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Best places to visit in Romania

Best places to visit in Romania

We have all heard about the legends of Dracula on Movies, in books, during shows, and through stories. It is the time that you visit that fabulous country and witness its other marvels too. Romania has been child of Romans. it is where it gets its name. It also have had influences from Hungarians and Ottomans. The country has quaint old towns, sprawling mountains, artists ever since, Medieval castles, Gothic era buildings, and Cobblestoned streets. The communist rule in the country has been a stopping force in its development, but still its cities continue to surprise. Here we are with best places to visit in Romania, and have best of days.

Bucharest – Once known as ‘The Little Paris’, this city still has that charm, beauty, and magnificence. The best attraction of this place is Casa Poporului, or the Palace of Parliament which is the second largest administrative Building in the world after Pentagon. You will also love the Old town with its charming streets and appeasing restaurants. The medieval churches and old buildings with Renaissance and Baroque influence will sway you away. The other top places worth a visit in here are The Romanian Peasant Museum, The Village Museum, and The Herastrau Park.

Brasov – It is the most visited Romanian city and a charming one too. Surrounded by mountains and old world at its heart, this place is hard to miss. Top attractions in here include Black Church whose stones were blackened from a historic fire, the narrowest street of country the Rope Street, and views of the city from peaks of Tampa Mountains. The winter resort Poiana Braşov, and Bran Castle are within a days trip from Brasov, making it a pleasant place to visit.

Sinaia – It is Romanian resort town also popular for its monastery named for Mount Sinai that also contains the first bible printed in Romania. It becomes a hiking ground in summers, and skiing slope in winters. The region has lots of wild bears, so it’s recommended to take a ranger before setting off.Peles Castle built by King Charles is also a popular tourist attraction in here. The castle has well preserved paintings, sculptures, armours, furniture that is worth the sight.

ClujNapoca – Also known as student city, it is home to 11 Universities, and also the capital of historic Transylvania region. The ambience is energetic, and you will find lots of charming restaurants and cafes. Plus it has great nightlife scene. Top attractions in here include Gothic St. Michael’s Church that has country’s tallest church tower, and National Museum of Art that has works by Romanian artists.

Timisoara – Also known as Little Vienna, this city is an architectural delight with baroque, historicism and Wiener Secession influences. The city boasts to have the first electric street lamps in the Europe. The city is popular for having musical shows, theatre nights, art galleries, museums and a buzzing nightlife. Top attractions include Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral (resurrected in 20th century after WW2).Then a walk alongside Bega Canal will surely make your day.

Sibiu – Has been the cultural capital of Europe in 21st century. The gothic architecture, old fortification, with historic roots and modern vibes make this city the best highlight of Transylvania. Top attractions include Grand Square built back in the 15th Century, Brukenthal Palace, ASTRA Complex, Transfagarasan Road, Saxon churches make this city one of the most beautiful one in Romania. Must we mention you will fall when you’ll visit its art galleries.

Sighisoara – One of the best preserved medieval towns of Europe with Town centre as a UNESCO world heritage site, and built by the German Artisans. It is also popular for a medieval festival at end of summers, with the best time to visit the place. The festival offers plays, concerts, dance, and art exhibitions. Other top attraction to visit is 14th century Clock Tower that gives fantastic view of old town, and then the hill church is another place you will love to be at.

Painted Monasteries of Bucovina – The region of Bucovina is divided between Romania and Ukraine. It has immense reserves of natural beauty, and high held traditions. The painted monasteries are Byzantine structures painted with 15th and 16thcentury frescoes that depict scenes fromlife of Jesus, images of angels and demons, heaven and hell. The best preserved ones are in regions of Patrauti, Probota, Moldovita, Humor, Sucevita, and Arbore.

Bran Castle – Unarguably the most famous castle in Romania, and one of the most visited attraction. It is also known as Dracula’s castle. It got its name from Bram Stoker’s book Dracula based on the once king of this place Vlad Dracul. He was infamous for treating or rather punishing his enemy by strange and extreme means.The best time to visit this place can be Halloween, and we bet you will be little scared to drop by that time.

Maramures – This region can be called as Rural Fairy tale. It is the best region to be at in Romania. The villages in here are quaint and almost same for centuries. Food is grown in backyard, people still move by horses, and they drink home-brewed alcohol called Palinka. You will get to see farmers with scythes and wooden pitchforks. Top attractions in here include Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, Wooden Churches, cities of SighetuMarmatiei, Chiuzbaia Fossil Reserve. It comes with lots of outdoor fun.

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