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Top things to do in Auckland

Top things to do in Auckland

The largest city of New Zealand, is hub of quaint islands, colourful cityscape, abundant wildlife, and urban attractions. With water on both its sides, the city is blessed with beautiful beaches. To quench the tastes of city folks, it has New Zealand’s finest museums and art galleries. The breath taking landscapes and picturesque spots this city gives travellers an itinerary that keeps them captivated. With outdoors like never seen before, and indoors you’d not want to leave, this city is coming together of best holiday experiences. This city will take you to the middle earth of Tolkien, and also give you a tinge of Maori culture. Here are top things to do in Auckland.

Rangitoto Island – Home to youngest volcano of Auckland, this island is popular for hiking trails that’ll take you through lava fields, Pohutukawa forest, volcanic highlands, and igneous rocks. It’s a pest free island so you’ll have to carry your trash out. Popular in here are hiking and island tours.

Sky Tower – Tallest tower of New Zealand and most noticeable piece of architecture in Auckland’s cityscape, it is popular for 360 degree views of the city, a walk around the top of tower, adrenalin rushed bungee jumping, or dining in one of sky high restaurants including a rotating one too.

Waiheke Island – This Island has all the eggs in one basket, and yet is beautiful. From white sand beaches, to art galleries, to café culture, to spots offering Jet skiing and Zip Lining, to region’s finest vineyards, to wine tasting tours, to World War II era underground tunnel system, it’s fun packed.

One Tree Hill – It is one of the most well maintained parks of the city. It is of high significance to people of New Zealand, as it was the defensive settlement site in pre-European colonisation. It is located on a volcano, and the lush green grasses around grazed by cattle give it a scenic look.

Mount Eden –It is the highest natural point in Auckland, and is a dormant volcano completely covered in grass. From top of Mt Eden you get best views of city, its skylines, and suburbs. It also has a bowl shaped crater on top which is an attraction. On top there are café, garden, and restrooms.

Auckland Art Gallery – Located near Albert Park, it is home to more than 15,000 artefacts including modern and historic pieces of fine arts. It also has Maori portraits (native NZ culture). It is housed in an impressive French Renaissance style structure. It also hosts international exhibitions year round.

Kelly TarltonSea life Aquarium – This place is your window to get close, face to face with marine wildlife. Top attractions in here include, walk through shark tunnel, see penguins in their natural habitat, or try a Shark cage snorkel. It houses marine creatures of more than 80 species.

Auckland War Memorial Museum – Built for the war heroes and significant history of the region, it started with memories dedicated to soldiers that fought World War I. It has objects from historic wars, military expeditions & war treaties. It also has a Main Maori Gallery showcasing local history.

Waitomo Glowworm Cave – It features a boat ride through Glowworm Grotto, a limestone cave illuminated by glowworms that are believed to be only found in New Zealand. Though photography is not allowed and quietness is required, but you’ll find cafes, restaurants, gift shops near the caves.

Albert Park – It is the greenest space of the city with Victorian fountains, statues, flower beds spread across. It also houses Albert Park house with ceramics, clocks and floral clocks, Meteorological Observatory that has been predicting city’s climate, and a timber made Old Government House.

TiritiriMatangi Bird Sanctuary – Visiting here is hitting a jackpot for bird and nature lovers. Easily accessible by ferries from the city, it is home to various species of birds including endangered, on verge of extinction like little spotted kiwis, tuis, tuataras, South Island takahes, and hiking trails.

Viaduct Harbour – This waterfront beauty is hub of Auckland’s coolest nightlife with pubs, bars, nightclubs. IT also is home to arrays of cafes, restaurants that you can enjoy on a sunny day brunch, or even on a dinner. Luxury travellers will also like to hop on a yacht for a ride of a lifetime.

New Zealand Maritime Museum – As a nation deeply connected to the seas, this one is a must visit. It has maritime objects like 19th century steerage cabin, Maori canoe, yacht that won American cup, paintings depicting naval stories, old instruments, and Sir Peter Blake’s championship yacht.

Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) – Must visit for kids, this museum is devoted to the technology in transport of New Zealand. Exhibits include innovative railway machines, old coaches, Tram and vintage cars. South wing of MOTAT is dedicated to Antarctic explorer Sir Edmund Hillary.

Devonport – This is the spot where the realization comes in that you’re at the City of Sails. It features a naval base. Colonial architecture and serene beaches are other reasons to be here. Small town charm of this place works for all. Plus it’s a great stop for foodies to try cafes, and eateries.

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