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Best places to visit in Russia

Best places to visit in Russia

Country that belongs to both Asia and Europe.. Country that is popular for Vodka nights, onion shaped domes, vast wilderness, frosty winters, macho politicians, and long train journeys. Russia never ceases to surprise when it comes to diversity. The countryside, the people and their music, literature, everything is enchants travellers. Across all nine time zones, doesn’t matters which city you stop at, it is going to be a cultural power house. This is how Travellers define Russia. The skiing slopes, active volcanoes, beaches, gardens, palaces, and places await you. Here we are with best places to visit in Russia.


Moscow – The Russian capital and metropolis centre of arts, culture, and architecture. This place celebrates with ballets and symphonies. The skyline of Moscow is filled with onion domed churches. This most visited city has the iconic St. Basil Cathedral that attracts visitors across the world. Then the stately Kremlin and Red Square are places like nowhere else. Other top attractions include Gulag and Cold War museums, statues of Lenin and Stalin. Moscow is fairy tale town comes true.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg – The cultural capital of Russia, and also known as Leningrad. Being located around the Neva River that goes into Gulf of Finland and Baltic sea, it also is a spot for cruises. The city boasts to have five gorgeous Imperial palaces, Peterhof, Catherine, Gatchina, Constantinovsky and Oranienbaum. It is home to the Hermitage museum with finest art collections. NevskyProspekt is popular street for dining and shopping. Mariinsky Theatre is also a must visit.

The Golden Ring

The Golden Ring – It is a series of cities just outside Moscow that are pretty popular for cherry orchards, quaint houses, onion-shaped domes and iconic stone churches. They are Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and SergievPosad.This old Russian region is set to take you back in time. From Museums to Monasteries, everything about these small towns is a delight for travellers looking an offbeat quaint experience.


Sochi – The city that homes winter sports with beaches as summer retreats. Being located on the edge of Black sea, gives it seasonal diversity. One city that has ski resort and water sports both. Mountains surrounding the city give it a perfect backdrop for vacations. This Russian Riviera city’s top attractions include Lenin Mosaic, Arboretum, Museum of Sochi History, Memorial to victims of Political Repression, and Park Rivera.


Kazan – Also known as Istanbul of Russia, Sports capital of Russia, and Third capital of Russia. Like its many names, it has many reasons to visit. Church towers, and Mosque Minarets occupy the skyline of this lovely city. The best place to see in the city is Kazan Kremlin that also happens to be UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a great place to experience Tatar culture and their delicious cuisines. Other top attractions include Museum of Happy Childhood, Museum of Soviet Life and Kul-Sharif Mosque.

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod – Located on the confluence of Volga and Oka rivers, this city is perfect place to explore the Russian arts and architecture. The city boasts of having close to 600 monuments and 200 art museums galleries. The city also hosts one of Russia’s largest EDM festival that happens to some buzzy place to be at. Top attractions in here include Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, Minin Square,Pozharsky Square, Chkalov Stairs, and Sormovskiy Park.


Vladivostok – Located on Russia’s Far East this beauty is an Important Russian city for being naval base. It is a truly charming city with striking architecture, and number of islands off the pacific coast. There couldn’t have been city more delightful at the ending point of Trans-Siberian rail. City’s square AdmiralskySkver with a submarine museum is must see. Other top attractions include MinnyGorodok, PrimorskyOceanarium, Arsenev Regional Museum, and Antique Automobile Museum.

Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod – It is one of the oldest cities of Russia, and according to some also the Birthplace of Russia. Based on the both banks of Volkhov River this beauty is perfect stop between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Top attractions include Novgorod’s Kremlin that also is Russia’s oldest Kremlin. Then there is Cathedral of Saint Sophia an UNESCO world heritage site and oldest Russian Church. Gothic Chamber of Facets, Novgorod State United Museumare other must see.


Yekaterinburg – Located on the borders of Asian and European Russia in Ural Mountains, this city is known for executive of last Russian Tsar, and also the rise of Russia’s first President. This city is a cultural and Historical powerhouse in Russian Urals. The city boasts to have more than 30 Museums. Top attractions include Church on the Blood, Yeltsin museum, Visotsky Observatory, Military Technology Museum, Ascension Church, and Yekaterinbrug History Museum.


Volgograd – This city is a paradise for history buffs, and must visit if you want to learn about the Russian Victorious side of WW2. Formerly known as Stalingrad, this city is exemplary place to see the  Stalinesque grandeur. Top attractions in here include Mamayev Kurgan that has the Motherland Calls statue, changing of guards, Panorama Museum, Rossoshka Memorial Cemetery, and Museum Reserve Old Sarepta. You will also enjoy walking by Volga, and hitting city’s craft beer bars.

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