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Where to travel based on your Zodiac Sign

Where to travel based on your Zodiac Sign

Picking a destination for your next holiday can be a daunting task or at the same time the simplest choice. So why this huge difference between daunting and simplicity! The answer lies in your personality, as you could be easy going to a bit choosy. If the very foundation of your travel depends on your personality, doesn’t it ring a bell for something obvious! Yes it does. Our Zodiac sign that tells us how we are as a person. This trip place your bets on choosing travel destination based on your Zodiac sign, and fault will no longer be in the stars. Here is what suits best to what sign.


Aquarius – They are independent, explorative and would love going to an off beaten path. Though they don’t have problem with group travel but love their own company. They love new places and new people. They can go to Iceland, Peru, Bolivia, or Norway, for an exclusive experience.


Pisces – It is a water sign. They are great daydreamers, and very imaginative. They are always looking for an escape from reality, which makes them a great fit for being traveller. Also Pisces get bored easily, and need to get out from comfort zone. They can go to Greece, Thailand, or Fiji.


Aries – It is a fire sign, and it got to be hot. They are independent bunch of folks that love adventure. The idea of lying by the beach whole day can kill an Aries (Well, not really!). They are always on the move and are fun to be around. They can go trekking, or adventure sports, Hawaii, or Miami.


Taurus – It is an earth sign. They are grounded, warm hearted and love all the finer aspects. They can show unexpected amount of patience. They believe in quality leisure time. They also seek a little comfort during their trips. A cruise can be perfect, or visit to Europe or getting down on Paris.


Gemini – It is an air sign. They are social, and adapt well to any situation. They are also full of energy and get bored easily. For them it is not about the destination, but the whole journey. The perfect destination of them has to be filled with experiences, excursions, and sightseeing like Croatia.


Cancer – It is a water sign. They care for the relationships in their lives. Will like to head out on a holiday with family or friends. They love new experiences and would make new friends if they don’t have ones on the trip. They could be cozy when solo. They can go to Disneyland, or Netherlands.

Los Angeles

Leo – It is a fire sign. They are full of energy. They like to be the centre of attention. They love drama. They like to see themselves someplace fun. They like partying. They will also be seen documenting their moves, and activities. They are defined by luxury. They can go to Ibiza, Los Angeles, or NYC.


Virgo – It is an earth sign. They are by far the most well planned people who figure out their itinerary well in advance. They want lots of experiences. They are inquisitive. Their holidays are jam packed. These perfectionists are always on the move. They can go to Italy, New Zealand, or Portugal.


Libra – It is an air sign. They are more romantic and see the side of beauty for every aspect. They seek peace and their personality is tranquil. They are little laid back but quite an intellect when it comes to appreciation of beauty. They can go to Seattle, British Countryside, or Santorini.

Costa Rica

Scorpio – It is a water sign. They are intense, and like deep conversations. They also are intimate and would love an all immersive vacation with their other half. They are truth seekers and would want to recharge in peace but not leave modern setback. They can go to National Parks, or Costa Rica.


Sagittarius – It is a fire sign. They are the best explorers of all Zodiac signs. They love to see new places, uncover untouched experiences. They love adventure and freedom of outdoors. Remote and exotic locations appeal them more than anything. They can go to Japan, Finland, or Himalayas.


Capricorn – It is an earth sign. They are practical, little crazy, and wanting fun sometimes, though they like developing deep connections. They are at times serious thinkers too.They always enrich themselves with experiences. They like Museums, history, culture. They can go to Germany, Rome.

It’s all in the Stars!


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