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Best places to visit in Poland

Best places to visit in Poland

Fortune favours the brave, we all have heard of it. But Poland will make you believe that beauty too favours the brave. Having gone through massive destruction in World War 2, this country has fabulously risen again with its beautiful cities and awe inspiring sights. Classical old towns, cobbled streets, good food, gothic churches, and astounding architecture in here is perfect mix for any traveller. Its diversity reflects from mountains to seashores, buzzing night life to serene sun rises, and more. So here we are, to help you visit the best places when in Poland.

Krakow – It is truly a gem of a place, with enchanting old town studded with churches and squares. It has the biggest market square in all of Europe, and you will know its special when you are there. This former royal castle also has Wawel Castle and a historic Jewish quarter. Much like its other European counterparts, it too has some really good museums. The city is lined with restaurants, and bars you will love sipping a glass in. Must we mention that nightlife scene in here is good too.

Warsaw – Completely destroyed in World War 2, this city is been built from scratch. The gothic churches, museums, and edifices, are all perfect backdrop for an ideal holiday. The open spaces and friendly neighbour hoods are joy to watch. The restaurants, bars, and clubs in here are cheap to be at. Lazienki Palace and the towering Palace of Culture and Science are must see. Normal days of Warsaw are full of local events, and work out to be great travel experiences.

Wroclaw – This is where culture meets beauty in the grandest ways. It is another Polish city with sight worthy Rynek market square. This is city that actually contemplates river Odra flowing through. Need we say any more.The bridges, open spaces just add so much beauty and give this place a peculiar identity. The cathedral island is another masterpiece to look upon. The city has good student population and better night life scene. The city keeps itself occupied with festivals and events. You’ll love National Forum of Music, Wroclaw Opera and National Puppet Theatre.

Gdansk – Being a port city, it is a perfect summer retreat. The architecture in here is truly diverse and spectacular too. The cobbled street, old churches, distinctive buildings work out to be an exquisite line up for travellers. The highlights of your trip will be beer gardens, and boat cruises. You will also get to buy amber jewellery as souvenirs for your loved ones.

Torun – Hometown of Copernicus, and birthplace of Gingerbread, yes now you got someone to thank for that. This medieval town was left unharmed during WWII that gives you the pleasure of enjoying charm of old world. You will love making cookies in the Gingerbread Museum that can be taken home too. The gothic old town that is walled encloses many masterpieces of architecture you will enjoy during your trip.

Lodz – Once famous for its textile industry, it still has lots to see in those old warehouses. It is also famous for its Film School, and the Manufaktura that is a leisure shopping complex. Piotrkowska Street is some place in here you will cherish visiting. The nightlife is buzzing thanks to well cared pubs and clubs. Not quite a touristy spot is the city’s cemetery, but more of a reminder of once thriving Jewish Population of the city.

Sopot – Also dubbed as the Cannes of Poland, this seaside beauty is great destination to visit. In here days are spent in sunshine, and nights turn naughty with all those clubs. It has an iconic wooden pier used by people to chill under the sun. You will enjoy the fresh seafood, and the horizon changing colors. Must we mention that there is swan spotting involved too.

Poznan – It is a fun place to be at, in a nutshell. The history buffs will enjoy the well preserved museums, and historic sites. The city has a luge student population, which means a buzzing nightlife, and some good company. Restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs are all always buzzing with lively conversation in here. This place is well connected, and works well for s short trip and excursions into quieter countryside.

Lublin – This city was once popular as the Jewish Oxford, but World War 2 put a tragic end to glory of Jewish times. But the city stills is home to many cultural sites, lively cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. The city is also great visit considering the number of festivals and street fairs hosted around the year. Zemborzycki Lake and Aqua Lublin complex are other great places to look out for.

Zakopane – This place is for outdoor lovers. It is Poland’s own mountain resort that has great hiking and skiing scene. The charm of this place lies in the wooden villas that are quite picturesque and also known as Zakopanestyle architecture. This place is good for both summers and winters, so you don’t need to set your clocks. It has been an inspiration for many artists.

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