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Top things to do in Kathmandu

Top things to do in Kathmandu

This bustling capital city of Nepal is full of energy. It is ideal for all kind of travellers, a heaven for backpackers, playground for adventure travellers, serene for nature loving travellers, and full of options for travellers with family. The city can be congested, exhausting, and overwhelming at most of times, but is also equally rewarding at same time, be it through into the wilderness hiking trails, or peaceful temples, or tantalizing food.  This city knows how to make it up to the travellers at the end of the day. That sunrise from behind the snow-capped mountains, or eternal connection at Buddhist temples, is all yours to try and feel. Here are top things to do in the city.

Durbar Square – The old city is centred around this one. It is where the Royal family lived. It also has many Hindu and Buddhist temples. The most remarkable are the Pagodas with traditional Newari wooden carvings. It also has courtyards, statues and ponds. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Thamel – It is the commercial hub of the city, and home to nightclubs, restaurants, temples, and shops lit with colored clothing, jewelry, paper lanterns, thangka paintings, wood carvings, bronze statues, and more. Bars in here host live music and light shows. It is a complete Wifi zone.

Pashupatinath Temple – It is Nepal’s most sacred Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Best time to visit here is during MahaShivratri. Painted Sadhus, clouds of incense smoke, chants flowing in air, and pilgrims immersed in faith around are how this temple looks. Evening Aarti here, is must watch.

Swayambhunath Temple – Also known as Monkey Temple, this is 365 steps up the hill and provides paranomic views of the Kathmandu valley. Amidst burning butter candles and prayer flags fluttering in winds, devotes come here to wash their sin. It also has a fountain where you can make a wish.

Bhaktapur – This ancient and old city is all eyes for travellers. With narrow lanes, palaces, brick facades, temples, and pagodas, it will cast an unforgettable charm and never ending love with Kathmandu. The place has lots of boutique shops selling arts, crafts, paintings and pottery.

Boudhanath Stupa – The largest stupa in Kathmandu, which dominates the skyline, and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Surrounded with Buddhist prayer flags it is home to over 50 of Buddhist convents, Gompa where tibetean refugees live. You will like sound of prayer wheels and mantras.

Garden of Dreams – Also known as SwapnaBageecha, it is adobe of tranquillity in Kathmandu. The entire complex also has an amphitheatre, pavilions, paved paths, pergolas, and ponds. It quite a romantic place where you could spend quality time with your partner. Travellers love coming here.

Royal Botanical Garden – Surrounded by lush green forests, this open space and another garden of Kathmandu is home to Nepal’s plants and greeneries. It has a cactus house, orchid house and a tropical house. It boasts of having medicinal plants, Rock plants, and native flora n fauna.

Fly past Everest – Not everyone has to hike on to the tallest peak of world Mt. Everest, you can enjoy the vistas without hiking it too. Fly with Buddha Air or Yeti Airlines from Tibhuvan airport, and the pilot will show you all major peaks, and tell you about spiritual significance of all peaks.

LangtangNational Park – This one is ideal for trekking, climbing, and outdoor trips, and the park touches the border of Tibet. IOT also has high altitude Gosaikunda Lake. From dense forests to green grasslands to raw mountains, is the terrain of this park. Best time to visit this park is springs.

Taleju Temple – Dedicated to Devi Taleju Bhawani, goddess of Malla Kings, this was once only open for kings, now visited by Hindu devotees only on Dasain. But visiting here and seeing architecture and its make, is truly a great experience. It is built in shape of a Yantra, in form of a mandala.

Hit a Casino – Kathmandu is not just about temples, there are casinos too, and they will add zing to your holidays. Many will have free drinks, and games like baccarat, paplu, roulette, blackjack and flush. The most popular ones are Casino Royale, Casino Mahjong, Millionaire’s Club and Casino.

Helambu Trek – It is close to 100 km from Kathmandu, but one of the most scenic places around with apple orchards and Buddhist sites. Normally trekking will take 6 to 8 days, and will pass through many quaint villages. You can start this unforgettable trek from Nagarkot, KakaniorSankhu.

Phulchowki – It is the highest hill in the Kathmandu valley, quite popular for hiking. En route you will find local flora n fauna, while after getting on top there is breath taking views of valley. Nature lovers and bird watchers must go here. The best part is that entire hike can be finished in a day trip.

Take a Workshop – Of them the most popular classes are Nepalese Cooking classes, and Thangka Painting Workshop. In cooking class you will get to learn the Dal Bhaat, and the most popular Momos along with their chilli sauce. In painting class you’ll make one that’ll last forever with you.

The journey not the arrival matters!


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