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Tips for travelling in a campervan

Tips for travelling in a campervan

Nothing beats the thrills of outdoor adventure. After all travelling in its true sense is all about hitting the road till time sets down to call for a shelter. But when it comes to campervans travel ascends to a whole new standard, with freedom, flexibility, unfiltered fun, and most importantly without those unwanted f’s. Ask a backpacker and they will make you fall in love with campervans. You get to decide where to go, and when to go. They are best means to explore the countryside, wild, and out backs. But first time campervan travels can be daunting, so here we are with few tips.

Buying/Renting a Campervan will need some research, don’t pile on to the first damn van. If your journey involves challenging terrains, or if they are beheld in future, which is very likely, you are going to need a 4*4 Wheel Drive. Trust me, it will take you places.

If you aren’t used to driving huge vehicles with unfamiliarity to large turning radius of campervans, then you must really not go on long days outdoor. On top of it, if campervan is making you shift from automatic to manual transmission, we believe it’s not a very good idea.

To stock up your supplies like snacks, water, packaged food, gear, and other stuff, visit a super market and avoid buying them from service station. This will save you lots of money.

Planning is very critical to campervan travels. Before heading out always get access to a map of all campsites in the destination you are headed to and enroute. This will help you in setting the course and taking much needed breaks at your wish.

Most of the camp sites are paid, and trust me they are worth the price and give you amenities like Toilets, Showers, and most importantly safe place to park and sleep. Though there are free sites too, but usually lack showers. So make a choice you can live with.

Having said that planning is essential, you might also want to have a map of all the Gas Stations enroute, so you can plan when you have to fill up willingly and when to essentially.

Post flying to the destination; do not immediately pick the campervan up. You will be jetlagged, so give yourself a day or two of rest and then hit the road leaving odds behind.

Tips for travelling in a campervan - Cheaper than conventional travel

If you are worrying about the cost of petrol making you bankrupt. You are just being silly. Most of the times campervan proves to be cheaper than those hotel, cab bills you pay erstwhile.

Make sure you have air conditioning in the campervan especially if you are travelling in extreme weathers like summers or winters. As you have just one layer of separation from nature which body of the van, you are more likely to be affected by weather. Don’t try to be a money saving hero.

A campervan is incomplete without your living gear. We mean mattresses, toiletries, kitchenware, Clothes, accessories, etc. It’s a good practice to make a checklist least a month before and double check it over days, and stuff the items in van.

Your campervan trip can become a nightmare if you are travelling alone, or you are the only driver in your group. In first case you will have to beat the loneliness in some deserted roads and regions, and in the latter you will have to be a Terminator like strong which is not possible. Drive in batches of two hours, and change seats. It goes a long way.

Maps will show you ways to only places most known, so we have got homework for you to find some unexplored beauties enroute, so you too can follow the path to best of outdoors.

Always carry at least two days of vital essentials in stock as a backup. You never know how deserted a route can turn out to be. So be prepared for possibilities in order to least survive.

Your in van Kitchen will fail if you haven’t planned out your meals beforehand. You must and must always keep supplies of ready to cook food, sandwiches, snacks, cereals, and edible essentials on your trip, so you don’t sleep empty stomach, or drive with stomach in roller coaster.

Remember no matter how much you pack, your campervan can’t be as accommodating as your home. So it’s better to accept the truth and ditch all unnecessary stuff, and carry what is needed.

Always keep a flashlight in your hands reach, especially after dark and even when you are off to doze or deep zzzz. This will keep you in control of wildlife emergencies, or nature’s call.

Every once in a day, give your van a full open hour to freshen up. A night’s sleep, or drive under the sun can fill it up with smelly odours. So it’s good to flush the foul air out.

Don’t be shy of carrying those entertainment gadgets along. They are easy to store and consume very less electricity to charge. Carry your laptops, kindles, gamepads, smart phones, and not forget to stuff them with movies, and favourite songs. They will come so much in handy.

Sleep under the Stars, and Rise up with the Sun!


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