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Best places to visit in the Netherlands

Best places to visit in the Netherlands

Netherlands is a country rich in traditions and catches up equally with all things modern. Artistic masterpieces have born, lived and breathed ever since time could be remembered. The classical windmills, colourful tulip gardens, and the cafes of this country are nowhere to be found. This is where this country promises and delivers an exclusive deal to the visitors. The architecture doesn’t just falls in line with rest of Europe, and the nightfall is amongst the best of them. This is also where you should get your tickets done. Here we are with list of places to visit in Netherlands.

Amsterdam – It is a popular destination amongst Europeans, not just because of the infamous Red Light District, or the cannabis cum coffee houses. It beats the other cities with network of 60 miles of canals, over 1500 monuments to watch for, bridges and museums. Rijksmuseum Museum, the Anne Frank House, and the Prinsengracht district for shopping have never failed anyone, nor has biking around the city. An affair with this city lasts forever in heart, memories, tales, and pictures.

Hague – It is the only city in Netherlands that steals some light from Amsterdam. It is also dubbed as Royal City by the sea, thanks to Royal Dutch citizens that make the surrounding seas as retreat for summers. You must visit the art exhibits at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. Monuments to international art galleries and many of those shops keep people busy. The miniature city of Madurodam is also a must see.

Leiden – Fancy some canal rides, well this is some place for that. It is also an university town with museums to look upon. Gravensteen, the Old Latin School might become your highlight of the day. If you have an eye for old windmills, wooden bridges, and all things classical, this is the city people. Your kids will enjoy history and science museums which are good appetite for adults too. Botanical gardens, and how could I miss the 16th century Church of St. Peter.

Delft – You will never regret buying hand-painted, blue and white Delft Blue earthenware made famous by 17th Century Johannes Vermeer. It is a trademark Netherland city that too is built on Canals. The charming city hall is place to breathe Dutch air. The bullet holed The Prinsenhof, will take you back in time, and a museum that tells tale of the Eighty Years’ War. A must visit city.

Maastricht – Its city square is quite a buzz, and you will know when you will visit. The Saint Servatius Church will strike at first sight. The city still has remains of fortifications, festivals at Vrijthof keep the city buzzing, cafes, bars, and by now you know must know a Netherland city is incomplete without galleries, so yes. St. Pietersberg Caves and the Helpoort are other delights. But be prepared for an affair with its churches and squares.

Utrecht – Middle ages still reflect in this city. Again you get to enjoy the canals. Largest Dutch university is here, so you will have good company least on night outs. Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin will sure get your eyes rolling over it. Dom Tower, the Rietveld Schroder House, and the Museum Speelklok which is a delight for musical lovers, will sure enchant your trip.

Haarlem – Romanticists and Nature Lovers, we are getting to point. This city is in middle of Tulip growing Netherland Region. The cobbled streets, Grote Markt square, and little mug of beer, will sum up your day for good. Teylers Museum the oldest one of them is a great one for natural history, art, and science exhibits. If you’ve taste in arts, then this city has Franz Hals Museum. Deal with it.

Groningen – Two colleges but the city boasts them, and you will have some young company too. Groninger Museum is the tip, while icebergs are graphical museum, comics museum, maritime museum, and a university museum. Netherlands take history very seriously. Street cafes will tune you in, while theatre and live music will do the rest. Thanks to students, the nightlife here is great.

Rotterdam – You must have heard of North Sea Jazz festival and International Film Festival, if not better visit it. The city’s architecture is what Publishing is to London. I can bet on it that you’ll love Cube Houses, Erasmus Bridge,Kunsthal Museum, and Market Hall (Markthal). It’s the best Instagram accounts coming to life. Here is another tip, do go on a bike ride on this city for obvious reasons. It has Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, not getting, well then this place has works of Van Gough.

Gouda – Yes you got that right, famous for its cheese. What you miss is knowing it’s also famous for stroopwafels the syrup waffles. The glass windows of St Janskerk the town hall, and Kaaswaag the Holland Cheese museum might become highlights of your days here. Again there canals to fall back to, plus i9s very well connected by rail and road making it a good day trip and worth your time.

Nijmegen – This place already has its 2000th anniversary, though recently. It is one of the oldest towns of Netherlands. For obvious reasons has two historic museums, and a large university population that keeps the evenings young.. The best of the city is at National FietsmuseumVelorama that showcases over 250 bikes, yes Dutch people are little obsessed with it. Also there is something about exploring Dutch cities on bike, and the reason why we assert on it.

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