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Things not to do while Traveling

Things not to do while travelling

When you are out on a trip you become vulnerable to new people, new surroundings and new customs. It is when you have to be extra careful about what you do and what you don’t. Your actions in a foreign land can get you friends and could also put you in trouble. Nothing serious, but there are many other things too that you also shouldn’t do, if you want to enhance the experience of the visit.. To help you recognize those, we have curated a list for you.

  • Research about the destination you are going to. In Japan it’s not wise to call a stranger by their first name, or Buddhist will feel disrespected if you tap on their heads. Every destination has a culture and tradition and best practices, be sure you know them.

  • Visiting the infamous neighborhood or rowdy countryside might sound exciting, but is not as safe as you think. There could be trouble ahead waiting for you. Avoid such excursions, if so be accompanied with a local who can handle any disruptions.

  • You might only consider publishers like Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, Lonely Plant, to provide credible source of information, but trust me you are missing the fun. Search for blogs by local experts, which will give you more insights about place you are going to explore.

  • Taking pictures can be fun, but beware if the frame includes a local or even another traveler. It might not sound fun to them. Many people especially ladies would not like to be clicked by a stranger. They are people not models, so take prior consent.

  • Don’t get in an argument with a local. You never know when it gets heated up, and either of you might act erratically. This might also lead to consequences unwanted. You might also get tangled in the local law and order which can be very troublesome.

  • Don’t make fun of local traditions, if you find it funny keep to yourself and never express it in front of a local. This too can cause serious troubles and allegations that you will be unable to get rid of. Remember that normal people respect culture and traditions.

    Things not to do while travelling - Traditions
  • Traveling to third world doesn’t permit you to pee anywhere in public places. This is gross and filthy. They might struggle with lack of clean public toilets. But you don’t have to add to their misery. Use restroom well enough before you head out.

  • Tourist destinations and spots often have exotic privately owned properties in their vicinity. They look irresistible, but you have to control. Don’t intrude into a private property, no matter how old cum public or abandoned it looks. You might get sued for that.

  • A long walk in any tourist spot can make your tummies crave for food. But control yourself, eating at a joint nearby can cost you high, with low quality in taste of food. The main reason being they do not have to worry about customer retention.

  • Local Tourist Board office might be small in size, but trust me they are huge resources of everything a tourist might want to know. Their information is catered as per need of traveler. On next trip take my advice and drop by them, you will get least one nice place more to visit.

  • In race between time and money, let the time win it as it always does. What I mean is save time more than money with your thinking hats on. Point is to be wise. But if it’s a couple of months long holiday, you can go with saving money more than time.

  • Don’t waste the spot. It is considered to be highly irresponsible if you throw your trash near any tourist spot. You are just making the spot ugly for other incoming travelers. Many places like Everest Base camp do not have regular cleanliness facility. Don’t make situation worse.

    Things not to do while travelling
  • Don’t feed animals with just anything you have. Food fit for human consumption might not suit animals. With unnatural and processed food they might act irrational leading to them being getting in trouble. Be ethical and responsible too.

  • Do not access internet from wifi in public places, especially if you are doing a bank transaction, or your system has saved passwords for all your internet accounts. It could be risky. Though wifi networks that are password protected deem to be safer.

  • Don’t just throw away your once to be important documents that are no longer of use. It could be from bank, or booking records, or ATM slip, or anything. I understand you can’t carry a paper shredder everywhere, but least you can tear them well. Be safe people.

  • Don’t leave for airports or bus or train at the last moment. It might take you some time to find a taxi that doesn’t scams you with irrational prices. Yes most of them will quote you 5 to 10 times the original price. It becomes like finding the right match. Trust me.

  • To you it might be foreign affair or world news, but to locals some subjects are very sensitive. Like if you are in India, talking about POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) can upset the other person, it’s same like talking about Palestine in Israel. Be cautious.

  • You might find it cool wearing a union jack printed on your underwear, or an American flag printed vest. But in foreign lands be very cautious about hurting national sentiments by such acts. You could stir lots of conflicts with your robe.

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