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Top things to do in Prague

Top things to do in Prague

The city of 100 spires is your window to experience the highs and lows of European culture. This bohemian capital not only houses the best beer halls of Europe, but is also home to Renaissancearchitecture, Baroque style churches, and world class museums. Catching up with a jazz concert along with sip of Pilsner is how an ideal evening of Prague feels like. This city is the half-brother of the European giants, London, Paris, and Rome, with everything spectacular about it, from hilltop castles to River cruises. The open courtyards, cobbled streets, and quaint cafes are how every part of the city looks like on a normal day. A vintage sky line and grounded people make this city even more amazing. Here are top things to do in Prague.

Old Town Square – Intact since 10th century, it has been a thriving market place of Prague, with stunning architecture surrounding it. It has witnessed concerts, political meetings, fashion shows, Christmas markets. With cobbled streets it has many cafes, restaurants where you’d want a slice.

Charles Bridge – This 14th century bridge connects Old town with Lesser Town. Adorned with 30 Baroque statues mostly of saints, it is a lovely experience to walk over it amidst crowd, souvenir vendors, and dim music of jazz. Best time to visit Charles Bridge is dawn or dusk when crowd is less.

Prague Castle – Considered as World’s largest castle complex and dating back to 9th century, this one has had history of hosting kings and Presidents as residence. It houses roman buildings to gothic structures that are all eye candy of travellers. It also is home to some fine museums and galleries.

National Theatre – This neo Renaissance architectural marvel hosts opera, theatre and ballet that have become a cultural highlight of the city. The complex consists of National Theatre, the State Opera, the Estates Theatre and the New Stage. It has had history of premiering opera of Mozart.

Astronomical Clock – Existent from 15th century, it is the world’s oldest astronomical clock. With every clock hour there is a little show by mechanical dolls studded around the clock. Clock tells the phases of moon, and sun. By paying a fee, you can climb to top of clock building for amazing views.

St Vitus Cathedral – It is the largest church in country and built in the Gothic style architecture. It housesmosaic of Last Judgement, a baroque silver tomb of St John, and art nouveau stained glass. It is within Prague castle complex, and built in honour of patron saint of dancers, actors& comedians.

Petrin Hill – It is the best green n open space in city, consisting of Rose Garden, Nebozízek Garden, Mirror Maze and Seminary Garden. On top of the hill there is a Lookout Tower (Or better known as mini Eiffel tower) that has outstanding views of city from top. Site of the hill was formerly vineyard.

Jewish Quarter – Located between Old Town and the Vltava River, it was the living grounds of Jews in the city. The complex boasts to have six synagogues and a Jewish Cemetery, which are all worth visiting. The cemetery is said to have 12 layers of grave up and down, due to the limited space.

Spanish Synagogue – It is named after its striking Moorish-Andalucian interior. It has two exhibitions displaying the history of Jews in Czech Republic, and the other one displaying silver artefacts. It also hosts evening concerts for an ethereal experience that is amplified by elaborate acoustic design.

Zizkov TV Tower – It is one of city’s iconic spots. The tower is also popular for giant babies crawling up the tower. The observation deck has comfortable seating. It also has restaurant, bar, cafe, as well and One Room Hotel up the tower, while on ground a restaurant, mini-golf course & a beer garden.

Letna Park – It is home to most popular beer gardens in the city, offering postcard views of the old town, Vltava River and its bridges. It is also popular as a playground for skateboarders. Apart from being grounds to food stalls and uncountable picnics, it also hosts music festivals round the year.

Wenceslas Square – Also referred to as ‘Times Square of Prague’, it’s named after patron saint of Bohemia and is a Heritage site. It has been historic site for many protests, parades and celebrations. Formerly a horse market; now it is a shopping paradise, along with clubs, cafes, and casinos.

Lennon Wall – After the killing of John Lennon, an artist painted his image on a wall opposite French embassy defying the then communist Czech govt., and rest is history. Wall belongs to Knights of Malta, but they no longer object. You too can paint on this wall, a graffiti, a picture, or quote maybe.

Wallenstein Garden – This baroque masterpiece is situated along with Wallenstein Palace, home of Czech senate. It houses a Koi pond, and some really sweet statues. It also has a loggia decorated with scenes from Trojan Wars. It also has couple of white peacocks roaming free, but not to be fed.

Dancing House – It is also known as Fred & Ginger building, after the legendary dancing duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It is built in new Baroque style, and is mix of wavy concrete panels and glass. It houses offices, an art gallery, a rooftop restaurant, a luxury hotel, and an observation deck.

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