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Packing tips for travelers

Packing tips for travellers

You can’t go on a trip, till you have packed your bags. The right, the better, or you will end up gazing at that gigantic piece of case trying to motivate you to be Hercules. Not always, sometimes it will question your memory or even IQ, and sometimes it will make you feel short of all things essential. Whether you are on a two day fun wrapped visit, or month long itinerary, you have got to have your basics right. So we have curated some tips to pack like a pro.

  • Well it’s still rock n roll to me. Trust me, rolled clothes are best in shape to be packed. They occupy less space and they free you from the heck of adjusting default symmetry of ironed folded clothes. Plus they also liberate you from ruined creases. You got to roll them.

  • Give yourself some time. You can pack on the day of your departure, but you got to plan it least a week before. Create a checklist and jolt down everything you will need and everything you might. Plan wisely and pack hard. This will be the safest bet of your travel.

  • Carefully go through the luggage policy of your airlines. You will never feel like paying extra for carrying something extra that you could have avoided bringing in. You can always leave behind an extra carry-on bag, and buy a simple tote bag at your destination.

  • Usage of packing cubes is another lifesaver, where you need not to drill your entire bag searching for a single item. It also saves space, and you will feel more organized. You will also find it easy to load and unload the items from hotel wardrobe.

  • Many will say, that don’t leave any corner of your bag and spare no gaps. But mine advice is to always keep some room saved for any item you might buy unexpectedly on a trip. Or this space might also help in adjusting while you will quickly stash back your belongings on return.

  • To avoid your clothes smelling bad, use scent packs and place them well in your luggage. It will fill you with fresh air every time you open up your bag. Though this might not well save you from carrying perfume and deodorant!

    Packing tips for travellers
  • If you intend on carrying any liquid item, then please stock them in travel bottles. This will help you in saving space, will help you in security clearance of carrying liquid above allowed limit, and will keep your clothes safe from stains by leakage.

  • Always keep your toiletries in a separate bag that too waterproof, this help you in quick rush to washrooms, will keep you organized, and will help in keeping your other belongings dry.

  • Don’t buy a heavy suitcase just because you think it will be safe, durable and you might be able to hand it down to your next generation. Keep it light, is the mantra for a breezy vacation. If possible carry fabric bags.

  • Try including multipurpose clothes in your packing list. Women can carry sarongs that are fun to experiment with for different drape shapes. Men carry lightweight tees that they can sport freely or use it as an underwear vest. Idea is to be smart.

  • Pack shoes that deem fit for all your robes. Don’t pick too sporty or too formal, use your grey matter and pick casual ones that will suit a blazer as well as they would fit to a tee. Shoes are one thing that occupy too much of space due to their sturdiness.

    Packing Tips for Travellers
  • While packing clothes, keep a clear picture in your mind about what clothes you are going to wear on what day, provided your itinerary is well planned. This will save you from over packing and carrying extra clothes that normally return unused.

  • Pack clothes that don’t worn out easily. This is one thumb rule you should stick to while packing. A cream white cotton shirt for me is more of useless as compared to a maroon pullover, provided you are not going to attend Oscars. Keep more rugged clothes.

  • Don’t pack bathing towel. They are huge, bulky, take lots of space, and hard to dry. In almost all parts of world, you will get a towel in your hotel room, and clean ones. It is un-necessary item, till you are hyper obsessed about toiletries.

  • If you know it’s going to be a wet trip, please don’t pack jeans. They are hard to dry, and very uneasy when wet. You might love them, but they can turn into trouble very easily, and even can get you sick. Instead pack some lightweight pants. Linen can also dry quickly.

Pack as if it were your last trip!


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