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Best places to visit in Denmark

Best places to visit in Denmark

Perhaps there is little to wonder, on why Denmark is dubbed as happiest country in the world. This little nation comes with number of dotted islands, green forests, Baltic sea and Architecture in all colours. History and heritage comes hand in hand in Denmark. Churches, museums, and great outdoor make it a perfect stop for activity filled weekdays. Row houses of Denmark will surely make you fall in love. You got to find a spot for your holidays in Denmark, and make some good out of your Holidays. Here are few cities that you should make a stop at in your next trip.

Copenhagen – Unarguably one of the most liveable city with green spaces, clean waterways, and sea you can see through. There are also art galleries, royal palaces, and a Viking history still preserved. The café’s, bars, and restaurants served food and drinks that will turn your senses on. The Queen’s Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace, and Tivoli Gardens amusement park are a must visit.

Aarhus – This is the second largest city of the country. Distinguished by beautiful churches, of some that have a history of more than 1000 years, this place is a cultural powerhouse. It was established by Vikings. The city is loaded with festivals and events. The shops, restaurants, and bars will bring back life of even most bored people. The city is also a living testimony to architectural marvels.

Skagen – Demarked by beautiful beaches, it is perfect for a holiday getaway. It also has rich art heritage, and landscapes are never seen before. Art galleries, museums, and delicious sea food will be the highlights of your day. The Midsummer Eve is the biggest festival of Skagen beach, and if you can, do drop by during this time to see this city at its zenith.

Odense – Perhaps it is one of big cities of Denmark and also the capital of Funen Island. It is birthplace of Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen. There are many art galleries, and museums dedicated to his work and in general, and his childhood house is also one of them. This city also has some lively bars and cafés enough to pump you up. You will surely fall for this one.

Aalborg – Be alerted that you are dealing with a 1000 years old city. Well then that’s a good news, because we are history buffs. It is a natural harbour that was at its flourishing peak in middle ages. There is a Zoo, Aalborg Festival, a sixteenth century castle, old medieval town, and people what else you need to ask for when the landscape is europish and vikingish.

Helsingor – We all have read William Shakespeare, but what we might not know is that Play Hamlet was set up in Kronborg Castle in this city. Also is used as a gateway t0o Sweden. This city has been a trading centre of the past which reflects in medieval architecture that still stands. A good place to unleash your shopping monster, and again the food doesn’t disappoints.

Frederiksberg – Ladies you will have to hold yourself, because this one is too a shopping mecca in Denmark. You will lose if I bet you could count the immersive malls of this town. It also homes many colleges, like Copenhagen Business School and others. Frederiksberg Palace is some place interesting you’d like to visit. It is also distinguished by its royal palaces and gardens.

Roskilde – Hosts a popular rock festival, and has a museum of modern music which worth tuning in. You could also give a hand to art and design workshops of the city. Old town has a cathedral tower with likes to eyes of Sauron from Lord Of The Rings, and a Viking Harbour that still has those classical longboats where you can hop on for a historical vibe. Well, good enough.

Billund – This one is Kid’s special, and you must know it is birthplace of Lego Bricks. Sums up well..Grindsted stream in SkulpturparkBillund that is lined by sculptures is a spectacle along with Karensminde Agricultural Museum and Givskud Zoo. But being a parent you must take your kids to Legoland which has tons of things all built by Lego bricks. It’s like fantasies build hard.

Herning – Lately it has hit the headlines and footfalls because of its large exhibition centre MessecenterHerning. It continues to captivate further with Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum and the Herning Art Museum. This is all about mostly day plans, but thee restaurants and bars will exceed your expectations in setting up the mood. Don’t worry events run all year in here.

Viborg – Quite a popular tourist destination, and has some of fine clubs and restaurants to keep you socialized even if you were a tourist. Popular attractions include Viborg Cathedral that is one tall spectacle and Cathedral school if you want to get hands on some books or catch an eye with a teacher. In this city of churches and chapels you are bound to find some peace.

A lot of people don’t know if Denmark is a country or Cheese!


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