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Cities with best public transportation in world

Cities with Best Public Transportation

It would be apt to say, that best tourist cities are the ones where you can navigate and travel easily. Most of us those travel do not have fortunes to book a limousine for a city tour. So travelers rely hugely on Public Transportation. Cost is not the only thing, but safety, and accessibility also plays a part. A city well connected with transit rails, subways, trams, buses and boats will always be a pleasure to visit to. A good public transportation that obviously has transparent pricing, also helps travelers in escaping the taxi scams, or over hyped fares. Hence we have created a list of cities that have best public transportation in case if you are choosing to pick your next travel destination.


Singapore – Eighty Six percent of the people that travel on Singapore’s public transportation are not only satisfied but happy with their experience. This is the biggest testimony a city can have. IT also boasts of high tech access cards and online applications that help travelers in planning their journey and paying for the ticket. The city offers a day of unlimited rides in just seven dollars. On an average people in Singapore spend eighty four minutes of travel in public transport that too with sense of satisfaction.


London – We all have seen London’s tube in Movies and TV shows. The well connected London Tube is one of the best public transportation services in world. That is not it, the hop on hop off buses of London are another relief for city travelers. On an average the commuters in London travel 8.9 kilometers through London Public Transportation every day with satisfaction rate of 85 percent.

Paris, France

Paris – The city of Lights and Romance doesn’t just has Eiffel Tower but also one of the best public transport systems in the world. With over 300 stations it connects almost the entire city. It boasts of 6.75 million riders everyday, and operates almost round the clock. It is also one of the safest public transportation system with more than 40 thousand public cameras installed.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul – Home to best electronics companies in the world, it also boasts of 2.6 billion riders using its transportation services every year, at an average of 0.98 dollars per ride. The KoRail of Seoul is also known for its immense cleanliness. On an average Seoul rail is used by passengers 0.67 times a day, and the bus services are used on an average of 0.44 times a day.

New York City, United States

New York City – With a satisfaction rate of 77% by the passengers, the city boasts of an immense network of public transportation. To an extent that more than half of the city’s resident do not own a car and rely on public transportation. With more than 470 stations there is not one corner of the city that remains untouched.  ON an average people spend 87 minutes of their day time commuting on New York public Transportation services.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo – Tokyo’s transit rail spans a mind whopping network of 193 miles, and is undoubtedly one of the best public transportation services in the world. It boasts of 3.5 billion riders annually, which is a testimony to hugeness of Tokyo’s public transportation services. The accessibility of Tokyo’s rail network is so good that 80% of the workplaces and living areas are within 1 kilometers of range of rail stations.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid – With an extensive network of metro, light metro rails, commuter rails and buses, you can literally travel across the city in 20 minutes, using the public transportation services. The accessibility of Madrid’s public transportation services is so good that 89 percent of the living areas of Madrid are within a range of 1 kilometer of rail and bus stations. It is undoubtedly one of the best transportation networks of the world.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai – Be it water transportation by boats and ferries, or be it recently developed metro rail, Dubai boasts of a extensive public transportation system. The city has promising plans for its metro rail, by investing a whooping 27 billion dollars into its development. The wooden water taxis are also one of the major highlights of the city and an absolute charm to aboard on.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich – The city boasts of an immensely clean public transportation services in the world, and we too wouldn’t have expected anything less than this from the Swiss city. The Swiss travel pass gives a high flexibility to tourists to travel through boats, trams, cable cars, and rails seamlessly. It is a perfect window to see through the picturesque Switzerland from a comfort of a seat.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm – With an extensive network of ferries, subways, rails, and buses, this city is a pleasure for any traveler to hop over places. The metro rail also popularly known as T Bana, is known for its safety and cleanliness. Another interesting trivia about Stockholm is that it is also known as world’s longest art gallery. More than 90 percent of its stations are adorned with paintings and sculptures. What else could have a tourist asked for from a tourist destination.

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