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Best Travel Songs

Best Travel Songs

While travelling it’s not only your body that wanders, but also your mind. It finds new horizons and explores new possibilities. How about giving some words and melody to your wandering mind? Oh, hell yes! The reason why most of us love listening to music when travelling! Be it while sitting on the plane aisle seat, or looking out of the window from the bus, or while cosily taking sun bath on a beach, or while hovering down the road aside coastline, music never ceases to sooth us. All you need is a great playlist to suit the mood. Here we are with best travel songs you need on your next trip.

Song – Adventure of a Lifetime,Artist – Coldplay,Album –A Head full of Dreams.

Song – Californication, Artist – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Album – Californication

Song – These days, Artist – Foo Fighters, Album – Wasting Light

Song – Not Today, Artist – Imagine Dragons, Album – Evolve

Song – Hopeless Wanderer, Artist – Mumford & Sons, Album – Babel

Song – Home is where the heart is, Artist – Ramon Mirabet, Album – Home is where the heart is

Song – Time of your Life, Artist – Green Day, Album – Nimrod

Song – Despacito, Artist – Luis Fonsi Feat Daddy Yankee, Album – Vida

Best Travel Songs - Rock Band

Song – Don’t stop me now, Artist – Queen, Album – Jazz

Song – Hotel California, Artist – Eagles, Album – Hotel California

Song – Zombie, Artist – The cranberries, Album – Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We

Song – You only live once, Artist – The strokes, Album – First Impressions of Earth

Song – Escape, Artist – KONGOS, Album – Lunatic

Song – Oceans, Artist – Seafret, Album – Tell me it’s real

Song – Sleep on the Floor, Artist – The Lumineers, Album – Cleopatra

Song – Paris, Artist – The chainsmokers, Album – Memories Do not Open

Song – When you were young, Artist – The Killers, Album – Sam’s Town

Song – Travelling, Artist – Paper Lions, Album – Chucky Danger

Song – Like a rolling Stone, Artist – Bob Dylan, Album – Rock of Ages

Song – Kokomo, Artist – The beach boys, Album – Still Cruising

Song – Carolina in my mind, Artist – James Taylor, Album – James Taylor

Song – Atlantic City, Artist – Bruce Springsteen, Album – Nebraska

Best Travel Songs - Rock Band

Song – Africa, Artist – Toto, Album – Toto IV

Song – Homeward Bound, Artist – Simon & Garfunkel, Album – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Song – Come fly with me, Artist – Frank Sinatra

Song – Around the World, Artist – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Album – Californication

Song – Galway Girl, Artist – Ed Sheeran, Album – Divide

Song – Sand in my Shoes, Artist – Dido, Album – Life for Rent

Song – Desert Rose, Artist – Sting, Album – Brand New Day

One Old Song a Thousand Old memories!


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