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Top things to do in Karachi

Top things to do in Karachi

Former capital of Pakistan, it is also known as ‘City of Lights’, ‘Gateway to Pakistan’. It would be completely fair to say that what New York is to United States of America, Karachi is to Pakistan. It is the most important city of Pakistan for Trade and businesses. The history of this city was occupied by the humble fishermen of Sindh, and now it serves as a major sea port. This city never sleeps and there is always light around. It has all things touristy, starting from rich museums, to open spaces, to vibrant markets, to cultural institutions.  Being the second most populous city of world, hustle and bustle comes along, but travellers tend to find symphony in that too. Right from beaches to fine dining, to architecture and ambience, this city is a complete package. Here are top things to do.

Clifton Beach – It is one of the most popular spots of the city, having a seaside with Arabian Sea. It is popular amidst travellers and locals both. You’ll find here horse n camel riding, dirt-bikes, surfing and parks. It is perfect for having a cup of tea, grilled corn, checking food stalls and people watching.

Churna Island – It is only handful of miles away from Karachi Sea shore, and is huge piece of rock in middle of sea. Here you can immerse into Scuba diving, Cliff diving, Jet skiing and Snorkelling. It is also used by Pakistan navy as shooting range, and by fisherman for Lobsters, carbs and other fishes.

Mohatta Palace – Built in 206th century by a Marwari businessman, it is a fine example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. It is built in yellow and pink stone. It also has a secret underground tunnel which leads to a nearby Hindu temple. It now houses gallery, museum and visiting art collections.

Frere Hall – Built in the British Raj era, it is a fine example of Venetian Gothic and British style of architecture. The gardens surrounding it add more beauty to it. The mosaic pillars, pointed arches, and carvings on walls are things to see here. Now it houses library, art gallery, and hosts exhibitions.

PAF Museum – Aeronautical lovers must visit this. It houses more than 30 aircrafts on display, along with radars and weaponry used by Pakistan Air Force. Must see are Viking, Quaid-e-Azam’s personal aircraft, Indian Gnat captured by the Pakistani military in 1965. It also has food stalls, and a garden.

Mazar-e-Quaid – It is built in the memory of founder of Pakistan, Jinnah. The minimalist dome over cubical design is inspired by the Samanid Mausoleum in Uzbekistan. It is built in white marble, surrounded by gardens with 15 fountains leading to it. Complex also has tomb of founder’s sister.

Chaukhandi Tombs – This ancient graveyard is a UNESCO World heritage site and a treat for history lovers. Dating back to 15th century, it is popular for its sandstone cravings, and intricate design. It is believed it houses tombs of ancestors of a local tribe. It is perfect for a day trip from Karachi.

National Museum of Pakistan – This place exhibits all facets of Pakistan’s culture. It has 2 million year old Stone Age axe fromPotwar Plateau, galleries showcasing Indus Valley Civilization, 58000 old coins collection, 300 copies of rare holy Quran, Freedom movement gallery of pictures n articles.

Empress Market – Built in British era, this one is a prodigious reminder of colonial times. Its one of the oldest markets of the city, built in 1889. You will find everything from groceries, live animals and pets, textiles, to stationery at reasonable prices. It was named after Queen Victoria, then empress.

Pakistan Maritime Museum – This naval museum gives you a chance to see a real submarine, amongst others like aircrafts, artilleries, and weapons. It also has a 6 gallery indoor museum. Must see in here are Daphne PNS Hangor, minesweeper, PNS Mujahid and Breguet Atlantic aircraft.

French Beach – This one has calm atmosphere, cool breezes, and a clear beach. It’s a fishing village surrounded by walls, and have close to 95 huts which can be rented for night’s stay. With clear waters, it is ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving, and even surfing. It is top choice for up end locals.

Hindu Gymkhana – Housed in a colonial era structure, it is as spectacular as an architectural delight. It is a sporty social club. It houses NAPA, National Academy of Performing Arts that hosts plays for wider audience. The in house café is worth a visit for a sip of tea in comforting open atmosphere.

Quaid-e-Azam’s House – Housed in the former house of founder of Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this colonial era building is a charm to visit. It gives sneak peek into the personal life of Jinnah. He had lived here between 1944 and 1948. It also has vast and peaceful garden surrounding it.

Tooba Masjid – Also known as Gol Masjid, it islargest single dome mosque in world. It has capacity of holding 5000 people at a time. Built of pure white marble, the dome has a diameter of 80 meters and stands without any support of pillar. What one speaks at one end, can be listened on other.

Port Grand – This is where on ground entertainment happens in Karachi. It has plethora of open air restaurants and parlours, offering wide range of Pakistani food. There also is handful of cinemas in here contemplating a perfect night out. It also has a cheap fashion market both for men and women.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things!


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