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Best destinations for coffee lovers

Best destinations for coffee lovers

Be it vacation or any normal day, the secret for a perfect day has always been a cup of coffee. Travelling to distant destinations and waking up to find a perfect spot to have a cappuccino is one of the favorite of coffee lovers. But what if we told you that you can define your holiday as a coffee vacation? Yes there are many destinations around the world that are known for their coffee culture. Some have plenty of plantations, some have plenty of cafes, while some have plenty of roasters.

In this blog we have listed some of the top destinations for coffee lovers. So you can blend your love of travel with love for coffee and have some fabulous days for yourself.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil has been the world’s leading coffee producer for nearly 150 years. Coffee is also the most popular beverage of Brazilians, and the most popular types of coffee in Brazil are Arabica and Robusta Coffee. While visiting Sao Paulo you must drop by vat the Coffee Lab which is a micro brewery and also a coffee academy. In Sao Paulo you will get many cafes that will provide the farm to cup experience. A coffee tour in some of the coffee farms is a must while visiting Sao Paulo.

If you are a serious coffee enthusiast then your coffee tour in Sao Paulo should also extend to include the Paraná and Minas Gerais regions. Some of the popular cafes in Sao Paulo includes the all traditional, Sofa Café, and Café Floresta.

Sao Paulo

Bogota, Colombia

It is believed that Colombia produces some of the best coffees in the world. Apart from Bogota, which is home to many popular cafes, and urban coffee establishment, if you want to explore the coffee plantations in Colombia then you must head to Coffee Triangle. Coffee Triangle consists of three cities named as Risaralda, Caldas, and Quindío. The coffee from Colombia is rich in texture and also has a mildly sweet flavor. In Colombia the Arabica coffee is grown at a higher altitude, which gives it a unique taste.

The city of Bogota is dotted with many artisanal cafes where you can indulge in some great coffee experience. Some of the popular cafes in Bogota include Café Devoción, and Varietale.


Vienna, Austria

Vienna has always been known for its coffee house culture and historical monuments. The coffee culture is so prevalent in Vienna that coffee is known to be an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Some of the exclusive coffee preparations of Vienna are Wiener Melange which is an espresso served with milk foam, and the other is Einspänner which is served with topping of whipped cream. Some other types of coffees served in Vienna are Verlängerter which is the Americano version of Austria, and brauner which is a traditional coffee served with splash of milk.

In most of the cafes around the world everyone is in hurry, but the café culture of Vienna is all about sitting for hours and sipping on to your coffee. Some of the most popular cafes in Vienna are Café Central, Café Pruckel, and café Waldemar.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The coffee was introduced to Vietnam people in the 19thj century by French colonist. In present times Vietnam is also the world’s second biggest exporter of coffee. The most popular preparation of coffee in Vietnam is the Cà phê den, which makes use of metal filter for dropping coffee into the drink. In most of the Vietnamese coffee preparations, condensed milk is used. Some of the preparations of Coffee in Vietnam named Cà phê trứng make use of egg yolk, which actually is like a kind of desert. The coffee of Vietnam is known for its thick texture and high caffeine content.

In the city of Ho Chi Minh coffee culture has existed since long, and you will even find cafes dating back to 1950’s. It is interesting to note that many cafes in Vietnam will be coupled with loud music and even karaoke set up. Must visit in Ho Chi Minh is Coffee Ship which is a café on boat riding in Kenh Te Canal.

Ho Chi Minh City

Seattle, United States

Seattle is the leading consumer of coffee in the entire United States. Coffee culture in Seattle is very prevalent, to an extent that cafes are as popular as the bars and pubs. You will not have to walk more than a block in Seattle to find a good café. In decades Seattle has evolved to be a major center of Coffee Roasting in United States. It is also home to the world’s first Starbucks store which opened its door in Pike Place Market in 1971. The best thing that store still has some of the original touches since the opening. This store is sure a Mecca for all Coffee lovers.

Some of the most popular coffee spots in Seattle include the Elm Roasters, Analog Coffee, and Light House Roasters. The traditional Café Allegro is also a must visit in Seattle.


Istanbul, Turkey

The coffee consumption of Istanbul has been in existence since the Ottoman Empire, and now it has became a part of their culture. The coffee in Istanbul has a rich texture and is a very thick caffeine drink which is brewed in a copper pot. The coffee in Istanbul is unfiltered, so one should stop drinking the cup before it just finishes to avoid the grounds. Coffee in Istanbul is served with cold water to freshen up the mouth. Coffee in Istanbul is also a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Turkey is also popular for its Caffeomancy which is an art of predicting the future based on patterns of coffee grounds left in the cup. Some of the most popular cafes in Istanbul include the Fazil Bey’s Turkish Coffee House and Pierre Loti Café. They are must visit when in Istanbul.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is another top coffee producing country in the world. Some of the best tasting coffee is believed to come from Indonesia. Some of the local types of coffee produced here are Java, Sumatra, Toraja, and Gayo coffee. It is also the home of world’s most expensive coffee which goes by the name of Kopi Luwak whose beans are harvested from the feces of a native animal. Drinking coffee is a part of culture in the city, and you will find plenty of cafes dotting the city.

Some of the most popular cafes in Jakarta include Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen, Bakoel Koffie, Anomali café and Trafique Coffee.


Milan, Italy

The fame that coffee got globally is all credited to Italy. The coffee culture in Italy is so deep rooted that on an average each person drinks close to five cups a day. The place is also the home of some of the most popular coffee preparations, such as cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, and caffe d’orzo. It is interesting to note that coffee stores in Italy are known as bars. You would be surprised that the same coffee when ordered on table might cost the double as when ordered on counter.

Having a cup of coffee in a café of Milan with an outdoor seating is an experience all travelers should have. Some of the most popular cafes in Milan that you should visit are Orsonero, Caffé Napoli, Marchesi, and Moleskine Café.


Havana, Cuba

Coffee culture is deeply rooted amidst the people in Havana. People will start their day, end their meals, have a conversation with friends and family over a cup of coffee. Here coffee is not just a drink or beverage, but a part of their lives. In most of the cafes in Havana the beans are grind on the spot. Café cubano which is a coffee preparation of Havana is a sweet espresso, and is extremely caffeinated. The open air dining establishments are perfect places to have a cup of coffee in Havana.

The entire city of Havana is dotted with cafes that serve coffee. Some of the most popular cafes in Havana are Cafe Arcangel, Café de los Artistas, Café El Escorial, and Cafe Galeria Mamaine.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee, and has had a long tryst with coffee plantation. Ethiopia is also one of the top producers of coffee in the world. In this country coffee is not just something passed down by ancestors but it is a part of day to day lives. Many Ethiopian families will have rituals with inviting friends and family and they will grind and roast the coffee all day long to enjoy it together. Generally coffee is served black with sugar in Ethiopia.

The cafes in Addis Ababa will serve coffee along with added spices that add flavor to already rich coffee. They will use honey, cinnamon, or cloves. Some of the most popular cafes in Addis Ababa are, Mokarar Coffee, Yeshi Buna, Kaldi’s Coffee, and Tomoca Coffee.

Addis Ababa

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne which is the cultural capital city of Australia, is also the coffee capital of Australia. In this city you will find many hips stores along with some traditional stores serving coffee. The coffee culture in Melbourne began with the Victorian era Coffee places and the Italian immigrants. The best way to find the best cafes in the city of Melbourne is by picking up a copy of Melbourne Coffee review which is a magazine dedicated to coffee culture and cafes.

The city is also home to International Coffee Trade Show. Some of the best cafes in the city of Melbourne are Adobe 361, Atomica Coffee, and Axil Coffee Roasters.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has been long enjoying the Italian style coffee, thanks to the Italian Immigrants, and now has emerged to be a leading coffee consuming place. Coffee culture in Buenos Aires has evolved since the mid of 19th century and now many cafes have popped up across the city that serve various preparations of coffee. The best thing about these cafes is that they source the coffee from some of the best places across the globe. Coffee in Buenos Aires has become a part of lifestyle of their people.

Some of the most popular cafes in Buenos Aires are, Bar Britanico, Bar Seddon, Las Violetas Café, and La Poesia. It is interesting to note that in Buenos Aires Cafes are referred by both café and bar.

Buenos Aires

A coffee holiday to keep you going!


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