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Best Travel accessories for Men

Best Travel Accessories for Men

Gentlemen this one is for you. We understand that its great stress to lead the charge when on business trip, family trip, or personal getaways. If travelling is all about experiences as we say, then your packing list is the foundation to it. Trust me! When you leave your cozy living room, friendly neighbourhood, and familiar streets, its only thing that accompanies you physically apart from your body, is your luggage. It can never be perfected, but here we are to get you little closer, and make your next trip the savviest one.

Travel Router – Men are specifically more internet savvy, and to feed their intellect a Travel router is perfect. In cases when you need to connect multiple devices to internet, this comes in handy. Also when you need to create a private network, this is absolutely safe.

Luggage Tracker – The name is Tracker, Luggage Tracker. If you are fed up of losing your belongings when on travel due to your careless behaviour hard to change, or innocent face that gets targeted, then this is a life saver. It will track wherever your stolen bag goes, so you can find it.

Shaving Kit – Men on business have always to be properly groomed, and this one is great way to be. But you don’t have to be too traditional while keeping razors, blades, cream, after shave, etc. Also include a battery powered trimmer. You got to move with time and trends.

Mouth Water bottle – This one is necessary. You might believe in mineral water bottles being accessible everywhere especially on business tours, but chances are you will not find the right brand at right time. So carry your own, and refill with trusted source. Half of health will be taken care of.

Luggage Tag – The plastic one that comes by default is a big no. Replace it with something strong, more tangible. A leather luggage tag well held will be just about right. Also pick the variants in bright colours. It might be little girly, but trust me it will stand out and will be easy to spot.

Passport Holder - Best Travel Accessories for men

Passport Holder – Drink spills, little rain, or bumping into a waiter with tray of liquids can make you wet but destroy your passport too. But with a holder in place, your most precious travel document will be safe. Spend little bucks and invest some in your safety.

Cable Collection – Every country has its own set of standard devices, and so are their data cable sockets. But don’t worry these standards sum up to handful of them. To make your own devices accessible, carry a universal collection of data cables. It will help.

Leather Travel Care Kit – Men love leather, and more the ones that shine. But there is a lot behind the scene that goes into glimmering of leathers. Ensure you carry a Leather care kit. Least your shoes will never disappoint the people you meet.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – Probably your dreams are going to be thankful to you, for taking this on your trip. Perks include uninterrupted favourite music, sound sleep, and a little expansion of your comfort zone. Well you will finally Rest In Peace, and it’s not exactly as you think.

Power bank Portable Charger – We know how busy you are, and there is no pun in it, but mostly checking of mails, sending across documents, and lots of calls. To keep going, this portable charger will ensure that you don’t bump into a downtime. A must have.

Neck Pillow – What could be more assuring than a sound sleep that you are going well! A neck pillow might not have all the magic, but sure it has some of it. Reclining chair might not be enough. But this little accessory can come quite a lot in handy.

Mini Steamer for Clothes – It is truly a boon for Business Travellers. Within a minute or two you can get with your clothes as good as freshly ironed. Though most business hotels will have laundry, but it is never bad to be self-dependent and be ready for emergencies.

Silk Sleep Mask – Silk because we don’t want your face to have stress marks left behind, and sleep mask because we know how important sleep is in flights for your next day. It will block light and help in secretion of Melatonin the sleep hormone. No more drowsy days.

Compression Socks – The struggle for leg space continues for all plane passengers unless you have a ticket to Business Class. A little deeper, your feet might be a little more than uncomfortable. These socks improve circulation, prevent soreness, and fight sweat. You pull some of these.

Carry On Cocktail Kit – Well we don’t recommend alcohol during flights, but if you insist then please take this kit too along. Everything you need beside booze to make a more appeasing drink.

Kindle – I think a good book can add fire to your wanderlust. There is a lot of connection to it. So carry a kindle loaded with some good picks you can check from New York Times and enjoy those words while the way, on a beach, or in a café.

Accessories never go out of fashion!


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