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Top things to do in Islamabad

Top things to do in Islamabad

It is the second most beautiful capital in world. It is well planned and a perfect example of fine urban planning. With green cityscape, family Friendly Park, bustling markets, this city is a treat to soul. In Islamabad, you might not find skyscrapers or flashy districts, but a feeling of relief will always find you. All across the city you will find greenery and cleanliness, which lays foundation to pleasant stay for any traveller. With hills and forests around it, travellers also get the opportunity to have adventure in this city. It is also home to the fourth largest mosque in the world. Being home t0o more than 16 Universities, the city boasts to have youthful crowd, and you will feel the vibe once here. Here are top things to do in Islamabad.

LokVirsa Museum – The name of this museum translates in to ‘Place of People’s heritage’. It exhibits unique culture of Pakistani people. It has plethora of traditional handicrafts, embroidered costumes, old jewellery and intricate woodcarvings. You’ll also find collection of folk music here.

Pakistan Monument – This monument of national importance built in reddish brown granite, signifies country’s diverse culture and unity. Shaped in a unfurling flower, its four petals symbolizes provinces of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP. It also has an exquisite wax statue exhibit.

Saidpur Village – Formerly a Hindu village hat was known for its pottery, has been around for centuries seeing dynasties like Gandhara, Greek, Buddhist, Mughal, Ashoka and the colonial periods. It is more of a heritage site, exhibiting ancient artwork and traditional culture with modern lifestyle.

Faisal Mosque – It is largest mosque in country and can accommodate 250000 people at a time in its inside and outside grounds. It has intricately carved mosaics of marble and glass in triangular patterns hanging from ceiling in prayer room which is spectacular. It is named after Saudi king.

Rawal Lake – This artificial reservoir is perfect spot for family trips and day outs. In here you can immerse in riding a paddle boats or motor boats, or trey some rides for your kids. You will get to see many people here for picnic time. Long walks, enjoying the sunset, bird watching are other must do.

Margalla Hills – This forest covered hill is part of lesser Himalayas. It is home to abundant wildlife like Rhesus macaque monkey, Asian Paradise flycatcher, and exotic birds. It is considered best for rock climbing spots, natural hiking, and trekking trails. On way you’ll also find many food joints.

Monal Restaurant – It is the #1 restaurant in Islamabad, and just a way up from Daman e koh. Here you will find lip smacking Pakistani delicacies like Seekh Kebabs, Mughlai Biryani, Handi Chicken, more. Best thing about this spot is its location on hill slope that also offers whole views of city.

Jinnah Super Market – This is a popular hangout point for youngsters and shoppers in the city. This donut shaped market has all sort of shops in outer circle and jewellery shops in inner circle. It is cheaper than malls. It also has cafes, hole inwall eateries and music stores, for never a dull moment.

Islamabad Club – If your stay in the city is going to be long, a membership at this club is highly recommended. They have swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, library and more.It is popular amidst local govt. officials and diplomats. Sunday brunch and weekly dinner buffet is simply best in class.

Daman E Koh – It is a scenic viewing spot on Margalla Hills. It is a well maintained garden and a picnic point. It also has a golf course, and offers breath taking over the top views of the city. Visitors need to wary of wild monkeys around this place that might snatch your cameras, phones and food.

Shakarparian – It translates into ‘Sweet place to stay’. It comprises of hills and tropical parklands. It is from this point you can see the views of twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Whenever any foreign country head comes to city, they plant a tree here to signify their friendly relationship.

Centaurus Mall – It is the largest mall of Pakistan, and must visit to see the modern side of country. It is here you will get the city’s best shopping and entertainment experience. It houses top brands across 250 stores, a hotel, five screen movie theatres, fun city for children, and many restaurants.

Islamabad Zoo – Also known as Marghazar Zoo, it is a great spot for kids to take along. It houses more than 600 animals. It was built in 1978, and has been favourite of locals. It is a great spot for refreshments, long walks in 82 acre area, coming across with locals, and pleasing your kids.

Rose and Jasmine Garden – It is built in 20 hectare area of land, and houses whooping 250 unique assortments of roses and also twelve sorts of Jasmines. The pleasantsmell of flowers always dominates the place. It also has a tourist camping site besides it and hosts annual flower shows.

Sunday Bazaar – Also called as Itwar Bazaar, it is the place where you’ll get to see the hustle of city. This massive flea market is home to second hand goods, clothing, accessories,gadgets, flowers, fruits, vegetables and meat. The quality of goods is decent but prices cheap with little haggle.

Never go too long without watching a sunset!


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