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Tips for travelling while Pregnant

Tips for travelling while Pregnant

Planning a babymoon, well that’s just about normal. It is estimated the most women will travel least once in their nine month long journey of pregnancy. In fact it releases the mental pressure of pregnancy. But many couples would fear that what if travelling creates trouble for the baby, or be damaging to the health of developing embryo. Its natural, but medical experts have proven, that only by taking a little care you can even plan a world tour if not exaggerating then least an European holiday during the wait of these nine long months. But is highly recommended that you see the doctor even before you start planning for a trip, and make sure you are expecting a low risk pregnancy. Trust us, a holiday with baby bump is like a dream holiday and lots of memories for your children yet to be born. Here are some tips to do it like a champ.

The first trimester is all about nausea and morning sickness, while third trimester is when the baby bump gets bigger. So, it’s the middle one, the second trimester the best time for pregnant couple to travel. Though comfort level of couples could vary person to person, but this is the ideal time.

Surroundings shape how we are, and especially babies yet to be born. So make sure that your destination has good air quality, safe drinking water, no contaminating diseases, etc. Consult your doctor if the travel destination is safe medically and as per health. One easy way to gauge is, simply mark out destinations that require vaccinations before visit.

During pregnancy, women are more likely to experience hunger and dehydration. So keep healthy snacks and lots of vitalizing fluids along. Instead of water, you can choose to keep fruit juices, this will hydrate them and also add important vitamins and minerals to the body.

During pregnancy, women pee more often. If you are taking a road trip, make sure that there are adequate arrangements for loo, and especially that they are hygienic. If you are flying, request the airlines for the aisle seat, and know from where the restroom will be at shorter distance.

Pack as light as possible. This tip works on all travel journeys, and especially when you are expecting a baby. As woman is already carrying a life in her belly, you can’t expect her to drag a huge suitcase, so keep it light. Less clothes will mean less laundry and less exertion on the lady.

Tips for travelling while Pregnant - Fit Clothes

Pregnancy puts up lot of weight on body, and it is but natural that your old clothes might not fit with that baby bump. So it is highly advisable that before packing your clothes for trip, the lady especially tries the clothes and sees if they still fit, or be ready to face tiring shopping while on holiday.

During pregnancy, women are at higher risk of blood clots due to minimal movement. So even if on trip, make her move on every short gap. When on road trip, make frequent breaks, and walk around the car, click pictures, etc. When on long flights, you can walk up to hostess for that glass of water.

Always keep a travel medical portfolio while travelling. This you can get made, simply by visiting your general doctor. It contains the medical reports of person, her medication, her allergies, etc. It comes of great help in emergencies when there is no time to run tests by doctor who meets you first time.

While pregnant, stay away from adventure sports. No matter how much a scuba diving session may lure you, but you can’t risk forming of air bubbles in blood. No matter how much you wanted to ski, but you can’t risk falling. No matter how thrilling any roller coaster is, you can’t afford a shock.

Women when pregnant get tired very easily, after all a baby is developing in their belly drawing nutrition and of course a little weight to carry. So take quick breaks, like after every 1 hour, this could be a quick snack bite break, or quick lay back break, or quick fruit juice break.

Always carry a travel medical kit for her. Consult your doctors on what medicines she could need, regularly and even in emergencies. Some most common ones could be anti-nausea bands, prenatal vitamins, etc. This will ensure that small interruptions don’t become big troubles.

Always buy travel insurance before the start of trip. Remember pregnancy is a medical conditions, and god forbid but anything can happen which could lead to a huge overwhelming hospital bills. This especially applies if you are travelling to US or select European countries where healthcare is costly.

Another preventive measure you can take is, consult your doctor and ask for a referral of another doctor or hospital in the destination you are travelling to. This will reduce ambiguity when that new doctor will attend you, and it will bring in lots of mental peace required in every journey.

Planes can be pretty dirty place when it comes to germs. So take extra care especially for her. Bring hand sanitizers, and you could also add a bed sheet in your carry on to spread on seat before she sits. You could also make her wear a surgical mask that will protect her from germs and cold.

They might not be fashionable, but compression socks are a win-win for travel needs. Pregnancy can often lead to swelling, and headaches due to improper circulation, and these socks can be life saver. They also help in other common symptoms like restless leg syndrome.

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you!


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