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Top Jobs for working holidays

Top Jobs for working holidays

We have something in common. We too always are as excited about travel, as you are now. For us, travelling is breathing and surely there no living without it. It’s Cliché, but true. For most of us, we usually take out time, luxury and opportunity to travel. But some of us, get stuck due to constraints like time, money, commitments, health, and so many excuses. Yes they are excuses, because deep inside we all want to travel. Wait, did we hear money. If that is the case with you, here we are with top jobs to do while travelling, and we bet that working holidays are no less fun.

Travel Blogging – It is the most popular among travel jobs and guess what you don’t even need a Working Holiday VISA for that. The level of independence travel blogging gives you is incomparable. You will be your own employee and your own employer. The best thing about travel blogging is that once your business starts catching up speed, you will have all the time to travel.

Travel blogging is simple to start, moderate to maintain, and truly hard to earn from. There is a lot of competition in this space. The primary reason why it is a little hard to earn from it is that it takes time to establish and build a loyal audience. Once you start your travel blog, you can collaborate with establishments in Travel and Tourism industry. You can also earn through affiliate marketing.

English Teaching Jobs – Teaching English is another popular job you might undertake. Finding ones in Asia or in non-English speaking country is relatively easier. Plus you also got to note that demand of English speaking teachers is a lot these days. This job might not pay you million dollars but will be enough so you can sustain your working holiday.

In most cases you will need a College Degree and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. As an employer you can choose a school, or a training institute or even non profit organizations in education sector. This type of job is not just limited to English. If you know Mandarin, or Spanish, you can also choose to find a job in the language you know most as a professional.

Yatch Sailing Jobs – Yatch sailing jobs are also a great pick. If your imaginations are sailing on how to drive one, then you do not need to worry, because we are talking about deckhand or steward jobs. They are entry level and require the minimum qualifications. If you have some degree or certification in hospitality then that is even better. It will make your chances more to land such a job.

The best thing about Yatch sailing jobs is that you get paid really well. The second best thing is that your food and accommodation is covered, and you will be travelling all the time juts like you have always wanted. You will ample opportunities to work on some of the best beaches of the world. Yatch sailing jobs also have a perk that you never know you might be serving some celebrity on the Yatch.

Kitchen Jobs – Do you have prior experience in cooking, or do you enjoy making dishes for people, then kitchen job is best for you. All you need is expertise in cooking a special kind of food. The more expert you are, the better kitchen you are going to get. With so many restaurants, hotels, fast food joints, cafes these days, getting a job in a kitchen has become easier than ever before.

The entry barriers in kitchen jobs is very less, and you just need to have cooking skills. However if you have a qualification in hospitality then that is best. Even if you are not a skilled chef, you can try jobs like dish washing in the kitchen. Dish washing might not pay you equally well as like being an assistant to the chef, but you will earn enough to sustain.

Bartending Jobs – You and bartending jobs can be a good match especially if you are like people around you to be in high spirits. There are lots of opportunities especially in hot tourist spots with booming Bars, Hotels, Nightclubs, and Restaurants. Again if you have a degree or certification in hospitality then landing such jobs become easier.

The best thing about bartending jobs is that you do not need to devote your entire time of the day, as you can work in shifts. If you happen to get a bartending job in a nightclub then you always be in mid of a party all the times. Getting a short certification in local language can also help you a lot in landing such jobs. The foremost thing you need to have is, a pleasant personality.

Tour Guides Jobs – Tour guides will never go out of demand and you should aim for it especially if you have gained Touring expertise in a particular region. Yes there are minimum entry barriers for a Tour Guide job, but then you have to have a loads of knowledge about any particular region where you are aiming to guide the tourists. Good conversartion skills are one of the prerequisites.

The ability to bond with people is another skill which comes in handy in Tour Guide jobs. You could show people around the city, or restaurants, or be a hiking guide, or a scuba diving guide, the possibilities are endless. The only thing is that you need to have an expertise in some area. These jobs pay you moderately and the bonus is that you get lots of tips from happy customers.

Online Translation Jobs – Online Translation Jobs don’t require a Working Holiday VISA and you can virtually work from anywhere making money by translation Product Manuals, Product Description, Blogs, Websites, books, novels, and anything that’s written. These jobs dob not require much of qualifications, and you can earn by the rates of number of words you translate.

Online translation jobs mostly come with bulk orders. This means you will have ample of amount of work to do before the gig ends or probably your trip ends. The primary pre requisite for Online Translation jobs is fluency in two languages, which means you need to have grasp of language that is subject, and grasp of language to which you are converting it into.

Online Customer Service – In present times, customer service is at the core of all businesses. Brands nowadays are spending more and more on customer service. New avenues have opened to serve the customers like online chat, or email support, or a helpline voice service. The best thing about these online customer service jobs is that they can be done from anywhere.

The entry barriers are also very less for such jobs and you just need to have a solid understanding of the language in which you are going to serve the customers. There are many job portals these days that list such job openings. In most of the cases you will be going to be paid by hourly wage rate, and choose your shifts as per your availability.

Jobs at Hostels – Most of the Backpacker Hostels are open to hire a working holiday traveler on short term and even long term basis. Majority of Backpacking hostels hire staff from the people that are visiting. The idea is to keep a person who is passionate about traveling and backpacking. Such hostels are more of a community driven places, and your expertise in travel can come of lots of help.

The best thing about Hostel jobs is that most of the times you get food and accommodation for free, which will save you lots of expenses. The job roles at hostels might include Front Desk, Housekeeping, or Bartending. There are many less entry barriers for such jobs, which makes it easier to get. The pay rates are not very high, but benefits are lots.

Top Jobs for working holidays - Yoga

Yoga Instructor Jobs – Have you ever fancied being a Yoga Instructor, well you can be, but it needs you to have some dead good skills. Resorts, gyms, hostels, wellness retreats are always on hunt for good talent. Yoga is catching up pace at a very fast speed, and there are more than ever wellness resorts that offer you yoga classes.

One of the primary pre requisite for Yoga Instructor jobs is that you need to have a good physical fitness. Having a certification is Yoga Training will help you land up these jobs, or you can take leverage of your previous Yoga training experience. The best thing about this job is that it pays really well, and even better by being a personal trainer. You just need to devote a couple of hours per day.

Travel Writing Jobs – Travel writing is like a lifestyle. Nothing is more amazing than to get your articles featured on names like Lonely Planet, Leisure and Travel, Conde Nast Traveller, etc. But you got have some good writing skills. The command on language that you are writing in is very essential. The more established publication you are going to seek, the more experience in travel and writing is needed.

To land up on these travel writing jobs you also got to have a good network among journalists. Travel writing is not a every day job, and time frame depends on the article that you are covering. For travel writing you need to have some expertise in the region that you are covering. Having traveled to many places and keenly observed their culture and locals are some of the Pre requisites.

Event planning Jobs – Event planning is one of the most exciting jobs available in the market. If you are an outgoing person and like to indulge in entertaining and cultural experiences, then this is the best job for your working holiday. The events can be of many types, like music concerts, charity sports game, cultural event, a local festival, or a parade, or even some business conference or exhibition.

The types of jobs in event planning can also be varied. It can range from booking counter, to taking care of catering, to managing the crowd, or coordinating with vendors. You just got to chose which ever job matches your requirement and skills. Event planning jobs also allow you to travel across countries if you are associated with some international event planning company.

Cruise Ship Jobs – The best thing about Cruise Ship jobs is that you will be going exotic places and experience a journey all the time that people are paying to indulge in. The biggest Perks are that Food, accommodation, transport, insurance are all covered. Cruise ship jobs are like Yatch sailing jobs, with the only difference that Cruise sailing jobs are a more organized and more established industry.

For most of the cruise sailing jobs it is essential that you have a certification or degree in hospitality. The type of cruise sailing jobs include, house keeping, on board entertainment, cooking, stewards, etc. Cruise ship jobs will pay you well, and you will be only called when there is a cruise ship trip. For the rest of the time you can devote to other important things in your life.

Au Pair Jobs – Au Pair job might not be very exciting but pays off well, plus you get first-hand experience of the local culture. It is well suited for youngsters. If you are guessing what it is, it’s live in babysitting. You need to take care of the house hold work and take care of the children. Accomodation and food are mostly covered in Au Pair Jobs, so you need not worry about basic expenses.

Au Pair Jobs do not require much qualifications, but the primary Pre requisite is that you must have taken care of children in past in a professional space. This job demands lot of care and sensitivity. A little expertise in local language will also help you go a long way in adhering to the responsibilities. In most of the cases you will be required to be a single person with no dependents.

Travel Photography – Travel photography is a dream job of many, and good news is that there are no interviews for it. You just have to click some awesome ground breaking pictures and sell them to magazines, publishers, media houses and organizations seeking rich media. All you got to do is just keep traveling and clicking great pictures.

The thumb rule for such jobs is that the good pictures get paid better. The more unique the picture is and the more unique story it tells, the better you will be compensated. With advent of so many online picture marketplaces, you can also choose to upload your images on the portal of these marketplaces and you will earn commission every time the image is downloaded.

NGO Jobs – If you are seeking life changing experiences and giving back to the society, with money not a constraint. You should stop by at the leading NGO’s. They might not pay well, but jobs are too immersive, and enriching. The kind of exposure you are going to get by working with Non Profit Organizations is unmatchable as most of the time you will be doing ground work.

There are many Non profit organizations that work in different countries. Organizations like Care, Partners in Health, CRY, Red Cross, Cure Violence are few of them. Apart from monetary benefits these NGO jobs will also give you a sense of satisfaction. The nature of jobs can vary from NGO to NGO. Some might require you to impart education, while some might require you to implement their programs.

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