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Best Lighthouse hotels in world

Best Lighthouse hotels in world

Traditionally lighthouses have been the torchbearer of oceans showing path to ships and sea vessels on rough nights. This is what they were built for and for ages they have ensured many safe landings. But what if we told you that you stay for a night or long in one of these lighthouses, amazing isn’t it. As with the advent of GPS, Radar, proper ship lighting systems, Lighthouses are slowly going out of fashion, but they haven’t died yet. They remain open to tourists and connoisseur of all things vintage. This doesn’t ends here, some of the Lighthouses have also been turned into hotels with plush rooms, and uninterrupted views of oceans. What could be more exciting than staying in these pieces of history, climbing up the narrow stairs, and gazing the ocean as far as horizon. So here we are with some of the best Lighthouse hotels around the world.

Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel, Scotland – Operational since 1815, it still warns the incoming ships of Loch Ryan Sea’s rocky coastline apart from being a hotel. It has 5 rooms with private bath, and four multi room suites on lighthouse grounds for larger parties. You will also find seals, birds, and deer on grounds. It has an award winning restaurant serving 5 course dinner and Scottish breakfast.

East Brother Light Station, California – Located on a fogged island on SF Bay, this Victorian styled hotel is minutes away from coast. It has 5 guest rooms, serves champagne, and 4 course dinner with wine. You can enjoy photography n fishing, but carry earplugs for nights as foghorn is active here.

Cape Columbine Lighthouse, South Africa – Located an hour drive from Cape Town, it is built in art deco style. It is last of man operational lighthouses in South Africa. It has 3 guest rooms which formerly were of house keepers. You will get to spot ships coming from South America & Europe.

Faro Punta Delgada, Argentina – Located in Patagonia, it has served as official site of ArgentinaPostal Service and the Argentina Navy club. It has 27 guest rooms, with in house restaurant and pub. You will get to spot whales, Magellan penguins, and llamas. It also offers guided hikes n excursions.

Harlingen Lighthouse Hotel, Holland – Located near Amsterdam, this lighthouse has been guiding ships for more than 75 years. First two floors have guest rooms with attached bathroom and all modern amenities, while the 3rd floor has lighting room with dining space offering harbour views.

Belle Tout Lighthouse, England – Located in East Sussex, and built in 1832 after lots of shipwrecks in this area, it was once also owned by the BBC. Now it is a classy Bed & Breakfast, with rooms in different themes like Old England, or Keepers room. Nearby you will also find famous chalk cliffs.

The Lighthouse, New Zealand – Located close to Wellington in North Island, it is a nice spot to catch up with vistas of Kiwi land. The 1st floor has kitchen and bathroom, 2nd floor has well equipped bedrooms, while 3rd floor has lounge area with balcony views. It has many restaurants nearby.

Molja Lighthouse, Norway – The room number 47 of Hotel Brosundet is housed in still operational, 150 year old Molja Lighthouse on tip of harbour’s pier. Though the space is compact, but experience unforgettable. In all of the rooms you can expect rustic but modern interiors giving a seashore feel.

Lighthouse on Cape d’Or, Nova Scotia – This lighthouse is located facing Bay of Fundy which is home to highest tides in world, so exceptional views are guaranteed. Guest rooms are house in Lighthouse keepers rooms. It also has in house restaurant serving chowder and fishcakes you will relish upon.

Sand Hills Lighthouse, Michigan – Located on shores of Lake Superior, it has been guiding ships since 1919. It has also served as coast guard training in WWII. It has 8 rooms in Victorian styled building w private bathrooms, Jacuzzis, fireplaces n balconies. Walking along beaches is favourite of guests.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon – It has been guiding ships on shallow waters between Coos Bay and Newport. Built in 1894 in Queen Ann style tower, it has cottages with six rooms, attached bathrooms, and serves 7 course breakfast with Oregon cheeses, fresh fish, and fruits from backyard.

Cuckolds Lighthouse, Maine – Located off the coast of Boothbay Harbor, built in 1892, it can be accessed by a navy motor boat. It has two guest rooms with marble bathrooms, and plush interiors. It offers wide ocean views. You can try lobster bake in here, and plunge into on site pools.

Saugerties Lighthouse, New York – Located at Esopus Creek in Saugerties, this red brick lighthouse was built in 1869. The complex consists of small museum, gift shop, keepers’ quarters, parlor, kitchen and 2 guest rooms. The lighthouse is solar powered and offers views of Hudson River Valley.

West Usk Lighthouse, Wales – It overlooks the Bristol Channel, and is minutes away from Newport. Built in 1821, it has living quarters composed within the tower. It has 4 rooms with attached baths. It has a rooftop hot tub, infrared sauna,therapeutic tank and spa amenities within the complex.

Farol Hotel, Portugal – Located on rocky outcrop of Portuguese Riviera in Cascais which popular for its royalty up till mid 20th century. It has a 19th century mansion and lighthouse within the complex. It has modern interiors, and offers excellent views of Atlantic. It has well-designed 33 guest rooms.

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