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Tips for booking Cruise

Tips for booking cruise

Travelling traditionally has been about hitting the road and explore places never seen before. It is still the same, with only difference that you hit airplanes. We all have travelled, for leisure, for business, for education, for family and friends. Now it’s time to set the sails and hit the sea. People, a water expedition can be way more soothing than all those walking around historical monuments and alleys of museums, plus its lot more fun. Though booking cruises can be little headache, when it comes what price to pay or which line to choose. Here are some tips to help.

  • Cruise lines open up their booking close to two years before the departure, and it means good business for passengers, as you get the early bird deals. You get to choose your preferred type of cabin as opposed to last minute jam packed options. Book early.

  • Cruises have their own season, so better adapt to them. Cruises sailing to Alaska run between May to September. Hence bookings have to be made at least 12 months prior, if you don’t want to face a full booked cruise situation at last moment.

  • Use it if your schedule allows it. While booking the cruise also try to get rates few weeks before and few weeks after, chances are you will land on a better deal. Sometimes difference of even few days can help you save considerable bucks.

  • If you have missed booking early, your best chance of saving money is by booking late. This is the time when Cruises are adamant on filling empty cabins. With only downside that you might get to choose your preferred cabin or type, and loose more on flight bookings.

  • You have all the options to book online or by call to respective cruise lines. But we say go with a travel agent, they know the ins and outs, and can get you amazing deals. They can guide you best cruise for that time, best one for kids, and selecting experiences for you.

    Tips for booking cruise - Discounts
  • Even if you are getting a cruise deal at much discounted price, it’s always safe to know what all is included, because businesses can churn out money through other services. Some might charge you room service, others on anything complementary with dinner, etc.

  • Choose your cabin wisely as per your preferences and priorities. Booking a balcony cabin can be useless, if you don’t spend time enjoying the perks of it. Booking an ocean view cabin becomes useless if the view is obstructed by a lifeboat or railing. Do take note of these.

  • To get best bang out of your bucks, you can choose for Guarantee Cabin. In this option you will get the lower price than the lowest cost of that type of cabin. Downsides are you might get the worst of your cabin category, and upsides that your cabin might be upgraded.

  • Before choosing a cruise, double check if it will suit your preferences. If you are traveling with kids, the cruise must have water slides, and other kids entertaining shows. If you are on a trip with friends, some good bars and restaurants could make up your nights. Choose well.

  • Reading online reviews can also help you narrow down to a decision. But remember people happy with cruise barely get time to write down a good review, on contrary to people with bad experiences who simply want to be heard for any sort of justice.

  • Leave Port excursions booking to your limit of flexibility. You don’t always need to book everything in advance just to have laid back days. After couple of days rest on cruise, you would not mind getting on foot at port to find much cheaper excursion deals.

  • Travel insurance from Cruise lines can be alluring if you no longer are interesting in juggling around another dozen of insurance companies. But beware, as coverage might be limited and not as per your expectation. So better you do it independently to be safe.

    Tips for booking cruise - Binge Drinking
  • If you are headed to cruise to binge on drinks, we suggest you buy drink packages at time of booking. It will save you a great deal of money, and you probably won’t have to think again before taking that drink on board. Same do it with Wifi too as per your need.

  • In travel itinerary is everything. Double check the plan of your cruise. How many sea days will you get, are they enough to enjoy. Then at what ports will it make stopovers, and especially for how many hours. Will these hours justified to tour the port.

  • Internet is a great resource to grab last minute deals. Keep a check on social media, newsletters, and other boutique sites for special deals. At peak times you will find plenty of them to make you even confused on what to choose and what to leave.

  • There is no harm in sticking to a particular cruise if it comes with a great loyalty program and options of destination every new time you make a booking. Rewards can range from free dinners, to complimentary drinks, or spa passes, or even free cruise trip. It’s worth it.

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