi FM. This Garba event lasts for entire 9 days and is hosted in all pomp and show.  Mirchi Rock N Dhol invites some of the big names of Bollywood to perform ion their event. The past performers in this Garba event have been Varun Dhawan and Taapsee Pannu, amongst many others. If you like a star studded party then this is the place you should hit.

Mirchi Rock n Dhol is popular amongst the young crowd for its Dandiya Raas Garba. It is hosted in the Aman Akash Party plot, and the attendees of this event sum up to more than 50,000, such is its popularity. To gain entry in the event you must be dressed in traditional attire.

It is advised that you book the tickets in advance before visiting the event. The entry fee for the event is priced between 300 to 700 INR.

Maa Shakti Garba, Baroda

Maa Shakti Garba in Baroda is one of the biggest Navratri celebrations across the world. They have even been featured in the Limca book of Records for hosting a crowd of over 40,000 people in a single night in year 2004, which made this event the biggest Garba event of the world. The popularity of this Garba event is so extensive that not just the locals but the foreign tourists also attend it to indulge in the Navratri celebrations.

Baroda is often dubbed as the cultural capital if Gujarat, and this event lives up to the expectation. The music selection of this event will automatically get you grooving and dancing with the fellow attendees. The ambience of this event is very good and patrons of this event love it for that.

The Maa Shakti Garba event of Baroda was incepted by the renowned industrialist of Baroda, Sri Jayesh Thakkar. The entry fee for this event is 100 INR onwards.

GMDC Ground Garba, Ahmadabad

GMDC, Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation ground Garba celebrations in Ahmadabad are the best. The GMDC Ground Garba is hosted by the Gujarat Tourism, and this event is not just about Garba but also for the celebration of Navratri and Durga Puja. During the event, GMDC ground doesn’t only hosts the Garba but there are also installations of booths and blocks displaying the culture and tradition of Gujarat. You will also get to relish the cuisines of Gujarat in the food stalls.

The event also hosts many Dandiya competitions within the premises during the tenure of Navratri. If you have got moves, and dancing talent then these competition will be great fun. The event is also known for its live music scene.

In GMDC Ground Garba event you will also find a dedicated zone for kids where they can play, and also fun competition for kids to keep them engaged. Overall it’s a great family outing spot.

University of Baroda, Faculty of Fine Arts

University of Baroda, Faculty of Fine Arts Garba event hosts one of the most vibrant celebrations in Baroda. The university ground is very big and spacious and can house plenty of attendees. This Garba event of Baroda sees some of the best mix of patrons from different backgrounds and cultures getting together to celebrate Navratri. Being a University Ground it doesn’t just attracts younger audience but also the families seeking some fun celebrations.

The music played here is some of the finest, and it’s a great spot if you want to have some fun time with your friends. The event hosts both Dandiya and Garba. During the event there are also installations of many kiosks selling traditional artworks.

The event organizers do not use many sophisticated equipments, but still the enthusiasm of the attendees is always at the peak, which makes this event a must visit.

Time for some Garba!


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