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32 Facts you didn’t knew about Australia

Facts you didn't knew about Australia

The country down under has been on radar of travelers for long. The unique wildlife, varied landscapes, and modern marvels make this country a top destination for travelers seeking different experiences. One thing we found about this country is that Australia is more than what meets the eye. There are loads of surprises that await the curious travelers in Australia. The popularity of this country is so huge that most of the travelers of this world must have visited it least once in their lifetime.

Travelling to a country and knowing about it, goes hand in hand. So in this article we have listed some of the most interesting facts about Australia that you might not have heard about.

1 – Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system

On the eastern coast of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. We all have heard about it, and in fact many travelers visit Australia just to spectacle this natural wonder on earth. Great Barrier Reef is also the world’s largest coral reef system. The great barrier reef is so large that it is also visible from the space. It also has its own post box.

2 – There are many pink lakes in Australia

Australia is home to many bright pink lakes. These natural wonders, are formed due to salt water algae that secrete pink pigment in the water. These lakes are found in many parts of Australia including Victoria, Western Australia, and Southern Australia. One such pink lake is in Murray Sunset National Park.

3 – In 1932 there was a great Emu War in Australia

Australia has also witnessed a Great Emu War. In the year of 1932, Emus have created stampede in the farmlands of Campion located in Western Australia. The situation was so bad that Australian military with machine guns had to be called. In span of one month and firing of 10,000 rounds of bullets, the military was only able to kill around 1000 emus from the herd of 20,000. Eventually the emus won the war.

4 – Population of Kangaroos is larger than population of humans, in Australia

We all know that Australia is the land of Kangaroos. But this notion actually stands true in a greater sense. There are more number of Kangaroos in Australia than the number of people that inhibit it. It is estimated that Australia is home to more than 50 Million Kangaroos.

5 – Beer is a popular and common drink of Australians

Beer is a very popular drink in Australia, and on an average every Australian drinks 96 liters of beer. Here is a cheers to all those Australian folks.

6 – Australian Alps receive a lot of snowfall

It might be strange and unreal to hear, but it is true that Australian Alps receive more snowfall than Swiss Alps. The length of Australian Alps is close to whopping 3000 kilometers long.

7 – Coffee preparation is different in different parts of Australia

The coffee served in Australia has a different norm in every state of the country. In New South Wales you will always be asked if you want some milk with your coffee. In Queensland you will always be asked if you want your coffee in a mug or a cup. In Northern Territory it is assumed that you will only drink ice coffee and you have to be specific if you want hot one. In Southern Australia it is assumed that you will only ask for the extra hot coffee.

8 – Australia has the world’s longest national Highway

Highway 1 which is located in Australia is the world’s longest national highway. The highway covers a whopping 14500 kilometers in length. Just imagine going on a road trip on this highway which circumnavigates the country. It is going to be a trip of a lifetime.

9 – Australia has the world’s largest sand island

The world’s largest sand island is located in Australia. It is the Fraser Island. It is a must visit and must have in your itinerary if you are travelling to Australia.

10 – Australia has many venomous animals

Out of top 10 most venomnous animals in the world, five are from Australia. Now that is the dangerous side of wildlife in here.

11 – Quokkas are a strange species

The strange behavior of female quokka is really weird. The female quokka will expel her children from her pouch when there is a threat from a predator. The young quokka makes weird noises that attracts the attention of predator and allows the female quokka to escape.

12 – Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world

Tasmania which is located in the southern region of Australia, is known to have the cleanest air in the world. People who live in metropolitans and cities that are affected with acute air pollution must visit this island to experience how breath of fresh air feels like.

13 – Drop Bear of Australia is a fictional animal

Many people must have heard about the tales of Drop Bear from Australia. But Drop Bear is a just an imaginary animal, that was created to scare the tourists. It is a predating version of the Australian Koala. Tourists should be worry free as no drop bear is going to jump from the trees to attack you.

14 – Native Australians are believed to have inhabited the island for as long as 50,000 years

The Indigenous Australians are believed to be the longest living culture in the entire world. The native Australians are believed to have inhabited the country for as long as 50,000 years.

15 – There is a burning mountain in New South Wales

In Wingen, located in New South Wales there is a hill named Burning Mountain, which has an underground coal fire burning for the last 6000 years. If you happen to visit New South Wales, then this place is a must visit, for a different kind of experience.

16 – A Melbourne restaurant serves the world’s best Croissants

Lune Croissanterie which is located in Melbourne is famed to produce the best Croissants in the world. It has been featured in all leading publishers of the world, and everybody who has been there accepts that. The croissants over here are prepared for over 3 days, and you can have them in mere 5 dollars. Food lovers must hit up this place.

17 – There are more than 10,000 beaches in Australia

One can also say that Australia is a land of beaches. The country is home to more than 10,000 beaches. Every 4 citizens out of 5 Australians live within a range of 50 kilometers from the coastline. The beach lovers must head to Australia, and explore the hidden gems by the ocean.

18 – Vegemite is the most popular spread in Australia

Australians love their Vegemite. It is an Australian food that you must try when here. Vegemite is a spread that is made out of leftover brewers’ yeast extract with added vegetables and spices. Australians eat it with their sandwiches, toasts, and even with the pastries.

19 – Australian dollar is made of polymer and is water proof

Australian dollar is one of the most advanced currencies of the world. It is made of polymer, which makes it water proof, and it is extremely hard to make a counterfeit of it.

20 – There are many island resorts in Australia which are perfect for holidays

If you have planned an exotic holiday for yourself then we insist that you keep Australia as one of the options. The Mackerel Islands in Western Australia are the perfect spot for such vacations, where you can rent an island and live your dream holiday.

21 – Ginger nuts are very popular in Australia

Australians also love their ginger nuts, and in fact there is a different recipe of preparing ginger nuts in every state of Australia. In New South Wales you will find the hardest nuts. In Queensland you will find the thinnest nuts, while Southern Australia has the sweetest of them all.

22 – It has a hill named Mount Disappointment

There is a hill in Australia that goes by the name of Mount Disappointment. Before telling more about it, let me state that you must not be discouraged about your trip to Australia or this mountain. The mountain is named so because the views of the surrounding region from the top are boring. It was named by the explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell in the year of 1824.

23 – Melbourne has the largest Greek population outside of Greece

For all those Greeks out there, here is a fun fact that you all will love to know. Melbourne has the largest Greek Population outside of Greece. It is estimated that over 160,000 Greeks live in the city of Melbourne.

24 – There is always a debate if Sydney is better or Melbourne

Now there is a fun fact about the Capital city of Canberra. The city of Canberra was named as the capital of Australia, because back in time there was a huge debate on which of the two from Melbourne and Sydney was a better city to be the capital, although the debate still continues.

25 – Kangaroos and Emus cannot walk backwards

There is a thing about both Kangaroos and Emus that they cannot walk backwards. It is the reason they are used in symbol of Australian Coat of Arms.

26 – Back in 2001 there was a Jedi Knight Religion in Australia

In 2001, it was found that many Australians were following a Jedi Knight Religion. These Australians considered themselves as Star Wars Jedi Knights. Now this is called a craze about a movie, which surpasses the craze that Americans can ever have.

27 – The Dingo Fence is longer than the Great Wall of China

The Dingo Fence of Australia is actually longer than the Great Wall of China. It is estimated that it measures around 5600 kilometers. It is three times the length of Great Wall of China.

28 – Australia has world’s largest single cattle ranch

Anna Creek Ranch which is located in Southern Australia, is world’s largest single cattle ranch. The size of it is larger than Israel.

29 – There is a cockroach racing sport in Australia

We all have known Australia for their love of sports. Be it in the field of cricket, or be it in hockey. In fact it is estimated that over 60% of Australians play one sports or the other. But you will be amazed to know that their love of sports touches the next level as they also hold a championship for cockroach racing.

30 – Australian people also love gambling

Australia is also known to have one of the largest gambling population in the world. It is estimated that there are more than 20% of the entire world’s slot machines in Australia.

31 – Australians are big time foodies

Australians are known to love eating food. It was found that more than 60% of Australians were overweight. Their craze for food is so much that once a TV election debate program was rescheduled because it was clashing with the show of Master Chef.

32 – Selfie word was coined in Australia

The term Selfie was coined in Australia, by a man who used it as an abbreviation for self-portrait. So actually we should thank Australia for giving such a cool name for most of the pictures we click in present times.

A trip to Australia is always emu-sing!


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