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Best Pizza places in Delhi

Best Pizza places in Delhi

There is probably no food more popular than pizza. We all have at some point or the other eaten this delicacy and admired how good and better it is from other dishes. The Italian child beats them all. But with so many restaurants popped up in the city, it could get overwhelming on from where to order the Italian delight. Yes, it’s kind of a tricky task, if to choose the thin crust, or wood fire oven one, or what toppings would go well on the pizza.

Don’t worry we have made the hunt easy for you. In this blog we have listed some of the best places in Delhi to go for Pizza. After all we want your pizza binging to be special and cheesy.


If there is one place in Delhi that has admiration of all the pizza lovers then that is Leo. They are known for their wood fire oven pizza’s. It is a pet friendly outlet, and has got its name from the late Labrador of the owner. You will also find a mural of the dog on the walls in his memory. The place has wooden benches, and is focused more on natural lighting and open spaces. The place also has a floating bar where you can enjoy drinks while your pizza is being prepared.

While visiting Leo, you must try their Neapolitan Pizza, or the classic pepperoni Pizza, or the Quattro Formaggi pizza. The Classic Margherita of Leo’s is also a good choice, which is topped with buffalo mozzarella, basil and tomatoes. You can also couple your meal with the Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Location – 28, Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 1700 INR (Approximately)

The Big Chill Café

The Big Chill Café is one of the most popular Italian restaurants of Delhi, and this place has been serving some of the best pizzas to people of Delhi consistently. Their menu consists of Pizzas, Pastas, and Chicken main. The interiors of the restaurant are movie themed, which stands out the moment you enter the restaurant. They serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian pizzas to the customers. You can also choose to couple up your food with Belgian Chocolate Shake which is a pure delight.

The most popular and the most favorite pizza of The Big Chill Café is the Garlic Salami and Black Olive Pizza. You can also choose to order the Prawn and Mushroom Pizza. Apart from Pizza you can also choose to order the chicken in red wine sauce served with fettuccine.

Location – 68-A, Khan Market, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 1500 INR (Approximately)

Olive Bar and Kitchen

If there is a blog on best pizzerias in Delhi then Olive Bar and Kitchen has to be there. It was the first restaurant that introduced the wood fire oven pizzas in Delhi. The white walls and the intricate designs of the restaurant will give you the vibes of having Pizza in Greece. This Mediterranean themed restaurant also has outdoor dining area which perfects the dining scene here. You can also choose to couple your food with the fabulous cocktails available here.

In Olive Bar and Kitchen you got to try the bacon pizza, or the Margherita Pizza which are absolutely everyone’s favorite. If you want to try something exotic, you can go for German Tarte Flambe Pizza, or if you are health conscious go for Organic Whole Wheat Flour pizza.

Location – 6-8, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 4000 INR (Approximately)

Amici Café

Amici Café is one of the favorite spots of Delhi people to eat Pizza. It was the first café in Delhi that introduced the authentic thin crust pizza to the city. The café boasts that all of its exotic ingredients are imported from Italy, and probably that is the secret of their exquisite tasting pizzas. Their menu consists of primarily three categories which is White Pizza, Gourmet Pizza, and Signature Pizza. Their spinach and goat cheese pizza is the favorite of their patrons.

In Amici Café you must also try the Farmers’ Favorite Veg if you are a vegetarian, or you could go with the Piri Piri Chicken. One of their all time favorite of customers is the Melanzane Pizza. You can also choose to couple your food with the delectable Blueberry Cherry Smoothie.

Location – 8, Defence Colony Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 1200 INR (Approximately)

Fat Lulu

Fat Lulu is a popular pizzeria in South Delhi, and is known to serve some of the best thin crust pizzas in the city. They are known for New York style cooked pizzas that make use of fresh hand tossed bases. Fat Lulu uses wood fired stone ovens and all the items in their menu are delectable. The place is known for their large quantity of toppings and extra cheese to make your meal even more delicious and wholesome. You can also choose to couple your meal with their popular Nutella shake.

The cheeses that Fat Lulu uses are fontina, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and ricotta. Some of the most popular pizzas served here are Polop Pizza, Queens Pizza, and Broadway Pizza. Another favorite of this place is the popular Greenwich Pizza which is a must try.

Location – C 7, Commercial Complex, SDA Market, SDA, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 800 INR (Approximately)

La Piazza – Hyatt Regency

This award winning Italian Restaurant is probably one of the best traditional places to have pizzas in Delhi. The La Piazza Restaurant has been serving its patrons since last 25 years, and the people that have tasted the pizzas of this restaurant always come back. It is interesting to note that the menu which they have is written in both English and Italian, such is the aesthetics of this restaurant. The Sunday brunch that serves the Italian Buffet is also very popular from here.

When in La Piazza you must try their popular La Piazza Pizza or the pepperoni pizza. Another popular from this place is the Pizza Emiliana which comes with toppings of Parma Ham amongst others and the Quatro Formaggi which is topped with blue cheese amongst others.

Location – Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 4500 INR (Approximately)

Jamie’s Pizzeria

Jamie’s Pizzeria is known for its hand stretched pizzas. They make the dough of the base every day for the store and are known for using super fresh ingredients. Jamie’s Pizzeria is a venture of an internationally renowned chef Jamie Oliver. The menu that they serve in outlets of Delhi is specially designed and also named as Jamie’s Delhi Hot which consists of secret chili sauce blended with tomato passata. Apart from Pizzas they also have a menu for children, perfect for a family day out.

When at Jamie’s Pizzeria you must try their most popular Sunny Margherita or the Jamie’s Super Green. The other hot selling pizzas of this place are Chicken Peperonata, and Paneer Piccante Pizza. The best thing about the pizzas from this restaurant is that they are very crusty and flavorful.

Location – 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 1000 INR (Approximately)


This pizza restaurant goes with the philosophy of ‘one price and unlimited toppings’. Yes you read that right. You can choose to add any additional toppings on the pizzas served here at no additional cost. The other best thing about this place is that you can craft your own pizza. You can select the size of the pizza, then select the crust from three types and then select the toppings from a wide range consisting of 25 toppings items. The pizzas served here are very cheesy, and this restaurant is perfect for take outs.

The Monster Deep Dish Pizza of this restaurant is very popular amongst the masses. It comes with two layers of crust, cheese, unlimited toppings and garlic sauce. It is a must try and has many fans. Other popular pizzas of this place are Galleria Special, and Gourmet Sallad Pizza.

Location – Shop 25, 1st Floor, CSC Basant Enclave, S.F.G.H Scheme, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 900 INR (Approximately)

Amour Bistro

Apart from serving some of the most delicious pizzas, Amour Bistro thrives on the fine dining scene. The atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect for a date night with your other half. Their wood fired pizzas are very popular and always in demand. If you are a vegetarian then you must visit this place as iot has plenty of vegetarian options in the menu. You are going to love their finely prepared, Margherita, Basilica, and Esotiche, with cheesy toppings and vegetables.

When in Amour Bistro you must try their popular pizzas (for non vegetarian folks) such as Ruspante which is a smoked chicken pizza, and Gambari E Spinaci which is a pizza with paprika and prawns. The Indian Traveller Pizza is also a must try from this restaurant.

Location – 10/48, Malcha Marg Shopping Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 2400 INR (Approximately)

EVOO Eatery and Pizzeria

EVOO is known for its thin crust and wood fired pizza. This small cozy café has earned reputation of serving some of the pizzas in the city and is a very popular place in South Delhi. It is interesting to note that EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an ingredient which is very common in the Italian style of cooking. Yes this restaurant specializes in Italian styled Pizzas.  It has an open kitchen and a sunlit seating facility which adds charm to the place.

When at EVOO you must try their popular Pork Calabrian which comes with Pork Calabrian Sausage and Pancetta. Another must have in EVOO is the Smoked Chicken Pizza. Pizza Apart from Pizzas the restaurant also offers some great grilled chicken and varieties of pastas.

Apart from Pastas and Pizzas, the menu at EVOO also has something else that is special. Try their Panuozzo which is an Italian Sandwich, and the best of it is Lamb Meatball Panuozzo.

Location – B-2, Ground Floor, Shivalik, Near Sri Aurobindo College, Geetanjali Enclave, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 1500 INR (Approximately)

Pizza Express

Pizza Express is one of the best places in Delhi for Pizzas. The restaurant offers an indulging Italian experience through their preparations, to an extent that they even import their sauces from Italy. This place has earned reputation of serving the best quality gourmet pizzas. If you are a vegetarian then you are going to love this restaurant. The jalapenos, red and yellow peppers, mozzarella, and oregano are all in perfect quantity and quality. The pizzas served here are extremely flavorful.

When in Pizza Express you must try their popular, American hottest pizza which comes with spicy sausage, pepperoni, and buffalo mozzarella. The other must have in here is Calabrese pizza. Overall this restaurant is a synonym when it comes to fine dining experience.

Location – T-303B, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Cost for Two – 2000 INR (Approximately)

Smoke House Deli

This restaurant needs no introduction. It has been since long it has occupied a place in radar of food lovers in Delhi. Smoke House Deli is a popular continental restaurant that is specialized in serving delicious and lip smacking food. They serve main course meals, burgers, pizzas and many other different food items. In Pizzas they use ultra thin base, which comes with lots of cheese and generous toppings. Some of the pizza toppings available here are shrimps, bacon and grilled chilies.

When in Smoke House Deli you must try their popular Grilled Chilies Pizza. Other must have in here are Margherita Pizza which comes with Shrimp, Pepperoni and Bacon. Frequent visitors of this restaurant also vouch for the Roast chicken and mushroom pizza.

Location – 23, Ground Floor, Odeon Building, Radial Road 5, D Block, Connaught Place

Cost for Two – 1600 INR (Approximately)

Keep your friends close and pizza closer!


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