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Top things to do in Fiji

Top things to do in Fiji

This group of more than 300 tropical islands is a perfect getaway if you picture your day lying on a palm lined beach with swift breezes flowing all over you. Fiji is home to exotic flora and fauna, making it attractive for shutterbugs too. With world class surfing spots, therapeutic pools, rainforests, and one of world’s largest coral reefs, what else could stop you from hitting beauty called Fiji. It has a fun culture, warm hospitality, amicable people, and to top them all is the authentic flavours of Fiji’s delicacies. Yes the food is great and few day’s time won’t be enough to discover this amazing destination. Here are the top things to do in Fiji.

Colo-i-Suva Forest Park – It is a patch of lush rainforests with tropical plants and vibrant species of birds. It’s an ideal spot for hiking through natural pools, gorgeous vistas, and down the river passing swimming holes. You can spot scarlet robins, spotted fantails, golden doves and barking pigeons.

Suva Municipal Market – This is the place to spend a day at, and bumping into something amazing. Apart from regular produces, you’ll find jackfruit, dalo (taro), cassava and yams. In here no need to haggle as prices are fixed and marked. You can also buy Kava roots for your new local friend.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant – It is one of the best places to visit in Fiji that is home to more than 2000 varieties of orchids. Plus it has a lily pond with toads adorning it. Walking inside it through the native rainforest is a pure bliss. We bet you wouldn’t have seen a more colourful valley than this.

Firewalking Ceremony – It is not just walking on fire which is amazing, but finishing it unburnt is the real game. It is believed that bloodline of Tunaiviqalita of Beqa Island is gifted with this power by gods. Shows of this ceremony are common in Fiji, even in private resorts. We assert it’s a must see.

Fiji Museum – It has close to 4000 years of Fijian history. Right from shell jewellery to historic canoes, to well chewed shoe of Thomas Baker, a Christian missionary eaten by cannibals in 1867. It has exhibits of Indian labourers got here, and their contribution, to impact of British Colonial times.

Pacific Harbour Viti Levu – It is also dubbed as the Adventure Capital of Fiji, by its locals. It has resorts and vacation homes around the canal system. It offers rafting, zip-lining, jet skiing, surfing, and diving with bull sharks in Beqa Lagoon. It also has a popular arts village with stalls and shows.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple – It is the largest Hindu temple around and dedicated to God Mungan. It is built in fine Dravidian Architecture. It has intricate wooden carved deities that were shipped from India, and highly decorative ceiling frescoes made by Indian artists. It also has a dress code.

Levuka, Ovalau – It is Fiji’s only UNESCO world heritage site that was once the colonial capital of Fiji. The historic centre, old wooden buildings, mango trees, coconut palms, sacred heart cathedral, and Morris Hedstrom bond store are the highlights of this place. Homestays here are best in Fiji.

Surfing at Cloudbreak, Mamanuca – Considered as one of world’s most challenging surf waves, this one is a must hit spot. Best time to visit is May to Oct. The height of waves may vary for 2 to 20 feet. It can leave most experienced surfers stunned. It has many resorts offering surfing spots, access.

Cruising thru Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands – Local cruise liners offer varied itineraries that span from 2 to 7 nights. It involves little cruising of sea, and more exploring islands, swimming, diving, snorkelling, picnics on uninhabited islands, fishing and catching up with beauty of small villages.

Kava Ceremony – Kava is like lifestyle of Fijian’s. It is made from ground yaqona root, with water, strained through cloth. It doesn’t has a very great taste, but can give you a numb or tingly mouth while driving you into a state of bliss. Locals drink lots of Kava and it is a perfect gift for them.

Cannibal Cave – It was a former site of pagan worship and cannibalism. On contrary to caves this spot is pretty airy and easy to explore. Other great spot to feel the history of Fijian cannibalism is Wasavula Ceremonial Site. It was used as a worship place and women in shorts aren’t allowed.

Kula Eco Park – It is home to exclusive Fijian wildlife including Fijian flying fox, quarrelsome kula parrots, Pacific black duck, and most popular crested n banded iguana. It also has exotic flora n fauna to be only found in Fiji. Park aims in educating visitors about wildlife, and conservation.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park – It is the first national park of Fiji, and built by coastal dunes near mouth of Sigatoka River. Height of dunes in here range from 20 to 60 meters. It also has some archaeological sites with thousand old pottery and stone tools recovered, also is birdwatching spot.

Bouma National Heritage Park – This is the spot for nature lovers. With tropical plants and various species of birds, this one is a great spot for hikers and walkers. Kayaking on Lavena Coastal Walk, or enjoying the three set of Tavoro Waterfalls with natural swimming pools, it refreshes the soul.

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